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  1. I doubt it, baron. Besides, in a way your post has stated there, there will be some sort of a "Calgary to Vancouver" segment for the torch relay. However, I am very sure that the torch relay will start at the 3 territories area (Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory). Most likely, if it is allowed, at the true North Pole and then come on down south from there.
  2. About 12,000 spots, huh? I wonder how many of them will go to VIPs, like past Olympians as an example?
  3. I would love to see which of the towns that will have some sort of formal ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 torch. Mr.x, I am unsure about how this upcoming Olympic torch relay will enter BC. Will it enter from Alberta or from the Yukon?
  4. Well, I bet most of the casualties from this latest earthquake are most likely from the Han Chinese. Amongst all those ethnic groups living in China, including the Tibetans, a very large majority here are those of the Han.
  5. I hope all those zoologists and anyone else at that Giant Panda reserve are all right. It must be hard to not know what is going on there, especially with the possible plight of those iconic animals. Anyway, condolences for the survivors in Sichuan province.
  6. Isn't Sichuan (四川省) province home of the world's only true Giant Panda sanctuary? If so, then I hope the earthquake didn't make things worse for its survival, even though the area has recorded the most births of Giant Pandas ever.
  7. Well, I have to give Translink here credit for making the idea of having the Vancouver International Airport be connected to downtown Vancouver by SkyTrain a bold one. I do not think Toronto or Montreal have such transport service with their subway systems to their international airports. Yet, those two Canadian cities are bigger and "more well-known internationally" than Vancouver, according to that controversial university study about what is deemed a global city.
  8. Frankly, who cares about what China, Russia or other nations will end up turning into. Just make sure that these nations do not go arrogant and think that they can impose their views on others that disagree with it. However, that is easy to say that than actually putting it into practice, right? Just remember one thing that BOCOG has already said over and over again: the Olympic Games is "just another international sporting event." I tend to agree with that, but it is a lot difficult to show that, right?
  9. That article, Maryjane, reminded like the comment I posted earlier in another topic. It is almost like some of the Chinese people are already thinking that the "colonialists" may try to return to China to "take back their Chinese lands" from those earlier times. As an example, some are already saying (underground of course) that the British were not true to their word and could try to subvert the Hong Kong people to accept the return of becoming a British colony again, as an example, with the old flag. Talk about paranoia out of control in some ways. And, it is not just China here. Some say that these fears "has spread" to other countries in the region, like Myanmar. Hence, the government's "hostile reaction" to having aid given out by "foreign infidels." Now, in a different matter, it seems that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games may be giving rise to something even more sinister that has nothing to do with the Chinese whatsoever: the heating up of the Cold War. For example, the Russian armed forces are showing off their new armaments to tell the world that "we will become a superpower again." Kind of a bit of bad timing, when Sochi is preparing to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Maybe CAF can tell me what is going on over there, but someone trying to exaggerate big time that the German Democratic Republic (GDR) could be returning again (flag, East Berlin as capital and so on)?? :o Like, give me a break here. You got to love the Internet for allowing such drivel to come out for all of us to see. China is about to host the Olympic Games and, all of the sudden, the negative news about it (directly and indirectly) just comes out like a flood from Noah's time. This torch relay has already given indication of that. Next thing you know, some group of very ignorant idiots are going to start reporting that the number of Olympic gold medals won by certain countries determines which countries "are a master race or civilization." I have indirectly heard that already, no thanks to someone from my part of the world that have officially said that "Beijing 2008 could be compared to Berlin 1936." I had to get that out of my chest. :angry: Really sad and tragic here!
  10. So, this is where the overall topic went to. All right. Love those new trains.
  11. And, then, there is the current situation in Myanmar.
  12. Didn't see this topic properly. Well, like the Shenzhen one, a bit of a preview for what will come Guangzhou's way in 2 years time: the 2010 Asian Games.
  13. Well, the women's field hockey groupings are complete and here they are to go for Olympic glory in this team event: GROUP A: Netherlands, Australia, China, Spain, Korea, and South Africa. GROUP B: Argentina, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the USA. Link: IOC -> Qualified for Beijing: Women’s Hockey Tournament
  14. It has been a long while, since this topic had any updates about this project. How is it going so far? Why I brought this topic back to the forefront because the Calgary aldermen and the city's transportation planning committee may be coming around and put one of Calgary's LRT lines underground in the downtown core. That undertaking could cost as much as the entire budget for the new West LRT line the city just approved for construction last month. In fact, there is a short tunnel suited for the LRT already done, as a test marker for future development of the idea.
  15. I keep forgetting to put this post up, but I still cannot believe that the town of Canmore and the Alberta government is going to go ahead with the plan: to "double the size" of the existing town. Literally, the province will re-create "a Swiss-like village" in the northern part of the town, which could have potentially at least one completely new ski resort to go along with the project.
  16. Well, a bit of a preview of what Shenzhen is going to host later on: the 2011 Summer Universiade. It is considered "the Olympic Games for university students." By the way, thank you for answering my question there, Maryjane.
  17. Thanks, jiejie. When I heard this drivel coming out from my local news networks, they make it sound like a "very big deal." Again, you got to love the various exaggerations they and it wants to portray here just for ratings. Exaggerations that "cars are evil" to "eating meat is evil." PETA will love that other comment for sure, as they keep saying that humans should not eat meat whatsoever, in order to protect the world's environment "from those like the evil Americans." More so, the thought of "squishing 3 families of 4 into 'a single 3-bedroom apartment'" to save the environment just shook my rocker. I wouldn't be surprised, if some of those extremists would think famines, like the one that struck Ethiopia in 1984, would be good for the planet, too. Can't wait for "1984" to arrive in my lifetime. :rolleyes:
  18. 3 months to go! And, on top of that, China got a surprise, courtesy of the National Geographic. I have to still find the article to claim what my local news networks had broadcast just now. Out of the 14 countries it surveyed, despite the obvious environmental scenes we see on TV lately, NG placed China AT THE TOP of "good environmentalism" in the world. This is no joke: China are better keepers of the environment than a country, like Canada, "by a long shot."
  19. By the way, is it true that "most" of the Everest expedition with the torch here was ethnic Tibetans?
  20. It is noted. Besides, when I typed that post, it is going to be assumed that state TV in China would consider such statement to its audience as true. Now that the Olympic torch is on home soil, the people carrying it will be considered "heroes of the Motherland." Let Mao be praised for giving us a powerful nation.
  21. Now, with exactly 100 days before the start of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic torch relay has arrived back on Chinese soil. As some would say now, "Let the most powerful and successful Olympic torch relay begin."
  22. NHK has the Japanese rights for broadcasting Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. Link: IOC: IOC Awards 2010 & 2012 Broadcast Rights In Japan
  23. Update today from the IOC for the basketball tourney so far. For the women here, these teams have been grouped already: Group A: Australia, Korea, and Russia Group B: China, Mali, New Zealand and the USA Group A still has 3 more spots to fill; Group B still has 2 more spots to fill. The June 9-15 event at Madrid, Spain, will determine all those spots. As a review, these teams still can qualify here for Beijing 2008: - Senegal - Angola - Cuba - Brazil - Argentina - Japan - Chinese Taipei - Spain - Belarus - Latvia - Czech Republic - Fiji For the men, these teams have already qualified: Angola, Argentina, Australia, China, Iran, Lithuania, Russia, Spain and the USA. There are still 3 more spots to fill. The July 14-20 event at Athens, Greece, will determine all those spots. As a review, these teams can still qualify here for Beijing 2008: - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Puerto Rico - Brazil - Canada - Lebanon - Korea - Greece - Germany - Croatia - Slovenia - New Zealand
  24. Well, to some Chinese, they think this "farce" on the Olympic torch relay is really trying to break China and Chinese people around the world apart, so that Europe and the Americans would make themselves look powerful. Even more so, some are rumoring that they may try to make China go backward to the concessions era of the 19th century and force Chinese people to go into slavery and servitude to their "white man masters" again. Oh, yes. There seems to be that kind of paranoia in certain parts of the country. They range from Great Britain wanting Hong Kong back to the former colonizers wanting "their Chinese land back" along the coast.
  25. Well, remember the Lubicon? Seriously, I don't think they would recognize Canada and its laws anyway. According to them, the "white man" never got their permission to cross, use, trespass, annex other words to their land to "occupiers" since eternity.
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