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  1. This news is interesting. Despite that the dialect of Mandarin is the official one of the overall Chinese language in China, only about half of all Chinese in the country can actually speak it fluently. Link: BBC: Only Half Chinese Speak Mandarin
  2. Well, I wonder what the Hong Kong venue for the equestrian events will look like. I don't remember seeing any pictures or descriptions of it, since the Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR) got the nod from BOCOG to host it.
  3. Not yet. Well, it is still relatively early for official Beijing 2008 ads to come out, but they will come out as the Games draw closer. This is more so, after the "one-year-to-go" date comes to pass.
  4. GBModerator, I think you are already dealing with the problem right now, but I keep on running into error problems, when I try to access some topics in all of the forums.
  5. At least, the Austrian ski team has confidence in Canadian ski runs, judging the way they are performing in this season's World Cup events in all alpine disciplines. But, the Canadian team was not shabby at all this year overall. Of course, that will depend on how well they do, without the added external pressures, toward Vancouver 2010.
  6. First, protesters disrupt the 3-years-to-go ceremony. Now, this. Really convenient, isn't it? Couldn't really "say anything" in the local, provincial and national stage about their grievances. So, they decide it to try to use the Winter Olympics as a vehicle to embarrass Vancouver internationally in this manner. In any case, it is good that the real Olympic Flag wasn't damaged in any way. But, that incident is going to irk some senior members of the IOC in the long run. Remember, some of them have long memories and, I don't know, but if the "protector of the symbols" is in that team, I know he/she will have something to say about it. If not in public, then definitely in private and not in good terms. I am not kidding about a position within the IOC that has a member protect the symbols of the Olympic Movement. If I read correctly somewhere recently, Pound had that position, when he used to be the IOC Vice-President.
  7. Protests against the sentencing of a grandmother activist, whom she was charged with contempt of court about the highway construction itself. Link: CBC: B.C. Activist, 78, Gets 10 Months In Jail
  8. Guys, I know this CBC article is mostly talking about Toronto, but what is your mayor and City Hall saying about getting Ottawa to get a national transit strategy and related issues regarding more public transit for Vancouver? Link: CBC: Public Transit 'Lifeblood' Of Canada's Cities, Mayors Say
  9. #4 IOC Coordination Commission for Vancouver. Link: IOC-> Vancouver 2010: IOC Coordination Commission Returns For 4th Visit
  10. Latest news about this topic, made about 12 hours ago as of this post. Link: Canada.com: Official Housing, TV Revenues Key Topics At IOC Vancouver Meeting Next Week This article is two pages long.
  11. 1. CBC: Canadian Speedskaters On Podium Again; Second World Record Falls At World Cup 2. CBC: Morrison, Groves Win Skating Bronze 3. CBC: Canadian Junior Curlers Unbeaten
  12. Hmm. Quite luxurious to me. However, when you have a nation with so much money like that, why not? However, some of us may take issue on what is on those pictures and what I have said here.
  13. Found this by Google just now. Link: Financial Post: Air Canada To Launch Direct Vancouver-Sydney Flights
  14. 1. CBC: Canadians On Podium And World Record Falls At World Cup Speedskating Final 2. CBC: Canada's Alpine Skiers Have Set A Single-Season Record With 13 Medals 3. CBC: Heil Takes World Cup Crown 4. CBC: Bourque, Brydon Nab Ski Medals
  15. The Beijing 2008 mascots in London (host city of the 2012 Olympic Games). At Piccadilly Circus At Millennium Bridge With St. Paul's Cathedral In The Background With A Taxi Driver At Trafalgar Square
  16. I think you are right on that one, SkiFreak. It seems to be a "wide range" of them out there right now. It includes the really expensive "pure gold" ones, too.
  17. 1. CBC: Heil Captures Fourth Moguls Crown In A Row 2. CBC: Nesbitt, Groves Skate To Medals In Calgary 3. CBC: Canadian Speedskater Denny Morrison Peaks Timely To Win First World Cup Gold
  18. That was fast. And, yes, it is true, compliments of the Canadian Mint website. For those too lazy to find the link I made about it somewhere in this topic, then I will post it again. Link: The Royal Canadian Mint
  19. This list is from the update IOC commissions one for this year for Vancouver 2010. President: Rene Fasel (Switzerland) Members: 1. Fraser Bullock 2. Ottavio Cinquanta 3. Gian-Franco Kasper 4. Gunilla Lindberg 5. Jose Luis Marco 6. Le Prince d-Orange of the Netherlands 7. Tsunekazu Takeda 8. Rita Van Driel 9. Pernilla Wiberg
  20. Again, like a broken record to some of us, the environment issue is going to be a sore point, given the way the issue has been highlighted in news around the world lately. Now, courtesy of this IOC conference that takes from October 25 - 27 of this year, it will be on the high point again. The conference is called the Seventh World Conference on Sport And Environment. And, yes, it will be held in Beijing. Link: IOC: China To Host The 2007 World Conference On Sport And The Environment
  21. Well, the Chinese Taipei issue "gets in the way" in whether the island is going to be in the Olympic torch relay or not. Oh, well. Guess we will wait for that decision and find out what the final design of the Olympic torch will be.
  22. Looks like some people are not wasting any time and have started selling the first of many Vancouver 2010 coinage on eBay. This link is the first I found. Link: eBay Listing Example
  23. I know that this post is going to get ridiculed, but I got to get it off my chest. Now that Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is the Oscar winner of the documentary category and one other and China is considered one of the worst polluters on Earth, it would be interesting on how the Chinese is going to react on the climate change issue now. Never mind about the Olympics coming up and the Olympic FLAME is part of the event. I wouldn't be surprised that Beijing 2008 could be the last time an Olympic Flame would be used in this manner.
  24. The bobsleigh and snowboard news. 1. CBC: Lueders Wins Bobsleigh World Cup 2. CBC: Anderson Snowboards To World Cup Win
  25. I found this press release, through a third-party entity, about the first Vancouver 2010 coin that has now been released for the public to get. The first coin depicts the sport of curling. Petro-Canada Distributes Vancouver 2010 Olympic Curling Coin Sport Cards CALGARY, ALBERTA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 22, 2007 -- Starting on February 23, 2007, participating Petro-Canada retail locations will sell exclusive Vancouver 2010 coin sport cards in support of Canadian athletes and coaches. The program is part of a partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint and RBC to circulate a 25-cent coin that profiles an Olympic or Paralympic winter sport leading up to Vancouver 2010. The first 25-cent circulation coin and collector card depicts the popular sport of curling. Each card will feature a special colour version of the circulation coin embedded in laminated cards and sold for $7.95. A portion of the proceeds will be distributed to the Fuelling the Dream Fund, a corporate initiative aimed at helping develop Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches. "Petro-Canada has a long history in supporting Canadian athletes and coaches," said Phil Churton, Vice-President of Marketing for Petro-Canada. "The Vancouver 2010 coin sport cards are another way for us to do our part for the upcoming 2010 Olympic Winter Games." Petro-Canada is one of Canada's largest oil and gas companies, operating in both the upstream and the downstream sectors of the industry in Canada and internationally. The Company creates value by responsibly developing energy resources and providing world class petroleum products and services. Petro-Canada is proud to be a National Partner to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Company's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol PCA and on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PCZ.
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