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  1. Okay, call me stupid here, but how many countries in the world recognize the Turkish north of the island of Cyprus? According to the Wikipedia page, there are negotiations of having this entity preparing a team for Delhi 2010. I am very puzzled here. Have they ever been allowed to participate in any international sporting event before? If not, then this news is a major surprise to me.
  2. Like I said, the cycle of hate and fear will continue, so long as these "people" get their kicks by being self-centered and "waking a sleeping giant by poking it in the eye with a stick." Never mind taking their message to an "unsuspecting public" and feeding them their side of the story "with an iron fist." Talk about taking some people for a ride here.
  3. At the Women's World Curling Championships in Japan, Canada is still has a perfect record so far. Link: CBC: Canada Stays Perfect With Win Over Olympic Champ Norberg
  4. Tried and tested by the general public. Link: BBC: The New Wembley Tried And Tested
  5. LA84, you are right with the name here. However, as I would like to say to myself, there are always some indirect links that are connected discreetly in some "chain link." So, in that retrospect, I will not be surprised if they are in league in some degree to what is happening in Vancouver right now. In fact, the BNC tried in some ways to "set up shop" in Alberta, but I guess we got "lucky" in many ways. But, it doesn't mean that we need to be complacent about the whole issue about social problems. There will always be those who think that violence is the only way to get "the help they need." But, their actions will further alienate the very people they claim to help and the cycle of fear and hate will continue on for some time to come.
  6. I don't know, to tell you the truth. When I went to my nearest local Canada Post office to drop some mail, I noticed that they carried the official Vancouver 2010 coins, too. And, yes, that includes the WHOLE 2007 set, which is contained in its own display case.
  7. I just saw, courtesy of my local Global channel, these "guys" doing their stuff. Like, throwing mailboxes onto the street and getting militant. I think they went against a camera crew as well. Now, this is what really ticks me off. These "guys" claim that they are doing this for the poor. However, one of the "men" arrested "just happens to have arrived from Quebec." Now, how in the world did a "homeless man" get the money to go all the way to Vancouver just to do this mindless and idiotic idea to attack "authority?" Like I said before, now the Halifax 2014 fiasco is over, these "guys" are now targeting Vancouver.
  8. Talk about being "on fire" on the slopes. Erik Guay is just getting himself on the podium more times this season than all of his previous ones combined. Link: CBC: Erik Guay 3rd In Super-G There is more. Anyone remember John Kucera? Well, with 194 points, he is third in the overall World Cup Super-G final rankings. Also, not a bad overall ranking for Guay, too. World Cup super-G final standings: 1. Bode Miller (US) 304 points 2. Didier Cuche (Swi) 208 3. John Kucera (Can) 194 4. Mario Scheiber (Aut) 190 5. Aksel Lund Svindal (Nor) 181 6. Hermann Maier (Aut) 177 7. Christoph Gruber (Aut) 153 8. Marco Buechel (Lie) 146 9. Peter Fill (Ita) 143 10 equal. Erik Guay (Can) 136 10 equal. Georg Streitberger (Aut) 136
  9. Another Beijing 2008 IOC Coordination Commission meeting: April 17-19. IOC Executive Board meeting: April 25-27. SportAccord Convention: April 23-27. Link: IOC: IOC To Hold Series Of Meetings In Beijing In April
  10. It seems that Vancouver 2010 could lose an event, if the FIS does drop the Super-G alpine event from the World Cup scene. In a replacement, it wants a super-combi event. That means that it will be one technical and one speed event combined into an overall one. What do you guys think? Link: CBC: World Cup Skiing May Lose Super-G
  11. France to have another high-speed train link. They could have trains in service using this line that could go at 320 km/h (200 mph) from Paris to Strasbourg. Link: BBC: France To Launch Superfast Trains
  12. Makes me wonder, if that was their "real intention" in the first place.
  13. According to this Globe and Mail web newspaper link, Vancouver 2010 could cost beyond the $2 Billion mark. And, this is still less than 3 years away from the actual event. Link: Globe And Mail: Vancouver 2010 Olympics Expected To Top $2-Billion And, this does NOT include the likes of the RAV line, for example.
  14. Uh, you guys remember those incidents "in the palms of your hands?" Anyway, my relatives in the Greater Vancouver area have almost never come to visit or shop at the "main" Chinatown and the downtown areas the whole time they have lived there since 1970. Unless, there is an ABSOLUTE reason why they have to. Unfortunately, the "fear" of confronting people, like these hoodlums or even people that "LOOK" like them, makes my relatives cringe easily. They think that going to places like Richmond or Surrey is going to make them "safe" from these "bad guys." A couple of them even had to move out from Vancouver outright because it "was getting out of hand." In the end, in my point of view, it is not going to work because, when you have cities that have become "big", these social issues will become more prevalent, if not dealt with "right away." But, that is just over-simplifying it, right? Never mind that there is got to be some action about this unfolding of tensions, before it gets out of hand and affects Vancouver's international and the 2010 Winter Olympics images. This is what occurred somewhat, to a degree, to Torino 2006 because of all things a rail link and the possible changes to the local environment, if that were come to pass. And, of course, that big idiot that tried to interrupt a closing ceremony speech that was being spoken by the TOROC president at the time.
  15. So, according to the CBC, how is it like to have Vancouver and area have more than half of all the province's population mentioned in the 2006 national census?
  16. Here is the CBC take on the topic. Link: CBC: Protesters Target Olympic Flag Ceremony
  17. Lots of CBC news here. 1. CBC: Canadians Sweep Moguls Worlds 2. CBC: Omischl Lands Bronze At Aerials Worlds 3. CBC: Hamelin, Roberge Skate To Short Track Gold 4. CBC: Guay Adds To Canadian Alpine Haul 5. CBC: Heil Wins More Freestyle Hardware For Canada 6. CBC: Morrison Wins Speed-Skating Silver 7. CBC: Canada Grabs More Medals At Short Track Worlds 8. CBC: Morrison, Nesbitt Skate To Podium
  18. I don't want to crowd this topic with "too many pictures." The BBC has a link to the pictures taken at the Wembley site. Link: BBC: Wembley Photos
  19. Yeah. It would just use the freestyle facilities, like the other ones in the Olympic program. The road to Vancouver 2010, in this case, was just completed in Italy for the Freestyle World Championships. Even though the Europeans grabbed all the medals there, there is still time for the Canadian team to hone in their skills in this event.
  20. Hmm. An interesting mix here. Link: BBC: China's Mixed Media Messages
  21. Well, while Vancouver await its chance to be in this kind of spotlight, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is reported today to suggest that a woman be in their version of the Hall of Fame. And, yes, this Hall of Fame is in the "same room" as the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. If this idea gets the go-ahead, it could be a separate category, so to speak, from the men and these are the first contenders for the honor. - Geraldine Heaney (Canada) -> 2002 Olympic gold medalist - Cassie Campbell (Canada) -> 2002 and 2006 Olympic gold medalist - Cammi Granato (USA) -> 1998 Olympic gold medalist - Angela James (Canada) -> Multiple world champion since 1990 - Riikka Nieminen (Finland) -> Top ranking scorer - Karyn Bye (USA) -> 1998 Olympic gold medalist - Guo Hong (China) -> Goaltender - Katie King (USA) -> 2005 World Champion - Tia Reima (Finland) -> Five-time world bronze medalist As for Hayley Wickenheiser, I am not sure about whether she wants to be in it, despite her past efforts in the Canadian national team. Never mind that the CBC article has not stated about her being a candidate in it, too. Link: CBC: International Hockey Hall Of Fame Wants A Woman, Says IIHF Official
  22. CBC: Canadian Speed Skaters Shine In Utah
  23. Guess the IOC Coordination Commission liked what VANOC is doing so far at this stage. Link: IOC-> Vancouver 2010: In Good Shape With Positive Progress On Media Accommodation
  24. If this is occurring just less than 3 years before the main event, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that more of these incidents will come soon. Unfortunately, now that the Halifax fiasco is "done and over with", these kind of guys could be concentrating more of their "efforts" on Vancouver in this manner. The difference is that Halifax stopped their bid before it went to a final vote.
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