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  1. Hmm. I thought it would be the ones the Bay has on sale already. The kind of scarf I saw there was like the ones the Canadian team wore at the Torino 2006 closing ceremony, but here it is blue instead of the red ones.
  2. Wasn't one of the Winter Olympics medal designs had crystal in them? Just curious. However, just imagine if diamond from the NWT mines was used as one of the materials for the Vancouver 2010 medals. NWT seems to have one of the best quality of such gems in the world underneath its permafrost soil.
  3. Like mr.x said, just continue on. Besides, I haven't been in these forums for a bit because of the Christmas rush. If I read my news right, Canada could win as many as 200 medals in various major winter sport events (World Cup, World Championships, etc.) this year. Right now, Canada is set to have its best season for its winter athletes ever. Too bad that Vancouver 2010 is still over 2 years away.
  4. Nathalie Lambert will be Canada's chef de mission for the Vancouver 2010 Games. Link: CBC: COC Names Chef de Mission For 2010 Games
  5. I should go to Canada Olympic Park to see the numbers mentioned here. They have a big billboard out that keeps track of that.
  6. IOC article about the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games schedule: Link: IOC-> 1st Winter YOG In 2012: Bidding Instructions!
  7. So, the IOC wants to cut the number of finalist cities down further, huh? Well, I am still torn between Athens and Singapore to get the first YOG, but I bet these 2 cities will be in the ballot for sure.
  8. I hope so. Never mind that HK is one city the world associates still more than Beijing. It could be like the Olympic version of the World Equestrian Games there.
  9. With the equestrian events being held in Hong Kong, I wonder how popular that would be in the BEIJING Olympic Games.
  10. Well, now that the Torino 2006 closing ceremony presentation, the official logo and mascots are unveiled, there is only one big one left to show the world: the Olympic torch. Given that the reviews of each case hasn't been stellar to some Canadians, how would you like to have the Olympic torch be designed?
  11. First, it was the way the Vancouver 2010 presentation went at the Torino 2006 closing ceremony. Then, I read those comments at the CBC web site and I was aghast by the way some people portrayed them. Could the same thing happen again, when VANOC reveals the Olympic torch for the Games?
  12. No kidding here. Even though I do not mind some of its news coverage, what they had to say about the unveiling of the 2010 mascots went far "to the dark side." When it started that clip, the commentator commented that the RCMP could be mistaken for the mascots, with all that hardware they were carrying for the event. Evidently, there were TWO versions of commentary of the same clip and, given what happened at the Vancouver International Airport recently, that comment about the RCMP turned me off.
  13. Bid presentations via video conference. Link: YOG 2010: Bid City Presentations Via Video Conference Important paragraph from article: "The IOC Evaluation Commission is innovating in the way it is evaluating the cities. It will not travel to the five cities, but will offer each one of them the opportunity to formally present its bid by way of a video conference call. The following principles will apply for this call: video conference calls shall last a maximum of one hour; the six members of the IOC Evaluation Commission shall meet in Lausanne for the video conference; the choice of who to include on the city’s panel is up to the bid committee/NOC but could include IOC members from the country, representatives of the bid committee/NOC, public authorities, government or experts, for example; and the video conference call shall be structured in two parts: a 15-20 minute verbal presentation by the city to present its bid, followed by questions and answers." Could this idea be used for future Olympic Games bid presentations?
  14. Frankly, I don't think she really cared about that. Whether it was intended or not, she was not mentioned anywhere in the Canadian media about it, save that Calgary Herald article. Besides, she has those endorsements already.
  15. Well, if that would have been implemented for Torino 2006, just imagine what Cindy Klassen would have collected for her 5 Olympic medals. She would have collected $70,000 CDN, with this scheme. Link: Calgary Herald: Canadian Athletes To Get Cash For Olympic Success
  16. I am also surprised that Bangkok got shortlisted here, too. Even though it hosted the 2007 Summer Universiade, despite Thailand being under military rule, I would be hard-pressed to see it win against the likes of the others.
  17. Went to a specialized electronics store near my home and the Beijing 2008 video game for Wii has already come out. Believe it or not, it is a Mario versus Sonic one.
  18. Yeah. I would have trouble seeing a cross-country high-speed train service for America. For Texas, I can see that happening. Also, it would be interesting and costly, if there was the idea to connect the current Boston-Washington DC line south toward Florida in the future.
  19. Well, there was quite an array of comments sent to the CBC after this incident. However, let's not blow this out of proportion. Of course, there will have to be changes made about the conduct of RCMP officers and how the airport itself functions to accommodate the very-new-arrived traveler from anywhere from around the world.
  20. Vancouver has another test event, in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, compliments of the ISU. The city was awarded the 2009 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. For those not familiar with this event, it is like the European Figure Skating Championships, but for the rest of the world. It is pretty much held all the time about a month before the World Championships itself. In this case, it will be held before the world one in Los Angeles.
  21. Agreed. However, I do not mind Greece in this matter because it is the nation that gave the world the Olympic Games in the first place. As for the others, they give me pause in what the ulterior motives are for them to wanting the Youth Olympic Games, if they have already hosted either one or both versions of its senior counterparts. Like, how many nations in the world REALLY can handle the overall logistics of hosting the REGULAR Olympic Games now? It seems to me that it is "not many." Even those nations that claim that they can host one, maybe hosting a Youth Olympic Games could dispel that myth to the IOC that a regular one for that particular nation is possible. Sort of like the way the IOC chooses which sports and events can or cannot be in the Olympic program because of the limit the IOC imposed upon itself to do so.
  22. Less than nine months (九月) away now.
  23. Could a national institution come to Vancouver? It seems that the original Ottawa venue to house the Portrait Gallery of Canada was not good enough and was scrapped. Therefore, the federal government will choose the city to have it in 2011 or 2012, INCLUDING another possible Ottawa location. Besides Ottawa, the federal government has chose these other cities to put forward their best site: - Halifax; - Quebec City; - Montreal; - Toronto; - Winnipeg; - Edmonton; - Calgary; and, - Vancouver. Link: CBC: Portrait Gallery Looks Nationwide For New Home There was talk of putting it in Calgary, when the decision to build EnCana's new tower, called the Bow, was a go. However, that rumor was not true. Besides, now that the news came out about it, I am seriously in doubt that Calgary would be chosen again and I live in the city. In fact, I do not even recall any national institution ever been based in Calgary or Edmonton, after the fiasco called the NEP rained down upon Albertans in 1980 and ended in around 1984. I think the National Energy Board is based in the city, but I am not sure.
  24. Well, talk about the Canadian dollar having mood swings. At one point, it was at US$1.10! From where I live, there were line-ups at some currency exchange areas to buy American greenbacks. So much so that some of them ran out of the cash. As of right now, it is staying at around US$1.06. However, how about the Australian dollar? It seems that it could head toward parity with the American greenback, too. It is around US$0.91 right now.
  25. Baron, do you think both the Boston-Washington corridor and the possible Californian one be the only places to have high-speed trains in America or could there be other possible locales, like Florida?
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