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  1. Just remembered a piece of news, regarding and off-topic remark by a certain ophthalmologist from UBC from either CBC or CTV, during London 2012. VANOC and the COC sure knows him well because he was "public enemy #1." Yep, still calls Vancouver 2010 "the biggest mistake Canada has taken so far." 2 years after it is all over and he is still shooting his mouth about he is "anti-Olympic" and so forth.

    Anyway, rumors has it that he may join forces with BnC, and other like groups, to protest at Toronto 2015 Pan American Games and the 2015 Women's World Cup venues. Just rumors, nothing more. Like, doesn't he have thesis papers and course teachings in UBC's faculty of medicine's ophthalmology department to worry about MORE than protesting at these events? I wonder how the UBC views this guy now.

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  2. Well, that idea could be in jeopardy, if Rob Ford gets his way. I heard in the grapevine that he has opposed the city having a 30-year transit plan because it would, in his words, cost taxpayers more money. In other words, no more transit infrastructure for the next 30 years, from subways to LRT construction.

  3. and Spain accept they need help, 4th country in EU with ireland greece portugal...

    a rescue package of Euro 100 billion! :S

    much more than expected and will it be enough nobody knows for now.

    hope the country wont suffer too long

    I think this bailout is for the Spanish banks, NOT the government. However, that could change rather quickly.

  4. Just a thought. If Toronto is going to have a chance to get the Olympic Games in its future, then vote in the federal Liberals to Ottawa. If I read my information right, it seems that Canada wins bids to host the Olympic Games (winter and summer) when the Liberals are in power federally at these moments. So, with the next federal election in 2015, it would be an opportunity for the Liberals to kick the Conservatives out of power, if it can.

  5. Well, in NORTH America, there are only so many countries in it. It has the big three: Canada, USA, and Mexico. Not to state obvious facts, but these three countries have hosted an Olympic Games so far. The rest of NA consists of nations that need major help in many areas. Hosting the Olympic Games would be pretty much impossible to achieve here.

    Well, that said, it doesn't mean that these other nations haven't tried to get a bid for an Olympic Games going. Havana (Cuba) and San Juan (Puerto Rico) tried, but failed to get candidate status in each case.

    Also, the cost of hosting just one Olympic Games alone could bankrupt certain nations, if not done properly. The events between winning the bid and actually hosting it almost becomes international news, if things get sensational enough. However, on the flip side, the prestige on the city and country hosting one is huge.

  6. Yeah, but only to a point. You see, Rogge is leaving his post (which is mandatory) next year. The next IOC president may not be as diplomatic as him. However, that said, we do not know who are the candidates to replace Rogge yet.

    Of course, Canada is still the only nation that has hosted the Olympic Games and not win a single gold medal. The winter counterpart was remedied by the Canadian performance at Vancouver 2010. Some people stated that Toronto should have bid for 2020. However, that idea could have brought up that "BnC group" from the shadows again. Surprising, those activists haven't shown up, after Toronto's last pitch for 2008. They tried a subsidiary to "dismantle" Vancouver 2010, with no success. Once Toronto and the COC goes ahead with another bid again, you can bet that this group will return.

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  7. I think my head is spinning. Is it just me or there is still more "decisions" to be made on sport venue sites, never mind getting them built or upgraded? For starters, I am certainly not wanting Toronto 2015 look like a repeat of Montreal 1976! <_<

  8. Found this article yesterday. To make it short, a former Canadian IOC member (somewhat ignored as "not credible", according to the article) is warning the Ontario premier McGuinty that the cost of hosting the 2015 Pan American Games could reach $4 billion. In the past, before the bid, he wanted to bring the Games to Toronto. Now, he has officially flip-flopped and is a critic, like Chris Shaw (of Vancouver 2010).

  9. Well, there are 3 finalist cities that want the 2017 World Games, after Cali, Colombia, 2013. They are:

    a ) Budapest, Hungary;

    b ) Cape Town, South Africa; and,

    c ) Wroclaw, Poland.

    Link: World Games Official Site: 2017 World Games Candidate Cities


    Well, if anyone really cares, the decision to host these Games will occur on Thursday the 12th. After that, a "long wait" to sign the host city contract at Quebec City for the 2012 SportAccord meeting between the tentative host city committee and the IWGA.

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