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  1. So, PYRROS2004, do you think the two athletes will compete in another international athletics meet again? If so, then I hope they won't be stigmatized by what happened to them since that day. News like this just don't go away nowadays.
  2. Vancouver will be mentioned again at another upcoming IOC Executive Board meeting. This meeting will take place at Lausanne on February 7 & 8. Valentino Castellani, Torino 2006 chairman, and the Athletes' Commission will join in as well. Link: IOC: IOC Executive Board Meeting In Lausanne
  3. What is irony to you guys? Well, despite some news sources that keep saying that China has some of the most polluted areas in the world and how BOCOG is trying to portray a "green Olympics" for the Beijing 2008 Games via its environmental programs, China's state energy company (Sinopec Group) is now having its name on a brick as a donor. As in, the Donors' Wall at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. On top of that, how in the world does one brick worth $1 MILLION? Link: IOC: Another Brick In The Donors' Wall First, I would like to see which kind of companies that have their names on the 64-brick wall so far, besides the Sinopec Group. And, seeing how you guys have responded to sponsorships to the Olympic Movement, I guess "money talks" big time nowadays.
  4. It will be interesting on how many local Chinese will be buying those Olympic tickets. I know it will be a great majority of them, but there is always that "set amount" of them that has to be sold outside China.
  5. The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games torch relay made history then by having the Olympic torch go underwater at the Great Barrier Reef. We do not know, if this kind of act will be repeated at some future Olympic torch relay. If this BBC article is saying "the truth", then I fear that the whole area could be dead by climate change within my lifetime. Link: BBC: Great Barrier Reef Could Soon Die Man, there is going to be a lot of mad Aussies, if this scenario starts happening right before their eyes.
  6. At this rate, I am going to end up having a "long cat nap." ZZZ.... Like, when is this Kenteris and Thanou situation going to end? Not to be a jerk, but does a case like this one take this long to resolve? CBC: Trial For Sprinters Pushed To September
  7. I see. About 2 years ago, when in Vancouver for a wedding party, I had to ride the Skytrain back to my uncle's place in Surrey from the downtown area. I thought I would never get to experience that because my extended relatives live in such long distances from the Vancouver city center area that using the car was pretty much an imperative. However, seeing that map, it does look like there are so much potential for new Skytrain services to come into play in the future. Of course, that could depend on overall need and logistics to make it possible.
  8. No kidding, baron. Of course, some of us "know" in the end, that the Nagano bid was more than it looks. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, it will be interesting if Korea would try its hand again to bid for the Summer Olympics, whether its 2014 Winter Olympics bid (with PyeongChang) succeeds or fails.
  9. OK. This post is going to make some of us respond big time. Who is going to teach who, when it comes to corruption and immorality here? Link: BBC: China Warns On Olympics Morality
  10. What are the fares for using the existing Skytrain lines so far? I know that the further a passenger wants to go by using the trains, the one-way fare increases. I can only assume that this scenario will apply to the Canada Line, once it starts operating.
  11. Coca-Cola has now released its particular logo for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: IOC: New Coca-Cola - Beijing 2008 Olympic Composite Logo And, here is that logo:
  12. The Canadian Mint has the 2006 & 2007 coinage in tribute to the Vancouver Canucks. They both have the current and last NHL team's logos. It is in a set. At the crux of this topic, this is what I read at the official Canadian Mint website about the upcoming Vancouver 2010 coinage. OUR VANCOUVER 2010 COIN COLLECTION IS HERE Collect the coins. Experience the passion. Available starting February 23, 2007. In three years, Canada will host the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As anticipation builds, we're proud to introduce an exciting new coin program. Save these keepsakes from your everyday change. We'll release twelve 25-cent circulation coins between February 23rd and the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Each features Olympic sporting events that take place or ice-including two Paralympic events. Plus, in 2008 and 2010 we'll circulate two special Lucky Loonies along with three bronze, silver and gold medalist 25-cent circulation coins that you'll have the opportunity to vote on-sign up for our newsletter to have announcements delivered directly to you. Find them at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) or participating Petro-Canada locations. Collect these incomparable Vancouver 2010 coins. You can choose individual coins that have special meaning to you, as they become available. Or you can capture the full excitement of the Olympic Winter Games with a complete set of coins. The STERLING SILVER HOLOGRAM SERIES features Olympic winter sports and themes enhanced with a selective hologram-a gorgeous tribute to Vancouver 2010. The GOLD COLORED SERIES in 14-karat gold celebrates Canadian culture, wildlife, and Olympic Winter Games themes with colored designs-our first gold coins ever. The GOLD PREMIUM SERIES pays tribute to the Olympic spirit with three captivating designs-each limited to 2,500 coins worldwide. The ONE KILOGRAM masterpieces struck in 99.99% pure silver or gold. Only 2,500 of each of the two silver will be available and only 20 will be available in each of the gold. (From the official Royal Canadian Mint website as of this date. Copyright 2006 (should be 2007)).
  13. OMG! Guys, especially we Canadians here, I cannot believe how many colored and other novelty coins the Canadian Mint has made recently. Man, I got to get myself a few of them from their website. They got colored coins galore, from those for Vancouver 2010 to the likes of Canadian architectural marvels, like the Saddledome. Yes, that coin is complete with the Calgary Tower in the background, but it is not "lit" with the "Olympic flame." Well, seeing that some of us Vancouver members here are boosting the 2010 Games in their own way, there is a colored Vancouver Canucks NHL team coin set. It is the quarter the Mint has used here. And, yes, there is another quarter that has the former Orca logo, too. Other Canadian NHL teams have their own coins as well and their respective logos are IN COLOR. Most of all, if you guys have enough money, there are holographic ones if you know where to look. For example, for those of my ethnicity as I am Chinese, this lunar year will be the Year of the Boar (Pig). It is the last of the overall set of such coins the Mint will ever make. Right now, the collector's coin in this case has a hefty price as it is. But, there is a holographic form of it, too. If you can really afford that, that coin will cost you around CDN$500!
  14. Sorry about my previous post there. I think they are pink colored, instead of the red colored I mentioned there earlier. By the way, mr.x, do you know anyone who has that Remembrance Day coin there?
  15. Well, this is not really a new idea for Canada. I have a "Red Ribbon" Canadian quarter, legal tender, from last year. Yes, there is a red-colored ribbon on the back of the coin. I have forgotten which year it was, but I am still hunting for that Remembrance Day Canadian quarter that had a red poppy on the back. Again, the red color was used in this case. So, in my question about the Vancouver 2010 coins, I would think that it will be the first time such coins used colors like that. Therefore, the sheer novelty of having them to international collectors could be huge.
  16. Oh, yeah. Well, the opposite can be said for Nagano, which had its first bid for the Winter Olympics won.
  17. I have confidence that this set of Olympic coins will sell very well. The Canadian Mint is one of the most respectable mints in the world and it will be great for collectors to start getting their hands on them. I remembered seeing, but couldn't get my hands on, the ones made for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics then. But, these Vancouver 2010 ones should eclipse those past ones easily. I mean, to think there is going to be colored coins in this case. I don't know if this is right, but wasn't Canada the first country in the world to have legal tendered COLORED coins?
  18. The strange about it was that Sapporo's and Osaka's losses here didn't create anything drastic at all. In any case, I don't know why would Nagoya residents could have been reported to do such a thing. Of course, this was the same city that competed against Calgary for Expo 2005. Since the Nagoya win was secured, but the city didn't really hosted it, then it makes me wonder what was going on in the end.
  19. Guess this guy is really daydreaming, since the last post I made about his ideas here. According to this CBC article, Quebec City could be out from co-hosting the 2008 World Ice Hockey Championships. In fact, there are calls for an alternate city to take Quebec City's place; namely, either Winnipeg or Hamilton. Link: CBC: Quebec City Could Lose World Hockey Championship
  20. On top of that, rav3n, I don't know if this was some sort of sick urban legend, but when Seoul was chosen over Nagoya to host the 1988 Olympic Games, I read some article from a "local right wing magazine" that about 300 Japanese residents committed "ritual suicide" over the decision. Like, you want to kill yourself over that??
  21. I think Kodak was the official film supplier for Calgary 1988. However, I cannot say that this will be the case this time.
  22. Speaking of the Paralympics, this guy wants to get there, but he may not go because of money: Link: BBC: Blind Skier In Sponsorship Plea
  23. Call me ignorant, but what league is the Whitecaps belong to? I am saying that because, in Calgary, there has been some announcement of a new Canadian indoor soccer league that will have its 2 year test run in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. I cannot verify it at this time, but I am trying to find the news I heard on TV not more than an hour ago. I have to say that this came as a surprise to me. Vancouver was mentioned as the fifth test market for this league, but the owner of it was said it was dropped for further consideration.
  24. HBC is giving out CDN$2.9 million to Canadian athletes, sporting organizations and training centers of all stripes. CBC: HBC's $2.9 Million Gift Will Fund Athletes, Programs, Training Centres
  25. I cannot believe that he is now 40 years old. Here's a hint: his nickname was "Pocket Hercules." Link: IOC: Strong As An Ox!
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