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  1. Don't want to repeat that scenario, when the US boycotted Moscow 1980 and the Russians, in turn, boycotted back via Los Angeles 1984. Besides, isn't Great Britain one of only a handful of nations that has attended EVERY OLYMPIC GAMES since 1896? I know that the Greeks and, believe it or not, the Australians have done so.
  2. Well, I am hoping for this bid to succeed because I don't think it has hosted something like this before, if I'm not mistaken. Also, I hope that they won't back down.
  3. McDonald's launches the "Champion Kids" program for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: IOC: McDonald's To Sponsor "Champion" Children A Champion Kid looks forward to the Olympic Games in 2008 'Champion Kids' from Beijing and the mascots having fun at the launch event The Champion Kids launch event A Champion Kid from Beijing having fun at the launch event Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has been given to make Olympic pins that are going be made out of the excess steel used for the building of the Bird's Nest stadium. Link: IOC: Coca-Cola To Produce Olympic Pins From "Bird's Nest" Steel
  4. Erased the original comment here and this is the replacement. High-speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton economically feasible: report August 10, 2007 - 5:15 CALGARY (CP) - A new report says a high-speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton is economically feasible. Global TV Calgary said the report done for the Alberta government is based on interviews with 5,000 motorists, 1,000 air travellers, and 700 bus users. The multibillion-dollar project would offer high-speed travel between the two cities, as well as Red Deer, which sits in between. An average trip between downtown Calgary and Edmonton would take about 84 minutes and cost $130 for a round trip. The Alberta government will release the report later this month. Premier Ed Stelmach, who earlier this year called the rail-link "inevitable," reiterated his support for the project Thursday. "If we could remove or reduce 25 per cent of the cars off Highway 2, it not only reduces CO2 and other pollution, but it will also reduce future costs of widening the highway and also the repair on the road," Stelmach said while attending the premiers' meeting in Moncton, N.B. Bill Cruickshanks, president of Alberta High Speed Rail, the private company that hopes to build the project, said the train would allow people to commute daily between Calgary and Edmonton. "You can have people working in Edmonton in the morning and Calgary in the afternoon and still be home in time to have their evening meals with their family," Cruickshanks said, adding that accidents on Highway 2, the main north-south highway in the province, would be reduced with less motor vehicle traffic, especially during the winter. Peter Wallis, president of the Van Horne Institute, which conducted a preliminary study on the rail link, said the project will attract more businesses to the provinces. "Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton would be looked at as one economic unit," he said. Global TV said the government has already bought land in downtown Edmonton and Calgary to accommodate train stations. (Global TV Calgary)
  5. So, do you think he will be part of the final run of the Olympic torch inside the Bird's Nest stadium? With the stadia almost complete and social issues high on the agenda, China has also set its focus on domestic success in the Olympic events. Although the country's goal is to top the medals table - usurping the US - the Chinese Olympic Committee said the country would also be happy to finish top of the second group. China will be hoping it can unearth more superstars like their NBA basketball icon Yao Ming (pictured on left) and Liu Xiang, the current 110m hurdles Olympic champion. Expect China's Olympians to shine come August next year.
  6. However, also from the same BBC website page, it lists the three main concerns about how Beijing 2008 may be viewed, both directly and indirectly, by the world at large, with one year to go. Although the stadia are certain to get the thumbs-up, there are other factors that have raised concerns with the International Olympic Committee and the wider public. One of those is the air pollution in Beijing. Two years ago, the European Space Agency revealed the Chinese capital had seriously high levels of nitrogen dioxide. "We know that the organisers and the government at all levels are dedicating a lot of effort to creating the appropriate conditions for the Games air quality," said IOC president Jacques Rogge, who has warned events will not go ahead if pollution levels are too high. One of the main reasons for the high levels of air pollution is the traffic problem in the capital. The city's officials aim to temporarily reduce the three million registered vehicles by one million this year. During the test events in 2007, data will be collected to see if doing this will have an effect of air quality. IOC chief Jacques Rogge added: "It is important to remind ourselves it is not the first time that Games have had to deal with challenges in this field." Another issue that has raised concern is the reported labour abuses. A group called Play Fair 2008 has claimed factories supplying Games goods are paying as little as half the legal minimum wage and employing children as young as 12. The Beijing Olympics organisers (Bocog) are taking action against such abuses, having terminated a contract with a stationery company after discovering it was using child labour. A Bocog spokesman said "We attach great importance to working conditions and corporate social responsibility issues in licensees' companies."
  7. From the BBC website. Work on the 91,000-seater Olympic National Stadium began at the end of 2003 after architects Herzog & DeMeuron, ArupSport and China Architecture Design & Research Group won a design competition organised by China's government. The £220m venue, nicknamed the "Bird's Nest", is set for completion in spring 2008 and will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the football and athletics events. There will also be a shopping centre running through the heart of the arena, which will be used for sporting and entertainment events following next year's Games. The National Stadium lies in the Olympic Green area, which contains 10 sporting venues. Beijing will have 37 Olympic venues in total, costing the princely sum of about £17bn. All promise to be state-of-the art but some reports have suggested that the construction of new facilities and the re-construction of old ones have been the product of cheap labour. Some of the estimated 30,000 workers are reported to be earning just £2 a day. Most of the 37 venues are located near the Olympic Green area. A large number of them are near completion, with the Beijing Shooting Range the first to be given an official unveiling in July 2007. Work is also nearly complete on the 6,000-seater Laoshan Velodrome (pictured), which has a spectacular dome-shaped roof. The venue will host the track cycling and will be ready later this year in order to host a World Cup event in December. Another eye-catching arena is the Peking University Stadium, which will host the table tennis. The table tennis competition is expected to be highly popular in China, with the country expected to sweep the medals in both the men's and women's competition. Other venues likely to grab attention are: - Aquatics Centre - National Indoor stadium (artistic gymnastics, trampoline and handball) - Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium (football) - Beijing University of Technology Stadium (badminton and rhythmic gymnastics)
  8. 6 more here. By the way, did they really raised that big Olympic Flag already? Talk about wanting to do it badly enough.
  9. 13 pictures within one of those IOC articles. First seven of them here. BEIJING 2008: Come Join The Party!
  10. The IOC was busy putting out articles about yesterday. 1. IOC-> BOCOG Staff: What A Fantastic Job! 2. IOC-> Beijing 2008: Come Join The Party! 3. IOC-> 8 August In Beijing: Kick-Off Of The Major One World, One Dream Mobile Exhibition 4. IOC: Final Countdown To The Olympic Games In China (Rogge's Speech)
  11. By the way, is there a "pseudo-boycott" going to happen soon? According to the BBC, this "first boycott" of Beijing 2008 could come from the "most unlikely source": CUBA! Not because of the country of China itself, but how Cuban boxers were "coerced" into going professional by pro-boxing talent seekers during the Rio 2007 Pan American Games. Fidel Castro has warned "all Cuban boxers" not to go to Chicago for the 2007 World Boxing Championships because of the reason above, the usual explanations of anti-Americanism and, of course, defections. That will mean that Cuba could send no boxers to the Beijing 2008 Games. Talk about a "snubbing" of one "Communist nation to another here."
  12. Well, the CBC will have "all year coverage" here and there about the Beijing 2008 venues. Today's National news program was mainly about Beijing and its preparations for those 2008 Games. Link: CBC: Beijing Olympics A Year Away A Chinese man waves a flag as performers gather to kick off celebrations for the one year countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games during a hazy morning at the Millennium Monument in Beijing Wednesday. (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)
  13. Funny you have posted that, micheal. In a coincidence, CBC had shown a documentary about how human activity is contributing to the global warming problem. Two case points with one source: Los Angeles and the Indian Ocean. According to it, nearly 50% of the smog that LA is experiencing "now" and the brown clouds over the Indian Ocean came from one area: China.
  14. In the end, boycotts "simply don't work." Look at the "laughing stocks" of the past, when it comes to this sort of thing and the "hypocrisy" afterward.
  15. Hong Kong's i-Cable Communications will broadcast Vancouver 2010 to its citizens, along with Beijing 2008 (obviously) and London 2012. Link: IOC: IOC Awards Broadcast Rights In Hong Kong To I-Cable About i-CABLE Sports Limited A sports content production and distribution subsidiary of i-CABLE Communications Limited. i-CABLE Sports specialises in the production of sports programmes, inclusive of the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games, the 1998, 2002 and 2006 Asian Games as well as leading European football tournaments. Programmes produced by the company and carried on i-CABLE’s Pay TV platform have won wide acclaim and following in Hong Kong for years. i-CABLE Communications Limited is Hong Kong’s leading integrated communications company. It is one of the largest producers of video, film and multimedia content, for distribution around the world over conventional and new media. At the same time, it owns and operates one of two near universal broadband telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, over which it provides Pay TV, Broadband and Voice services to well over one million subscribing households and businesses
  16. Well, let the testing of the Beijing 2008 venues begin. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: A Test Of Good Luck Included in this link is a podcast interview. 1. Training session at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park 2. Grandstand of the newly completed Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park 3. Rowers preparing for their training session 4. Opening Ceremony of the World Junior Rowing Championships From right to left: President of the International Rowing Federation Denis Oswald, BOCOG President Liu Qi and IOC President Jacques Rogge 5. Participants in the Opening Ceremony 6. Fans cheer on their team during the World Junior Rowing Championships
  17. Whatever is going on over there, two Canadians are in jail for that action and could be either held there "indefinitely" or be executed for "crimes against the state." Link: CBC: Parents Worried After 2 Vancouverites Reportedly Held In China Two activists hang below a giant banner hung from the Great Wall of China Tuesday. (Courtesy of Freya Putt) Sam Price of Vancouver was one of six activists arrested Tuesday in China. (Courtesy of Freya Putt) Melanie Raoul of Vancouver was one of six activists arrested in China Tuesday. (Courtesy of Freya Putt) In fact, these 2 people did almost exactly like this in 2001, around the time of the 2008 Olympic Games decision. But, they focused their attention at a Canadian trade mission to China then.
  18. Well, Calgary could do it, in terms of being the first host of the winter version, too.
  19. Lord Coe thinks Beijing 2008 "will change China." Olympic Games: Beijing Games are proving 'catalyst for change' says Coe By Paul Radford Published: 04 August 2007 Sebastian Coe, head of the London 2012 Games, believes that next year's Beijing Olympics are proving to be a catalyst for change in China."Beijing is a city that is looking outwards," he said. "The Games have been a catalyst for change, that is already apparent." Coe said he had noticed on his visits to China the physical effects of change, including city regeneration and the tackling of pollution. But he said there would be social changes too as China eases restrictions on the media for the period in and around the Games, which open on 8 August next year. Asked whether China would accept that once restrictions were lifted they would be almost impossible to re-impose, Coe said: "There is a recognition in China that this is almost certainly the case. There is a real thirst for understanding what this whole process is about. It can probably only go in one direction once the Games has helped make this change." But Coe said social changes were not the prime aim of the Olympics. "It's not for the International Olympic Committee to dictate the rate of change on the potential direction of that country. What I suppose I'm saying is that sport inherently does that anyway. "Any number of Olympic cities have not just mirrored society – the Olympic movement, on occasions, has set its trends." Article made by:
  20. Perhaps. But, you can count on CTV for that rat thing a couple of days ago. Also, count on that Canada.com website for "hookers using student visas" for Vancouver 2010, too. You think I'm exaggerating here? You try Google "Vancouver 2010" in the subject line and there it is as "top stories." I didn't bother putting that in because it was pretty much in bad taste, as it is. Don't ask me why that is in there in the first place.
  21. Looks like the funding for Vancouver 2010 seems to be "going back and forth." What will be the "true amount", when it is all said and done? Link: CTV: 2010 Games Preparations Right On Track: CEO John Furlong, CEO of Vancouver 2010, speaks with Canada AM on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2007. Quote: "In May, VANOC announced that the Games were on track to cost less than was first estimated. The original estimated operating cost of the games was expected to be $1.7 billion, but the 200-page plan released in May put it at $1.63 billion, $70 million less."
  22. An Indian sports minister disapproving of having the Commonwealth Games, in 2010, coming to his country. Link: Hindustan: Aiyar Voices Views On Games' Expenditure Hmmm.... Link: NDTV: Delhi Commonwealth Games "On Time"
  23. With a rising rat population, it is going to get interesting.
  24. It is now done. The North Pole, and its surrounding territories, are "officially Russian." What now for the 2010 Olympic torch relay because of this speculation? Rumors on the "grapevine" is that Alaska could be next.
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