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  1. SkiFreak, the precise date hasn't been mentioned about it yet. Even though 2008 and 2010 has been mentioned here, it doesn't mean that it will be the case. Again, I assume that it is going to deal with giving out the 25-cent coins first, before handing out the $1 coins here.
  2. No. The coins will be coming out for the next 2 years, slowly, until the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics. One question about that is how one gets the display case to hold the upcoming coins. That hasn't been answered yet and it will come later on anyway.
  3. Here is the link to the Canadian Mint. Link: Official Website of the Royal Canadian Mint Once you are successful in getting the front page, the display case for the Vancouver 2010 coins can be seen on the bottom-left corner of the image.
  4. Let the Vancouver 2010 coin collecting begin! Once one manages to collect the 12 25-cent & the 2 1-dollar coins that come with the Vancouver 2010 name, there is a hendecagon-shaped display case with a large, red maple-leaf in the background to place them in. Yes, it does include the Vancouver 2010 and the RCM logos and the name of the collection itself. (Note: If you haven't known your shapes for a long while, a HENDECAGON is an 11-sided-shaped polygon.)
  5. Tomorrow, the coins starts coming out. Well, good hunting for them, I suppose.
  6. I don't know, if it is too late for Fiji to return to the Commonwealth in time for Delhi 2010 here. It is because the current government in Suva made its decision yesterday to have its parliament elections in 2010, since this latest coup started. The exact date in 2010 is unknown at this time. Link: BBC: Fiji's Ruler Sets Election Date
  7. "Manners" among Beijing residents are getting better, before the 2008 Olympic Games. Link: BBC: Beijing Manners 'Getting Better'
  8. I must have missed that episode. I did hear about that, but did those guys really did it?? :o
  9. Just as long as it is not used for something as wacky as what I saw just now. Imagine this scenario. 1. You look like an ice hockey player. 2. A bobsleigh/luge artificial track. And, what do you get? Don't ask me because I do not know who came up with the idea, apart from a few laughs and the like. I saw this on my BBC satellite channel's short sports program. It shows guys going down a bobsleigh/luge track wearing ice hockey skates, with their gear on. Also, I don't know which track they used for their "stunt", but it looked like the Salt Lake City one. I will have to correct this post, if I'm wrong, by adding to it here later.
  10. A couple of my friends were extras in that Jackie Chan movie: Shanghai Noon. Some of the scenes was shot west of the Calgary area.
  11. My Chinese zodiac animal is a Dog. That year was just over and we could be heading toward "turbulent times" in the Year of the Pig.
  12. If you were to go with that against some world cities, it wouldn't be that bad. And, we know which ones I'm talking about to ourselves.
  13. I watched it, too. More to come for sure.
  14. SkiFreak, it seems that there are already Vancouver 2010 pins on sale in eBay Canada. Come see for yourself here. Link: eBay Canada's Vancouver 2010 Page
  15. More of them here from yesterday. 1. CBC: Canada's Groves Skates To Bronze 2. CBC: Heil Golden In Moguls 3. CBC: Canucks Sweep Snowboard World Cup
  16. Happy Chinese Lunar New Year of the Pig (Boar) from my part of North America. It is now just Sunday, from where I am in Calgary. Our Chinese community will be vibrant with lots of activities going on, especially at the Chinese Cultural Center. By the way, what does the Calgary CCC look like to you guys? Click on the click below and find out via clicking the picture gallery "icon" on the front page. Link: Official Website Of The Calgary Chinese Cultural Center Here's the BBC article, with a link to pictures, about the Chinese New Year. Link: BBC: China Ushers In Year Of The Pig
  17. Speaking of the cougar, Stanley C Panther of the NHL would love to have a "brother" here.
  18. Never mind that the Earth warmed by 0.85 degrees Celsius last month. They said that it was the warmest January on record.
  19. SkiFreak, you want something better TWICE? One eBayer is selling his entire Calgary 1988 coin collection while another one is selling his entire Montreal 1976 silver coin collection. Anyway, next week from today, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic coinage will begin to be sold to anyone who wants any of them in stages.
  20. Calgary's ski-jumping venue is so outdated that it might as well be used for "eight year olds." Give me a break here! Some European ski-jumpers would see that venue as a "kiddie-level" one, with the kinds of jumps they are making nowadays. If that Vancouver 2010 venue can stay in whatever form it will become permanently, then Canada wouldn't have this problem, when it comes to developing such athletes. Besides, it would be a good idea to have "regular" World Cup events in ski-jumping and nordic combined in Canada for a change. If that means that it can only be held in the Whistler area, so be it. Besides, international snowboarding events is a regular occurrence in Whistler. Why not add these events, too?
  21. Could the Australian Olympic team for Beijing 2008 be that nation's biggest representation ever for an Olympic Games on foreign soil? Link: BBC: Waugh Secures Beijing 2008 Role
  22. Not surprised. Despite that censor, a news network actually showed it to where I live. I know it wasn't from the Chinese state TV because it didn't have the hallmarks of being made by them. In fact, I have forgotten which international one showed it.
  23. It was barely given a bit of coverage from CBC on that day, jim jones. It wasn't really a debt clock, but a clock to how many people will be homeless by the time Vancouver 2010 starts. In any case, it will be three years of verbal wrangling from both sides and some of that will not be pretty.
  24. I don't know if this is either a blessing or a curse. To me, it seems to be a combination of both possibilities. Dr. Roger Jackson, the man presently running the "Own The Podium" program, has been reported to say that "possible Olympic medalists and/or their sports in 2010" will get "more funding." Tell me, doesn't that remind you a little about how Canadian athletes that tried to qualify for Athens 2004 went through and how they didn't like that at all? Look what happened to that scheme, with the resulting Athens 2004 medals tally. Also, are not some Canadian winter athletes already under pressure RIGHT NOW to perform at Vancouver 2010? I respect this guy, but that is a minefield he must tread carefully. I hope that Canada's record on home-soil Olympic Games is not still the main reason for this turn of events. Link: CBC: Head Of OWN THE PODIUM Says This Winter Is Critical For 2010 Athletes
  25. Are not some Tokyo buildings (residential, too) over some subway stations there already? With land prices really "out of control" over there and the city itself cannot really expand any further, I would have thought that this is their only way to get more efficient. But, man, I cannot see myself living in a metropolitan area that can almost fit the entire population of Canada within it.
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