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  1. I completely agree with you. The English at home will be very tough and I wouldnt be surprised if they make the final.
  2. Thanks very much for posting this. I havent seen it at all so good to look at Cheers
  3. I think a 2040 event would be excellent. I take your point about Perth, but still think there are other Australian cities that will be in the running before Perth to host the games.
  4. Perth? Are they thinking of bidding for the games? Cant see them getting it.
  5. Thats right... Never rule out France, they are unpredictable. Although I still doubt they can win three games on the trot in the knockout games. They are an outsider. Yes sevens has grown, but the 15 aside game is very different!
  6. I would agree with that assessment. Ire, Fra,.Wales and Argentina are potentially capable of an upset but not sure whether they can string several victories together to win the cup.
  7. perhaps.... But it just seems to be stuff up after stuff up... Also transparency is not really a world the Malaysian government is too fond of. I am sure New Zealand would not be that bad.
  8. Hopeless thats all I can say. This has been botched from word go and shows just how inept the Malaysians are!
  9. Yes I like the medals. They are unique and certainly very different.
  10. This is a real mystery. For the families sake I hope they find the plane so the families can have closure!
  11. Another thing I want to comment on is the Sochi 2014 Websites and App. They were poor. Difficult to navigate and often not clear or updated. For a games where so much was spent surely someone could have sorted this out. Also their marketing was poor. There was a poor selection of Olympic pins as well.
  12. Ceremonies 8/10 A glitch in the opening but I liked how they made up for that in the closing. Look 8/10 I thought it was colourful and bold. Was never a fan of the logo though. Sport 9/10 Really enjoyed the new sports that were introduced. A lot of fun with chaos as well... Gripping viewing. Venues and legacy 5/10 Some excellent venues but how sustainable are they? Not very in the long term I think. White Elephants? Repeat of Athens.... Atmosphere 5/10 Could have been better. The olympic park looked sparse from where I was. Empty seats in some venues. The speed skating atmosphere was pretty good... Helped by the Dutch and their vocal supporters. Overall 7/10 The sport was good... Thats the major reason you have the games.... Issues around curroption and the amount spent will linger. Russia got the games and have done a good job.... Better than Vancouver: No. Although New Zealand had their best results since 1992 but still no medal.
  13. Official results for the Round the Bays are out. Completed the 10km in 49 minutes and 14 seconds. Finished in 247th place. Very pleased with that!

  14. They are bankrupt! They aren't going to win the games this century!
  15. The flood gates have opened a bit in terms of the number of positive tests.
  16. 10km Round the Bays complete in about 48 minutes. A personal best and beat my goal of 50 minutes. Stoked with the time especially with the strong wind!

  17. Consumer warning: Note if you use By Arrangements Florist in New Plymouth, my advice is to not use them in the future. The owners are terrible employers and exploit their staff. If you want more information please message me and I will fill you in on the details...

  18. So it looks like Germany have that infamous title of the first positive test of the Olympics... Lets hope there aren't too many to come...
  19. Just reported that on the Day 15 thread. Wonder who it is?
  20. I agree... League really does have a very narrow reach internationally.
  21. Agree about the joint hosting. So why don't the SA Govt recognise it?
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