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  1. 110 Olympic sculptures for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Link: IOC: Olympic Spirit Flows In Beijing Olympic Sculptures Tour Sunrise through one of the Beijing Olympic Sculptures on display at Waikanae Beach, Gisborne (New Zealand) New Beijing, new starting point. The moment of losing balance.
  2. I do not need to be in Beijing to ride the subway there to know that it is already an improvement. In fact, the pictures are great to see.
  3. Here's the IOC article about this topic. Link: IOC-> Vancouver 2010: Ceremonies Team Chosen Quote from the article: "The Vancouver Organising Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC) has chosen Australian company David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) as the executive producer of the Opening, Closing and Medals Ceremonies." Well, also in the article, some of the team did the Calgary 1988, Sydney 2000 and the Torino 2006 ceremonies, too. If this has already been mentioned, then I am sorry about that. My computer decided to crash a couple of days ago and I have only been able to return here just now, as of this post.
  4. It is now over and the Olympic torch relay has now been changed. Chinese Taipei (the island of Taiwan) is officially OUT of the international Olympic torch relay. Most of us kind of figured out what has mainly caused this turn of events. Link: CBC: Taiwan Won't See Beijing Olympic Torch The Beijing organizing committee said Taiwan was to blame for the impasse that will prevent the 2008 Olympic torch from coming to the island. (Teh Eng Koon/AFP/Getty Images) That, on top of the news lately that the island tried unsuccessfully to become a UN member again. This is the BBC interpretation of this news. Link: BBC: Olympic Torch Will Bypass Taiwan China and Taiwan have been wrangling over the issue for months UPDATED MAP of this part of the international Olympic Torch Relay
  5. Not that the first Youth Olympic Games has that many cities wanting to win it for 2010, but I think Belgrade made the right choice. Remember, it is preparing to host the 2009 Summer Universiade. Once it finishes doing that, then it can concentrate on a 2014 bid.
  6. The nations that have qualified for the basketball tournament for Beijing 2008 so far. - China (as host nation) - Russia - Lithuania - Spain - Angola - USA - Argentina (defending Olympic champion from 2004) - Iran - Australia THREE more places will be determined between these 12 nations in July 2008. - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Puerto Rico - Brazil - Canada - Lebanon - South Korea - Greece - Germany - Croatia - Slovenia - New Zealand Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: Nine Teams Qualified For Men's Basketball Tournament
  7. Today is the 19th anniversary of Korea's first and only Olympic Games in 1988 at Seoul. With so many news recently about the country trying to get its first Winter Olympics, will they bid again for 2018? Time will only tell, especially when that GamesBids article came out about what may have occurred with its 2010 and 2014 bids over there. Link: IOC's Seoul 1988 Page The Olympic Emblem The Olympic Poster The Olympic Torch
  8. More news recently about the latest visit by Rene Fasel and the IOC Coordination Commission to Vancouver. Link: IOC-> Vancouver 2010: Sport Under The Spotlight Vancouver 2010: sport under the spotlight. Coordination Commission Chairman René Fasel. Gilbert Felli, René Fasel and John Furlong at the closing press conference. René Fasel joined by (l-r) VCEC CEO David Podmore, Olympic Minister Colin Hansen, BC Premier Gordon Campbell and VANOC CEO John Furlong. Gilbert Felli, René Fasel and Gunilla Lindberg during the Coordination Commission meeting. Construction of the Vancouver Conference and Exhibition Centre expansion project - Future site of the Vancouver 2010 International Media Centre Réunion de la commission de coordination des Jeux à Vancouver avec le COVAN.
  9. With that topic making its rounds at the Beijing 2008 subject, it will be tough to beat the cauldron lighting at the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony by Cathy Freeman.
  10. Well, to our fellow Australians in this GamesBids forums, today is the 7th anniversary of Australia's second hosting of the Olympic Games in its history. We all know how well Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympic Games: the Games of the New Millennium and of the 27th Olympiad. Never mind how well the home Australian team performed back then. It could be a matter of time, before some of us gets to see a possible return of the Olympic Games to Australian soil again. Link: IOC's Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Page The Emblem The Official Olympic Poster The Olympic Torch
  11. I know it will not be done, but how about a dragon dance type of lighting the Olympic flame? You see, in the dragon dance itself, the dragon is carried by many people from head to tail. But, within that dance, it (the dragon) follows some "ball" that is carried by one person at the front. It signifies the pearl. The second-last torchbearer lights that ball and the true and final torchbearer will take it. On top of that, it will attract that dragon and follow him/her to the very place, where the Olympic cauldron will be lit. The final act, of course, is the actual lighting. For those who do not know about what the dragon dance is like, then click on the link below. Link: A Small Sample Quicktime Clip of a Basic Dragon Dance
  12. Edmonton already hosted the 2007 men's world curling championships.
  13. What a big whoop that whole ice hockey tournament was. No wonder it wasn't covered much. If you guys didn't know what it was, then you are not alone. Yesterday, Vancouver was the last of eight stops of this so-called "Super Series." It was remotely supposed to "re-enact" the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and Russia. Instead, Team Canada creamed the Russian team almost completely by winning all four games in Russia, a win in Winnipeg and in Saskatoon with one tie in Red Deer, before this final one in Vancouver. Link: CBC: Canada Hammers Russia In Super Series Finale Canada's Luke Schenn, left, trips up Russian Maxin Mayorov during the first period of the final Super Series game Sunday night in Vancouver. (Richard Lam/Canadian Press) Oh, well. At least, it could somewhat be called another "preparatory event" for the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, if that was the case here.
  14. Uh, guys, I think I am really confused now. If anyone can really confirm this, then please talk to me here. When I went scouring for fun at Wikipedia, I decided to look at the subject of "1988" for my personal reference. What astonished me there was an entry about Calgary's "other Games." I had no idea that my city hosted these Games. It was called "the JUNIOR OLYMPICS!" It is only a Wikipedia entry stub, but it raises questions about what it was all about. More so, was this set of these so-called Games was the predecessor to what is considered now the various Youth Olympic Festivals around the world and the upcoming debut of the Youth Olympic Games? This is the Wikipedia entry I found. 1988 Junior Olympics From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 1988 Junior Olympics took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Children from around the world competed in junior versions of Summer Olympics events. Auditions were being held in most elementary schools and junior high schools across the world. Over 125 countries competed including Canada, the United States of America, Italy, Romania, France, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The minimum age for competition at that time was 12 years of age. These events were eventually succeeded by the 1992 Junior Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, and were preceded by the 1984 Junior Olympics. Like the regular Olympics, medals of gold, silver, and bronze were awarded to the three best athletes of a particular event. The most notable events were basketball and football. Many athletes from these games went on to play in the 2000 Summer Olympics, the 2004 Summer Olympics, and the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics. Believe it or not, this article was last modified on July 31, 2007! I have no idea which was the host city of the 1984 Junior Olympics and whether it continued on until the formation of the various YOFs, which led to Jacques Rogge's pet project of the Youth Olympic Games!
  15. I see. Can you remind on what is the venue for the mentioned FINA World Championships is going to be held?
  16. Do you mean the same aquatic center that will be used for the 2009 FINA World Championships?
  17. You are not the only one that is thinking this, too, cfm Jeremie. I am getting the ugly feeling that these two YOG events are just going to go the same way as its "senior counterparts." If the applicant list for 2010 is any indication, then it has already started going down that road. And, if the shortlisted CANDIDATE list results in what a couple of us here are predicted to be, then this idea of getting other cities in the world to put out a bid for them will backfire. Unless there is a specific rule from the IOC about which cities "are allowed" to bid for the YOG, then I think there will be no way that the "smaller cities of the world" even has a chance to get the YOG as well, just like the two regular Olympic Games.
  18. Well, isn't that something? Anyway, the international part of this torch relay is only going to places that will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games that we know of at this point. So, London is going to have another torch relay come to it again. Link: The Planned International Route of the 2008 Paralympic Torch Relay (Animated Page) 1. From Beijing, it will go to Vancouver; 2. Vancouver to London; 3. London to Sochi; 4. Sochi to Hong Kong and the rest of China. Jia Qinglin (L) and Philip Craven ® launch the planned torch relay route.
  19. I guess this news got lost in the scrutiny of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It will be interesting on how the host Chinese team will do next year at the Paralympic Games, which start on September 6th, 2008. Link: BBC: China's Paralympic Challenge Games organisers put on a big show at last year's mascot unveiling Games organisers unveiled the mascot Fu Niu Lele last year. This is the PARALYMPIC mascot. IPC president Sir Phil Craven believes China will host a memorable Games. And, yes, he is an IOC member, too. Work on the main stadium in Beijing is continuing
  20. Oh, wow. Didn't know that Canada is one of the top nations in the Summer Paralympic Games. In Sydney 2000, it was ranked 4th; in Athens 2004, it was ranked THIRD. In fact, within that latter statement, it was better than the Americans. Of course, this sort of medal tally goes in rank by just gold medals won. Anyway, the BOA is predicting that the British Paralympians are "not going to do as well" as previous Games, whatever that means. Main Link: BBC: GB 'May Drop In Paralympic Ranks' Sub-link 1: Official Medal Tally Of Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Sub-link 2: Official Medal Tally Of Athens 2004 Paralympic Games
  21. I can see California needing at least one such line, as America's most populous state. Makes me wonder, if other areas of America could have get something like this in the future.
  22. The day after Rememberance Day, huh? Well, this should get interesting.
  23. The Eurostar journey from Paris to St Pancras in 2:03:39. Link: BBC: Eurostar Sets Paris-London Record Eurostar began carrying passengers in 1994 Quote: "Eurostar has set a speed record on its inaugural journey from Paris to London via a new high-speed line." Trains will run from the new St Pancras from November Quote: "St Pancras station will eventually be linked to the site of the 2012 Olympics at Stratford, east London."
  24. Speaking of TV and other equipment for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, Panasonic has renewed its agreement with the IOC to be a TOP sponsor of the Olympic Movement. It has been one, since the idea was first proposed to make the Olympic Games marketable in the mid-1980s, with Calgary 1988 as its first and the whole IOC TOP's debut in the international Olympic scene. The contract lasts until the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games. Of course, the Osaka-based company is one of seven world-wide Olympic sponsors for Vancouver 2010 so far. Link 1: IOC News: IOC Partners With PANASONIC Through To 2016 Link 2: IOC Press Release: IOC And PANASONIC Extend Partnership To 2016
  25. Hmm.. Is it just me or is it the idea of "cities getting recycled" here is in trend right now? Let's review: - Algiers just hosted the 2007 All-Africa Games; - Do not need to mention anymore about Athens here; - Bangkok just hosted the 2007 Summer Universiade; - Belgrade just hosted the 2007 European Youth Olympic Festival and will host the 2009 Summer Universiade; - We all know about the last IOC Session this year there; - Kuala Lumpur hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games, but I think it has a shot; - Do not need to mention anymore about Moscow here; - Poznan has been unlucky in trying to get a Summer Universiade so far, as far as I know that it has tried a couple of times; - Singapore hosted the 2005 IOC Session, but I think it will an interesting bid here as well; - Turin has hosted both Summer AND Winter Universiades, two World's Fairs and the 2006 Winter Olympics. All of them hosted within approximately a 50 years time span. The only one city I have absolutely no clue what its capabilities are is the Hungarian one. If the IOC ideal for the Youth Olympic Games is to get "other international cities" to make a jump and bid for something like this, then it is not working. It looks like that most of the cities that have already got things in place that most of us already know are essentially the ones wanting these Games. Well, that Guatemalan one may be problematic, but it is mainly of ignorance that I really do not know what its capabilities are. Remind me here: will there be some sort of shortlist before the decision is made or is it pretty much "all out" for the votes now?
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