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  1. News about the Olympic clock vandalism. Link: CBC: Activist Confesses To Spray-Painting Vancouver's Olympic Clock What was written: The guy who did it:
  2. Here is another article to supplement the one mr.x has posted above. Link: Globe And Mail: B.C. To Buy Run-Down Hotels To House Vancouver's Homeless
  3. Roltel, this BBC article's title goes a bit further. It calls whether such speed records are necessary in the first place. Link: BBC: What's The Point Of Speed Records? If you were to look at some opinions at the bottom of this article, some of it gave me quite a chuckle.
  4. Reading that latest GamesBids article about this issue, baron and mr.x here has got part of the overall problem stated. When you get people that need the help left out in the cold, they would have no choice but the street and everything that goes with it. Of course, there are others, which escapes my mind, CHOSE to do so. Makes me wonder why countries, like Canada and America, seem to be having problems dealing with social issues while others, like Norway and Sweden, has "generous social programs" for these people and we hardly hear any protests about their well-being there. It does kind of show, compliments of that annual United Nations survey in which Canada is still in the top 10, but that rank slipped so much for the past couple of years from all those #1 annual ranks of the Chretien government.
  5. Uh, why would this kind of post be here? I mean, okay, thanks, but sometimes I wonder if I hang around here too much. Anyway, getting back into topic here, was there rumors that the French wanted to do this for pride and looking for world markets that would want to buy these kind of trains? From what I heard, China could be the first foreign nation to want to have them.
  6. Considering that my family was pretty much in these "peoples'" shoes when we came to Canada in the late 1970s, it is ridiculous for me to continue to see these sad stories over again. If my family was able to get out of the "poverty trap" on our own with minimal government help, then I am scratching my head on why these guys cannot seem to go this way, too.
  7. Here's the BBC take on the feat. Link: BBC: French Set New Rail Speed Record However, I am concerned about the safety of the whole exercise. I mean, the track needs to be in top form all the time. One small misstep along the way and there could be potential for a bad accident to occur. Never mind the other hazards that could come into play along the route.
  8. Oh, this is just great. Let's get the United Nations involved against VANOC and associates here. Like, what good will that do? Link: Canada.com-> Poor Kicked Out Of Their Homes For 2010 Games And UN Must Monitor: NDP MLA
  9. How come I didn't hear news about this in Canada? In fact, there's a New York Times business article about the potential that words like "Vancouver" and "2010" will fall into some trademark protection under the current Canadian government. That is, if there is no real call for a federal election. Isn't this a little extreme here? Link: New York Times: For Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Proprietary Words
  10. And, this lovely news is not going to simmer down the bad rhetoric that is going on right now. Link: CBC: Vancouver Cops Were Acting On A Tip In Their Search For Stolen Olympic Flag
  11. Well, that is what the test events are for. It will be interesting on how the weather will be like, when the Games start for real. Link: CBC: VANOC Keeping Eye On Weather, Leaving Room When Planning Games Ski Schedule
  12. The volunteering recruitment goes international. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: Volunteer Recruitment Goes International
  13. Guys, I know that this post had nothing to do with Vancouver 2010, but do you guys agree with this idea, before the 2010 Games? Link: CBC: Tretiak Gaining Support For Summit Series 2
  14. IOC article here. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: Olympic Medals Unveiled
  15. IOC article about the "500 days to go" moment. Link: IOC: Beijing 2008 - 500 Days To Go
  16. Please, don't tell me that Stanley Park sustained more damage because of the weather. What I heard, from the CBC National News, that the sea wall area is not stable and there could be more landslides to come and overall recreational use over there could be in jeopardy in the long term. What I mean by that is the fear that the area is to be closed to civilians "permanently", if there is absolutely no way of dealing with it.
  17. I have a bit of a headache here, but I assume you mean Fort McMurray with that post. Anyway, I hope the weather is not going to be a major problem, when building that venue. You guys are not having a great time with it "this season" so far.
  18. Canada is the world champion in the women's curling championships in Japan. Link: CBC: Scott Golden In World Cup Curling Final Another article here. Link: CBC: Guay Wins National Giant Slalom Title
  19. Whistler is hosting the Canadian national alpine skiing championships. 1. CBC: Alpine Ski Championships On Hold In Whistler 2. CBC: Janyk Wins Canadian Giant Slalom Title 3. CBC: Canadian Skier Grandi Calling It Quits?
  20. Now, this sad news is the last thing Vancouver needs to be seen, especially when it was captured by an American tourist and was put into YouTube. Link: CBC: YouTube Fight Between Firefighter, Police Could Lead To Lawsuit
  21. I wonder what they have to say about the federal budget, which came out only hours ago.
  22. I think they are not integrated much, if at all. The closest one the IOC has is the European ones. Other than that, I think Jacques Rogge here wants one with the likes of the regular Olympiad. This is just my educated guess, but I would have to guess that they (the youth) would have to qualify for the "youth Olympic Games" by beating the set standards in their age group in certain sports. And, my hunch is saying that they may have to use the likes of the European or Australian ones (AS EXAMPLES) to qualify for such potential "youth Olympics."
  23. As I pointed out in another topic, it seems that Jacques Rogge wants to initiate the idea of "another Olympic Games" for the youth. From what I can fathom, it could be an "international version" of those, like the European and Australian Youth Olympic Festivals. Also, from this BBC article, it was a pet project of the IOC president himself and he wants the inaugural one to start as soon as 2010. I can also assume from this that it will be for the SUMMER sports. I guess, in part, that the Commonwealth Youth Games (which will be holding its THIRD edition in 2008 in Pune, India) was somehow one of the catalysts for this idea. What do you think of this plan to have "another Olympic Games?" Link: BBC: Rogge Wants Youth Olympic Games
  24. Canada is still perfect at the Women's World Curling Championships in Japan. Link: CBC: Canada's Kelly Scott Beats Top Rivals At Women's World Curling Championship Canada wins overall team short-track speed skating title. CBC: Canadian Men Win Short-Track Team Title
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