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  1. My local CTV news network showed a clip about this venue. It is great overall. However, after the Olympics are over, the post-use of this facility will be just as mentioned in the first post of this topic.
  2. Oh, well. The usual time to debate about Olympic preparations and image makeovers, when it comes to points of time of a host city. This CBC article states in these brief terms: 1. Remains "a dot" to Vancouver citizens; 2. Venue construction is going smoothly; 3. The "forever" mumblings about money issues, especially when you have Chris Shaw involved; 4. The five "ifs": a) On Time; On Budget; B ) Security; c) Weather; d) Homelessness And Other Social Issues; e) Traffic Flow Link: CBC: Three Years Out, Games Construction On Schedule, Some Financial Concerns
  3. Don't worry about it. It just looks too obvious for me, that's all. Unlike the errors of reporting and some "disinformation" I have seen recently here in the Internet surrounding Calgary in the Olympic Movement's past, Vancouver 2010 is going to make sure that its message is heard loud AND CLEAR. Besides, Vancouver is going to get scrutinized like this for a long time in both positive and negative contexts. Take it from me. You think it is not pretty now; wait and come back to see what kinds of "facts" that will come out for years to come about Vancouver 2010 from "all sides of the debate." These forums are evidence of that.
  4. Yeah, right, mr.x. You are going to use a "pure gold" coin like that to buy ordinary things. As for SkiFreak's post there, that time will come, when it comes to Canada Post's turn on the Olympic bandwagon. It would be unthinkable not to have itself join with the Canadian Mint to make a set collection of anything Vancouver 2010. This is so true, when the Olympic Movement has a site available for world collectors to see Olympic memorabilia from past Olympic Games (winter and summer). Just recently, the Torino 2006 collection came on-line there.
  5. Huh? Whatever. Like, since the Olympic Games coverage has been increasing since the idea first started, it is so obvious that Vancouver 2010 is going to be seen more than Calgary 1988 on the media.
  6. Speaking of what I have mentioned about Calgary 1988 coins, someone in eBay RIGHT NOW has just put one of theirs for sale. The 1987 Canadian Olympic $100 gold coin.
  7. Just two more weeks to the day, before the official Canadian Mint Vancouver 2010 coins will be revealed for all to collect.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me, PYRROS2004. I must have gotten mixed up in where the Special Olympics torch ceremony takes place. As per IOC rules, the organization only accepts the special one to have the name "Olympic" as part of that international multi-sport event's name. By the way, when is the date for the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games torch ceremony there?
  9. The updated report of Beijing 2008 was delivered to the IOC Executive Board meeting by BOCOG president, Liu Qi. Since this year will later mark the "one year to go" mark, it will be the critical time for Beijing to test their venues. Link: IOC-> IOC Executive Board: Update On Upcoming Games
  10. According to this CBC article, don't pressure the athletes to achieve that. Link: CBC: Canada's Winter Athletes Learning To Deal With The Pressure Of 2010
  11. LOL! Really?? Image that. A GB forum member getting the job of producing the ceremonies. Maybe we should get GBModerator to submit his name for the position and see what happens!
  12. It seems, from reading past BBC articles unrelated to this topic and about India as a whole, it really wants to project to the world that, if China can do this, then we should do the same. Of course, India has a long way to go in athletic development, when you got a next-door neighbor that seems to be clobbering the international competition lately. Cases in point: Doha 2006 and Changchun 2007 so far. But, Delhi 2010 is a start.
  13. Now that today, February 8, 2007, is exactly 18 months away before the opening ceremony of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, I thought I would put a topic about how some YouTube members have put some of their clips on this popular website. I do not know, if this happens to be shown outside of YouTube before, but it was uploaded here almost a month ago. Link: This clip here was really majestic and solemn to me. Also, it uses the former Beijing 2008 bid logo, to the "five friendlies" and, finally, to the official logo of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. As for other clips that could fall into the Beijing 2008 category, click HERE.
  14. With this latest BBC article about the Beijing 2008 venues, there is no doubt whatsoever about the city's progress to stage the Games, when the opening ceremony starts in 18 months from now. Link: BBC: Busy In Beijing The "Bird Nest" The "Water Cube"
  15. After the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it has been mentioned here that India's first "realistic chance" of wanting to bid for the Olympic Games would be in 2020. Link: BBC: Delhi Wants Games To Provide Legacy
  16. Wow. A topic that hasn't been posted on for over a year. Anyway, the IOC has awarded to one of the "2010 Legacies Now" Board of Directors the "Juan Antonio Samaranch IOC Disabled Athlete Award" at Lausanne. Her name is Ljiljana Ljubisic. She first competed for Canada at the Los Angeles 1984 Paralympic Games up to the Atlanta 1996 version. Link: IOC: Lilo Ljubisic, A Life Of Challenge And Passion 1. Lilo Ljubisic 2. She is pictured here with both current IOC President, Jacques Rogge, and the former IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch:
  17. When it comes to the Olympic Games and its environment issue, Vancouver sure fits the bill there in more ways than one.
  18. They are definitely in need of a makeover on that one. Even Calgary 1988 went about 3 hours long for the opening ceremony and it has only about 57 NOCs marching in that parade of nations. Torino 2006 had 80 of them and it had about that amount of time for the opening ceremony. It is a definite possibility that Vancouver 2010 will have more NOCs participating there than ever before and they calculate only that amount of time for the opening ceremony? *bangs head on computer keyboard*
  19. My local news had some minor hockey players resorting to, get this, doing their practices ON ICE that has a river current running below it!! This is because of their ice arena being shut down for repairs. Like, isn't that quite an intelligent move, if that ice gives way. By the way, a majority of those ice arenas are seasonal ones, but even they are getting filled, too. Never mind the population base between Calgary and Vancouver and the disparity of such numbers here.
  20. Well, here's a CBC article regarding that a Canadian will not necessary be the executive producer of the Vancouver 2010 opening and closing ceremonies. In fact, there is a chance that a non-Canadian could fill the role in the end. Link: CBC: Canadians Won't Get First Dibs On Executive Producer Job At 2010 Olympics
  21. Pending the vote in Guatemala City, which will determine the 2014 Winter Olympics host city, Montenegro will become the newest and 204TH NOC member of the IOC. Man, if all NOCs are going to be present at the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony, it is going to be a very long parade of nations here. Never mind what is going to be the Mandarin dialect name of the new national entity at that parade. Link: IOC: Montenegro To Become The 204th National Olympic Committee
  22. That would be great to have the Special Olympics hosted in Greece. Besides, I think it is the only non-Olympic Games one that is allowed to have the torch ceremony at Olympia to light its torches to start their relays.
  23. Well, the Bay store closest to my home has a couple of these pins available. That is just that one store that I know of that has some, but it doesn't look like it has any sales from it.
  24. You want retarded? I'll give you more retardedness. Right now, Calgary has over 100 ice arenas. That's right: over ONE HUNDRED of them. I had to count them from a local website to be sure I wasn't going insane. And, yet, City Hall here is wanting to have built at least TEN MORE of them!! That got other participants and supporters of other sports, especially the summer ones, really upset. "What are we? Chop liver?", was the overall statement from them. I don't know how many of them are in the GREATER VANCOUVER area, but give me a break, I think my city has gone way over its head about ice hockey lately.
  25. The Saddledome seats just as many, but the Calgary Flames organization has been reported that it is not enough. This is, to me, very strange because Calgary's population base is not huge, in comparison to Vancouver here. Seeing that post about the Pacific Coliseum there, the Calgary Flames used to have the Corral as their former ice arena, before the Saddledome came to be. In fact, the Corral is still there, being set up right now for Davis Cup tennis matches. I just hope that the Saddledome stays, even after if the new ice arena is eventually built, because in another report in disbelief, Calgary is running out of sporting venues space! Isn't this incredible to you??
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