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  1. I think my head is spinning. Is it just me or there is still more "decisions" to be made on sport venue sites, never mind getting them built or upgraded? For starters, I am certainly not wanting Toronto 2015 look like a repeat of Montreal 1976! <_<

  2. Found this article yesterday. To make it short, a former Canadian IOC member (somewhat ignored as "not credible", according to the article) is warning the Ontario premier McGuinty that the cost of hosting the 2015 Pan American Games could reach $4 billion. In the past, before the bid, he wanted to bring the Games to Toronto. Now, he has officially flip-flopped and is a critic, like Chris Shaw (of Vancouver 2010).

  3. Well, there are 3 finalist cities that want the 2017 World Games, after Cali, Colombia, 2013. They are:

    a ) Budapest, Hungary;

    b ) Cape Town, South Africa; and,

    c ) Wroclaw, Poland.

    Link: World Games Official Site: 2017 World Games Candidate Cities


    Well, if anyone really cares, the decision to host these Games will occur on Thursday the 12th. After that, a "long wait" to sign the host city contract at Quebec City for the 2012 SportAccord meeting between the tentative host city committee and the IWGA.

  4. Who? :lol:

    Well, I have my guesses, but I will keep them to myself. If I have any say about that potential, I would have to say that half of all the applicant cities for 2020 is making "secret negotiations" to the Chinese. Two of them are definitely not going to the Chinese for sure. One of them is right down the middle.

  5. There are only so many cities that have the existing capability to host one in the first place. If I am right about this rule about bidding for the Youth Winter Olympics, the venues have to be already in place, just like the IOC-sanctioned World Games. I wouldn't mind, if Calgary wants to bid for a future Youth Winter Olympics, but it has one problem: the ski jump. It was made at the time before the current regulations about longer jump lengths were allowed. In other words, it would need an upgrade to the venue, in sync with the one in Whistler (using the latest Winter Olympics hosted).

  6. I don't think Ford will be a factor in future bids, the goof has ruined the small chance he had to get re-elected.

    Just as long as Canada is not going to the Chinese to fund a possible Olympic bid, unlike certain countries bidding for 2020 at the moment.

  7. I am going to use the "wait and see" approach here. First of all, Rob Ford wants all the cost-cutting done under his first term as mayor. Second, he has been reported by an American magazine as "a Canadianized Tea Party member", with little positive news about him in it. Also, how he is going to deal with the upgrading and construction of all the venues needed for the 2015 Pan-American Games? Will they be downgraded? Will they be temporary? Would some venues have to be shelved for economic reasons? How would a possible 2024 Olympic bid would look like, once the Pan American Games are concluded? Obviously, Rio's venues was good enough for the IOC to give them the 2016 Olympic Games. Could Toronto repeat that performance in 2017, which happens to be Canada's 150th anniversary year?

  8. Am I miscounting how many times Madrid has put forward an application to host an Olympic Games? I thought this is going to be their FOURTH attempt. It did bid for 1972, 2012, and 2016 so far. As this current bid is for 2020, this would be the fourth time, if it becomes a candidate city later on.

  9. 2019 will go back to Europe, or even to China. I don't expect the United States to make a bid at all. The World Athletics Championship is one of a few that the United States will never host.

    China has already been taken, like Beijing 2015, after Moscow 2013.

    They will get one, one way or another. I mean their Doha 2006 Asians were a success, so if they staged that successfully, they've certainly proven they can stage something. The fact that that cesspool of douche-bags, FIFA, awarded them the 2022 WC isn't really their fault. It's FIFA's. I mean they do have a right to be in there and bid like everyone else. It's up to the federations whether to bite or not.

    Ditto here. However, do you think the USA should have hosted the 2022 World Cup instead of Qatar?

  10. Of course. If they want to use this Pan Ams to promote a future olympic bid, they have to do the same thing Rio did 4 years ago: Raising the bar once more.

    Canada has a lot of experience hosting events, so I'm confident they will make the best Pan Ams ever and i'm glad to see they don't want their games to pass withouth glory or shame .

    Only bad thing is that countries without experience are going to have it more difficult to host the games in the future :lol:

    That's true. However, Toronto is not that experienced in hosting high-performance international sporting events. The city is used to the idea of hosting professional sports leagues, like the MLB (Toronto Blue Jays), the NBA (Toronto Raptors), the CFL (Toronto Argonauts), and the NHL (Toronto Maple Leafs.) Remember, it had an Olympic test project (approved by the IOC) that flopped in the past. So, it would be like Sochi (host of the 2014 Winter Olympics) to a degree because there will be more venue building from scratch than upgrading existing venues already in place.

  11. Well, it is going to be interesting on how Toronto handles preparing for the 2015 Pan American Games. If it goes well, then I say that Toronto should go for a bid for 2024. My concern is how Rob Ford is going to deal with the city's finances, as he is a "cutting hawk." And, I don't know, is Toronto getting short-changed in help getting money to pay for infrastructure upgrades and the like?

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