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  1. So much for the famous statement of all time. If you do not know what I mean, then I am in no liberty to post it here because it has been said over and over through the years.
  2. Okay. I thought I was hearing things about "shooting protesters" in the news yesterday. Guess that article showed me that I wasn't hearing things. The bigger question and test is for the next stop of this relay: Canberra. Didn't some news show mentioned that the "Chinese guys in blue" will be arrested and charged with assault, if the protesters in Canberra get manhandled in some way by them and full view of the world's media?
  3. I had thought that one of the possible London 2012 Olympic international torch relay scenarios would somehow repeat the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton relay. Anyway, like I said, after the Athens 2004 one, I thought it just doesn't make real sense to do it nowadays. Some could say that some forms of it could be mistakenly interpreted as "national chauvinism." I remember that there was one planned for Barcelona 1992, but that didn't pan out.
  4. There was already a Doctor Who episode that had London 2012 involved in some form. If I saw a picture from the episode correctly, the good Doctor time traveler even got to hold the Olympic torch.
  5. Well, one particular First Nations band did destroy part of the Calgary Olympic Arts Festival because they used the Games to protest against their living standards then. However, since then, that group's living standards has gone down even further over time.
  6. Good question, about how extent does the Aurora Borealis stretches from the North Pole. I haven't lived in Vancouver for a long while, but it doesn't mean that the natural phenomenon cannot be seen from there. From time to time, in the early morning hours in Calgary, I do see it. Sometimes, I need to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't seeing things. Barrack, I had that idea about China's international route should had followed the old Silk Road, too. However, from what I have seen so far, some could get assumptions that it is nothing more than showing the world what China could end up doing, once it becomes a superpower. In turn, some think that the Cold War didn't really go into history, but it is more than alive right now. From the shady parts of the Internet, you do not want to know what kinds of ideas that some people are typing to be true in their conspiracy theory world.
  7. Makes one wonder how the news agencies are going to report about Delhi's turn in hosting the Olympic torch relay today (tomorrow where I am now). Besides, I agree with Durban Sandshark that the YOG and the senior counterpart are apples and oranges here. Seriously, if Moscow had won over Singapore for those Games, then the farce about wanting to spread the Olympic message to "all corners of the world" would have been complete to me.
  8. I think this winter season was the best for Canadian winter athletes ever. Too bad that it is still less than 2 years away from Vancouver 2010. Well, next winter season is going to be interesting because Vancouver and Whistler will be hosting a few international test events on their Olympic winter venues.
  9. Unfortunately, Kendegra, your opinion is going into one ear and out the other ear, as the saying goes. The IOC is not going to really listen to the idea of making new and future Olympic cities "cut back" on the spending on grandiose projects, in order "to bankrupt the nation." I have to admit that was one of the reasons why Calgary got Canada's first Winter Olympics in the first place. Cortina and Falun had pretty much got venues in place while Calgary had none. The same could be said for Atlanta's win over Toronto. If you saw my YouTube clip about Young's interview about why Atlanta won, even he said that Toronto's 1996 bid was superior because "most of the venues were already in place." In other words, in a twist to one of Bush's State of the Union addresses, the IOC "has become addicted to grandiose mega projects with outlandish prices." On top of that, while Rogge was stating that he would rather stay in the Olympic Village, other IOC members are contented to wanting to stay in "5-star hotels." Hey, in the world of environment activism nowadays, your general idea about venues is ideal. I do not like the idea of Olympic venues turning into white elephants in the end, like the way politics ends mucking up the ideals of the Olympic Movement, too. Unfortunately, when you got countries, like China, with so money in their national bank accounts that they can "buy other countries", they feel that they can do anything as they please. "Other opinions and dissent be damned to h ell" and "Don't interfere into our internal affairs," they would say. No wonder the world is now more dangerous than ever before. Getting back to topic here, is it just me or is there some national and international news obsession about "the Chinese guys in blue" that is accompanying the Olympic torch lately? I believe some of you guys think they have a secret agenda or a couple of ulterior motives, right? I am just keeping an open mind about it, that's all.
  10. I had never thought that VANOC would want to do it anyway. Besides, after the Athens 2004 one, I thought having one for Beijing 2008 was not a good idea to begin with. It just didn't make sense overall.
  11. CNN was reported to have said that it could be the very last one ever, domestic or international.
  12. Could this torch relay be the very last one ever?
  13. I am watching the San Fran portion of the Beijing 2008 torch relay. CNN has officially reporting that Beijing 2008 could be the LAST OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY EVER, if this current one gets uglier. Does that mean that Vancouver will not have one for 2010, if the IOC Executive Board chooses to discontinue it on its Friday's announcement from Beijing?
  14. Now that the international portion of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch relay has begun, I have to admit that the Chinese did the right thing and not include Canada in its relay. That way, the headaches were prevented from the beginning. First, we have one coming up anyway. Second, the torch would have been attacked, just what I have seen at London today. Especially that, with the current Harper Conservative minority government, it made its notions clear last year with China. I do not about you guys, but I think the London part was the "most violent" protest so far in the international torch route. It makes one wonder how San Fran is going to fare, when it comes to American shores.
  15. Well, the Canadian women's curling team won the gold medal at Vernon. Could the men do the same thing in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA?
  16. Finally finished uploading the opening ceremony here. I will see to it about the closing ceremony.
  17. Everything getting twisted for every end there is. I guess there will be "baptism by fire" in my lifetime for sure. So, where did that "anti Olympic Games" torch go?
  18. That was what I thought, savas. I think they went too far, with that "lighting." You saw the shape of their "torch", right?
  19. :rolleyes: Here we go again. Now that Canada has recognized Kosovo independence, there are rumors in the grapevine that Quebec will want to be their own country by 2009.
  20. Guys, did you see that "anti-Olympic Games torch" that those Tibetans lit at Olympia on your local and/or national news broadcasts? No wonder the Greek officials there looked very nervous, if that "flame" were to leave the area. You can tell that they were really pissed off, when news came out that they would do it. And, on top of that, at less than a week before the Olympic Flame ceremony is going to take place there with the priestesses.
  21. Say, I bet some of you over there at Whistler was glad to see a set of World Cup events in alpine skiing come back there again.
  22. Well, Calgary had the other unofficial ones at all locales that had to do with the Winter Olympics, from the Calgary Tower to the Canmore Nordic Centre.
  23. It is so obvious that these "guys" have way too much time on their hands!
  24. That announcement could be the watershed moment of where potentially this new Olympic idea will go in the near future.
  25. Geez. I guess they don't realize what a bunch of (bleep) they are showing to the rest of us. Why do I get the uneasy feeling that this organization is getting these people to do these acts behind the scenes?
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