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  1. Probably 8 in the foreground and 2 in the background?
  2. Come click on this link here: Beijing 2008 Official Website: The 2007-2008 "Good Luck Beijing" Sports Events - 42 Top-Level Competitions Once you get to the first page, click on both the "2007 Calendar" and "2008 Calendar" icons for all the competitions completed and upcoming, in preparation for the big dance and opening ceremony on 08/08/08.
  3. Speaking of P3s and BC as a whole, Premier Campbell was at the Golden area to open a new TransCanada Highway bridge there. It is 3-phase overall $1-Billion-plus project that will make that part of the national highway between the town of Golden and the BC-Alberta provincial border more safe for travelers and big cargo trucks alike. Phases 1 and 2 are now complete, with the most ambitious Phase 3 to come. Kicking Horse Canyon road work completed Vancouver Sun Published: Thursday, August 30, 2007 A massive bridge along the Trans-Canada Highway in Kicking Horse Canyon opened today, ahead of schedule. The bridge was built to improve safety and ease traffic congestion along what was once one of the most accident prone sections of the national highway. The new Park Bridge spans a gap of 405 metres and five of its piers tower as high as 90-metres above ground, the provincial government stated in a written release. Construction to rebuild the approaches to the bridge and realignment of more than five kilometres of the new four-lane highway east of Golden have also been completed. Phase 2 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project cost the federal and provincial governments $130 million. Article made, courtesy of the Calgary Herald.
  4. Looks like Beijing 2008 is on its way to being held successfully next year, judging on how the test events went, under the "Good Luck Beijing Sports Events" program. Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: IOC Sports Observation A Great Success BEIJING 2008: IOC Sports Observation A Great Success Hein Verbruggen listens to a briefing at the archery venue Gilbert Felli speaks to a staff member at the Good Luck Beijing Sports Events Action from the beach volleyball tournament Racing at the BMX Sports Event Competitors racing at the rowing event
  5. Just before Great Britain hosts the 2012 Olympic Games, I guess, in this sport, they want to make their intentions known there next year.
  6. Well, Algiers did host this year's All-Africa Games. Don't know, if the 2007 Afro-Asian Games even went ahead, which was also supposed to be in Algiers, too. If it was not the case, then the idea of the latter Games may have fallen into hard times.
  7. Two months from now, the 7th World Conference on Sport and Environment will take place in Beijing. It will be hosted by the IOC and the UNEP. Link: IOC: 2007 World Conference On Sport And Environment Takes Shape Within this article, there is a draft program about what will be talked about at the conference.
  8. Now, it has gone way too far. Who are these guys that think that dumping garbage at the Vancouver mayor condo residence is going to solve anything? First, it is an annoyance. Second, it gives major inconvenience to others who live in and around the complex. Third, it doesn't help the city workers currently on strike in any way. Fourth, they won't talk to CTV because it "supports" the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. They "talked" to the CBC about "their grievances." Obviously, these guys have too much time on their hands to think straight anymore.
  9. Perhaps, on that regard. However, it (Torino) has already done that with the Universiades. But, this is the YOUTH Olympic Games, which is not really the same as the REGULAR Olympic Games. In some detail, this is not the same way that Munich is trying to do, but "close."
  10. So, Athens is in the running, huh? Some of us kind of knew that the Greek city would jump in here.
  11. Wow. Not a surprise about such "surveys and rankings" nowadays. Vancouver is rated "best city in the world to live in" again. Oh, well, since the rest of the world cannot compete against it for years, it should be Vancouver's attribute "forever."
  12. That is what I didn't hear before. Hmmm.... Well, Hamburg has a lot of potential to do it. Why not? Have they put forward a bid for it yet?
  13. Getting back in topic, I think it could be a Moscow/Singapore showdown here. Of course, we still haven't seen how many cities are wanting to take a shot at the 2010 Summer YOG yet.
  14. More so, where in the world did this piece of news came from?
  15. Google picked this up a couple of hours ago. I don't know, but I think this article, from the Bangkok Post, pretty much sums up the hype BEFORE the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: Bangkok Post: Beijing 2008 Building Up For Big Letdown Note: Do not let the title of the article distract you. You may want to give it a read, before making up your mind for yourselves. Beginning quote: "Here's a contrarian question concerning the 2008 Beijing Olympics: who cares?"
  16. That is where I agree with Sir Roltel here. They have to bid first, but I do not see the interest so far at this point.
  17. According to Wikipedia, these countries could or will have high-speed train lines in the future, besides Canada and the US. In Europe: - Austria - Belgium - Croatia - Ireland - Netherlands - Portugal - Russia (especially for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games) - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey In the Americas: - Mexico - Argentina - Brazil In Asia: - India - Iran - Israel - Malaysia and Singapore - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia - Vietnam In Africa: - Algeria - Morocco - South Africa (especially for 2010 FIFA Men's World Cup) And, of course, in the Oceania region: Australia. Link: Wikipedia's Planned High-Speed Rail Projects What do you guys think? That Vietnam one scratches my head big time.
  18. Along with that "Champion Kids" program with McDonald's, the Chinese National Olympic Committee (NOC) and BOCOG has set up for their school children the "HEART-TO-HEART INITIATIVE", ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: IOC: Olympic Education For 400 Million Young People In China Olympic education for 400 million young people in China. Chinese girls performing a cultural dance. Chinese children in action Chinese students demonstrating a traditional sport Group picture of Jacques Rogge's visit to Beijing no. 4 High School, an Olympic Education Model School
  19. Next thing we know, we will see the Eurythmics (Annie Lennox) come to Beijing and perform there.
  20. With the help of General Electric, an Olympic TOP partner, Beijing 2008 will have environmental technologies to make the Games "more green." Link: IOC: GE Supplying China's First-Ever Rainwater Recycling System Within this article, GE is going to help install these following technologies: - Supplying filtration technology for safe drinking water at the National Stadium The National Stadium will use GE’s water treatment technology during the Games to provide up to 16 tons of purified water per hour. The quality of the water meets the latest national standards. GE’s water filtration technologies stand out for their environmentally sound features, energy-efficiency and reliability. - Helping to power the conference and hotel area Two high-efficiency GE Jenbacher Tri-generation energy units, which operate on natural gases, will be used at the Jing Hui Garden Hotel, a 14-storey hotel and conference centre that will host the media during the Games. Harnessing methane to produce energy is an excellent way of handling emissions of a gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. - Delivering energy-efficient turbines to the Olympic Central Area GE is supplying energy-efficient turbines to deliver power, heating and cooling to the Olympic Central Area. These systems successfully convert fuels such as natural gases into a cleaner burning energy source. The process reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by more than 60 per cent, reduces mercury emissions by more than 50 per cent, and reduces sulphur dioxides by more than 90 per cent, while using less water than traditional pulverised coal plants. - Implementing solar-powered lighting at the Fengtai Softball Field GE’s solar-powered LED street lighting fixtures and field lighting are being used at the Fengtai Softball Field. - Providing filtering technology for the Qinghe Waste Water Plant In order to improve Beijing’s waste-water treatment capabilities, the waste-water plant in Qinghe has adopted technology that will filter more than 80,000 cubic metres of waste water daily to be recycled to maintain landscaping during the Olympic Games. This system is designed to reduce costs and cut energy consumption by up to 30 per cent over the next five years. Well, so far so good on the environmental front here.
  21. Thanks for informing me of that, tnmp. I knew it was "too soon" to start proclaiming the Games "open" that way, even though it was just the start of the real countdown to the start of the real thing.
  22. While those "One Year To Go" celebrations were going on, the chefs de mission of 198 NOCs were in Beijing for their preparatory seminar. Along with that, the five NOCs (four of them future Olympic host nations and Greece) were given symbolic invitations to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: IOC: Chefs De Mission In The Starting Blocks For Beijing 2008 The IOC President symbolically handing out invitations to representatives of 5 NOCs. For Canadians, Michael Chambers, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee stands at the right (our prespective) of IOC President, Jacques Rogge. The opening of the Chefs de Mission Seminar Together with the Chefs de Mission, Jacques Rogge plants a tree in the future residential zone The National Stadium called the Bird's Nest
  23. This is a quote I found about Canada's chances at Beijing 2008. "The objective of Road To Excellence is for Canada to finish among the top 16 countries at the Beijing Olympics, as well as in the top five at the Paralympics that follow the Olympics." Well, I don't know how the Paralympians did back at Athens 2004, which is in the "third anniversary mode" at this time, but let's just say that the COC way of predicting their performance with the Olympians didn't go well. This was especially so, when the CBC reported that no Canadian marathoners were allowed to compete then because of "new qualification rules." To some of the athletes then, it was an insult to their hard training and the whole reason they wanted to be summer Olympians in the first place. I guess we will see how the COC handles things this time around for Beijing 2008.
  24. Yesterday, IOC reported on Jacques Rogge's visit to Hong Kong and the Shatin Olympic Equestrian venue. IOC-> Beijing 2008: Rogge In Hong Kong IOC President, Jacques Rogge, with FEI President, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. Remember, she was just made an IOC member in Guatemala City. View of the Shatin Olympic Equestrian venue, which will host the jumping and dressage events in 2008. One of the competitors at the cross country of the Good Luck Beijing Eventing Competition. President Rogge discussing with a competitor along with Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and Timothy Tsun Ting Fok (on the right), Hong Kong NOC President.
  25. I cannot believe that 3 years ago today, since Athens got to host the Olympic Games came back home to its birthplace. I know for sure that it will be the only time I will see it happen in my lifetime.
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