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  1. It is going to be in English and French officially. As for the other languages, I am sure that Chinese and Punjabi could be used as well. As for the opening ceremony, that will be interesting and be left to the topic labeled.
  2. With that chaos going on at next-door Pakistan right now, the thought of having the 2010 Commonwealth Games moved or canceled seems to have increased a bit. The closest I have known about hosting a Games so close to a "potential war zone" was Seoul 1988 because of where the capital city of South Korea was and still is.
  3. I have the feeling that the IOC wanted idealistically to have "non-Olympic" nations to bid for these Games, when they created it at the Guatemala City IOC Session. Besides, I still have an opinion as such right now. If the IOC chooses the first YOG for 2010 to places like Debrecen or Singapore, then there could be some hope that it won't go to the way its senior counterpart has already gone.
  4. I think the Vancouver conference will be the first major one for the new convention center. That is, if the project is done on time. Spring, officially is like from March to June. So, I think it is possible.
  5. I hope that the Convention Centre will be done before the IOC comes for a different reason. This time, it is the World Conference on Sport and the Environment for 2009. I do not know when the IOC and/or the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) chose Vancouver to host their next conference, but it is now confirmed, by this IOC article. Link: IOC: Success Stories, Partnerships and Future Action Quote from the article: "And in spring 2009, at the next World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Vancouver, it will be time to review what has "grown green" since the Beijing conference."
  6. No wonder, considering that the computer system was trying to process 8 million requests ALL AT ONCE!
  7. That is a good statement there. I haven't got to read those posts about the RAV line properly and lately, but which stations on the RAV are going to have side ones and which stations will have island ones?
  8. The platforms are only going to be about 40m to 50m long? I agree that decision could give the RAV line crowd and capacity issues. How wide are the stations anyway?
  9. So, that is what is going on there in Toronto, when it comes to trying to connect its mass transit to Pearson. I have always thought that it was already done in some capacity, considering that Pearson is Canada's busiest airport. Not to go off-topic here, but there is quite a plan to have Alberta have both Calgary and Edmonton International airports be connected by the "proposed" high-speed train link, with a station for each location. That very big project, however, is still in the air.
  10. Thanks for the information about how the YVR is going to be connected with the RAV line, mr.x. I was wondering how it will look like when the project is completed. That Canada Line will be really busy and most-used SkyTrain Line. By the way, I think Vancouver will be the only Canadian city to have its transit train line directed to its international airport so far. But, I say that because I am not sure about Toronto here.
  11. Well, never mind what the "real ground rules" are for bidding for the YOGs. If the IOC has any backbone in enforcing their own rules, then a clampdown would probably be needed here.
  12. I cannot believe it is already just 10 months away from today.
  13. I thought Alexjc was mentioning about WHO can be premium members in the end in his post. I remembered how some of us reacted, when one of non-PM members wanted to become one and GBMod rejected his request.
  14. I believe GBModerator has the final say in the matter, right?
  15. That's the name I was looking for. Thanks for the answer, SkiFreak.
  16. By the way, isn't BC going to build a brand new ski resort somewhere, but it is being met by opposition at this time?
  17. Well, I am sure that Vancouver's 2010 ceremonies will be better than the other Canadian ones because of all the experiences Canada has in producing them for Games of the past. We kind of figured out what may be in it, but I would love to have some surprises in them.
  18. During last weekend, the rate was actually $1 US = 99.12 cents Canadian. I had a major deal in one of my eBay purchases from America.
  19. Really? I didn't know that any topic creator can do that.
  20. There is one major problem with that: the credit crunch in the US. Some economists there in America have started to say that property values may go down overall in 2008. Also, the "R" word is now in the cards. Never mind that, according to some world ones, demand for energy will still be sustainable or even go up over supply for about 5 more years. Guess which countries in the world has energy sources, like crude and natural gas, have "ample supply" to give to a "thirsty world?"
  21. You should have seen how some "international news shows" have tried to put Canada in a negative light and there is no exaggeration, if they are insisting on putting it on air for "their viewers to see and hear." If you don't believe me, then that is fine. However, being part of the group of "Western nations", Canada will get its share of flak, whether we deserved it or not. More or less, it is more exaggeration to me than not, but it is unfortunate that some people will believe anything like that, even with its neighbors and allies.
  22. Looks like this could be a trend of sorts. I mean that this could be a collaboration between entities in this case.
  23. Kendegra, I thought I heard something like that on my local "conservative" radio talk show. Isn't that just great. Looks like Canada's image is been kicked around lately and not only with this issue.
  24. Well, it looks like Germany will be "Europe's most advanced nation", when it comes to this topic. Munich will build Europe's first mag-lev train between its city center and the international airport first. The only other city in the world that has this kind of service is Shanghai, which Germany did have a hand in helping that city out. And, to think, Japan will NOT have such a service there until around 2025 at the earliest. Link: BBC: Germany To Build Maglev Railway Shanghai's maglev train started commercial service in 2003 Munich is following in Shanghai's footsteps Opposite poles on magnets keep train above track Train is propelled by electro-magnetic system in the sides of the "guideway" instead of onboard engine Top speed (with passengers) - 450km/h (280mph) Developed by Transrapid Int in Germany Operating commercially in Shanghai Test facility in Emsland, northern Germany, is longest of its kind at 31.5km (19.5 miles) Source: Transrapid International Note: Will this make a possible Munich bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics "really tough to beat?"
  25. Well, in Canada, there is a contest for those wanting to carry the Olympic torch for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Here is the link to it. Link: Champions Of The Flame Page By Samsung
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