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  1. Mr.x and others, has Vancouver Canucks "outgrown" the capacity of GM Place? I'm asking because it seems that the Calgary Flames outgrew the Saddledome and needs to have a new arena. As of right now, one of Calgary's known landmarks is up in the air. I'll have to find out more information about this turn of events.
  2. Don't think so. Unfortunately, the decision has been made, despite that letter. Hence, the decision about putting a human rights case about the issue was underway.
  3. Well, it seems that Perth could be in the running against Sydney here. Of course, the shortlist for these Games will occur on May 31, 2007. Link: IWGA Article About Potential 2013 World Games Candidate Cities (Note: This was dated January 8, 2007, if you wanted more proof of that other topic in the International Games section of these forums.
  4. Do you want more interesting news? PYRROS2004 and others, it seems that Athens, Greece, is the host city of the 2013 Summer Deaflympics. These Games are the "Olympic Games for the hearing impaired." For evidence I got about the Greek capital getting these Games, the links I will put up comes from the Deaflympics official website. 1. Deaflympics Calendar Of Events Page 2. Official Deaflympics Website
  5. It has happened. A human rights complaint has been filed against the IOC about the sporting organization's decision of not including women's ski jumping as part of the official Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics program. Should the decision go the Canadian womens' way, then the IOC may have no choice but to include women's ski jumping, along with ski cross, in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Also, that decision will be four years ahead of an alleged IOC decision in its wanting to put the event in the 2014 Winter Olympics instead. Link: CBC: Women Ski Jumpers File Discrimination Complaint Over Olympic Snub Second article found later: Link: CBC: Female Ski Jumpers Take Their Olympic Case To Human Rights Commission
  6. From what I heard and read, it seems that Quebec City just got by and held on to be one of the co-host, with Halifax, to host the 2008 World Ice Hockey Championships after all.
  7. Jennifer Heil, gold medalist at Torino 2006, wins her first gold medal of this season's World Cup circuit. Link: CBC: Heil Tops In World Cup Moguls
  8. The German men's handball team, by winning the world championships in the sport at home, has now qualified to go to Beijing 2008. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: German Handballers On Their Way
  9. I guess he is starting to realize that he may be losing his credibility slowly, as the Games draw near. Seen that before, from where I am.
  10. A Canadian-based asset management company wanting to buy Multiplex? BBC: Wembley Firm Is Takeover Target
  11. 100 days, huh? If that can be accomplished, then it will definitely be the longest Olympic torch relay for the Winter Olympics ever. Calgary's version lasted for 88 days.
  12. YouTube has a link to someone's uploading of the A380 that landed at the YVR around at the time of this posting. If you guys haven't seen it yet, then click on the link below. Link:
  13. Well, the decision on that is not certain. At least, not a definitive one.
  14. PYRROS2004, it does look that Thanou is going to continue her track and field career after all. According to this BBC article, she has qualified on her first official try, since her ban expired in December, to go to the European Indoor Championships in Birmingham, UK, next month. Link: BBC: Thanou Wins On Sprinting Return
  15. Well, with tourism at our part of the country increasing, there should be more modes of transport to take these tourists to places like Revelstoke. It would be total idiocy not to do so.
  16. One would think so here. You see, I did check the Rocky Mountaineer website and found out that they "shut down" from January to March. I think it is ridiculous for them to continue with that course of action, considering that last year the Calgary International Airport received about 11 million passengers overall. Some of that in part to the Europeans that came in to the city directly via British Airways and Air Canada to see the scenery of the surrounding areas. That news was mentioned in my local news program. But, getting back here, what does the train station at Revelstoke look like now?
  17. Yeah. It seems that the seismographs are indicating something "big" is coming. But, it seems the news has not aroused anyone at all.
  18. Well, as baron and micheal has stated here about their respective countries getting their chances to order Beijing 2008 tickets, it seems that Canadians can order theirs on August 2007. Also, it seems that this website, Cosport.com, has added Australia, Austria, Bulgaria and Slovakia here as well. Link: Cosport: Official Website For Olympic Tickets And Accomodations Sales
  19. Two things. First, for our Vancouver and BC members here, did you hear the news about "incoming earthquake" warnings yet? I do not know what it was doing in the news just now. Just trying to give you guys some heads up on what occurred. Second, for our Vancouver Canucks fans, your team will be playing against the Calgary Flames tomorrow. But, that is not the point of this part of the post. The highlight of that hockey game in Calgary is the playing of the Canadian national anthem. For those too young to remember the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games, here is something that blew some of us away then. At any Olympic Games opening ceremony, the national anthem is sung in the official language(s) of the host nation all the time. At Calgary 1988, it was not the case. It was sung in the First Nations' Cree language. Well, come tomorrow, it will be a "repeat performance" of that moment almost 19 years ago. Never mind it is a bit of a symbolic gesture from one former Canadian Winter Olympics host city to the upcoming one. All of Canada, via the CBC Hockey Night in Canada, will get to witness and hear it LIVE! Oh, by the way, it will be sung by a teenage girl of Cree descent from Edmonton.
  20. Seriously, how many different transport modes can a winter tourist use to get to the Revelstoke area? In an ignorant sense, I can only see that the town can only be accessed by road, whether by using private car or by bus coach. I would have thought that there would be passenger train service going through there as well.
  21. This IOC article talks about the Olympic football tournament and where they will be staged in 2008. With the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup taking place in China as well, it is a "perfect exercise" on how the Olympic one will run. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008 And Football: Who, When, Where?
  22. Sorry about that. Learned that notion from my parents who are vehemently against the Chinese government in almost every way, especially my father. Also, a friend of mine went to Shanghai recently for business matters and, let's just say, he didn't get a great welcome there. In any case, if any of that nonsense were to occur, the IOC would be very unhappy with that to begin with. And, since we are over a year away from the Games, it would be very foolhardy for China to pull a major stunt like that to sully its international image before the Games. Of course, seeing what is occuring in international news about them recently, they better be careful. The various international "hawks" are gathering their forces for sure.
  23. Well, it is a young such festival and, to be honest, I do not know how long this one will last. My mother was a volunteer, through the company she works for, at the inaugural event. It was not bad overall, in terms of attendance and popularity. But, it has grown a bit since then and I wonder how long it could continue to grow.
  24. My parents would agree with you big time here. However, I wonder if there would be some "interference", in terms of how many Olympic tickets that can be sold to those outside of China.
  25. Like the "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadium venue, is the "true Chinese way" of architecture losing out to foreign firms and their ideas? It seems that there is an "identity crisis" of what is considered Chinese in this aspect between the conservative establishment and those who want modern looks to buildings, like the Olympic stadium. Link: BBC: Beijing Builds On Foreign Footings
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