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  1. That would be more of a federation issue rather than Sydney 2000 organising issue?
  2. India have a lot of work to do to repair the damage that was done for the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010. It was poorly organised with corruption.
  3. If New Zealand won 18 medals including 8 Gold this would be amazing and our best result ever. The New Zealand Olympic Committee has a goal of winning 14 medals which would be the highest total ever.
  4. Very proud of the Black Caps but they were outplayed in the final. That semi final against south Africa will go down in the record books as one of the best games New Zealand has ever played. I was watching in the middle of the night in Atlanta and was very excited by that win. The world cup was just the shot in the arm that New Zealand cricket needed after a tough few years. A new generation has fallen in love with the Black Caps again.
  5. Its a shame that they have let many of their buildings fall into disrepair following the games. I was there in September last year and visited the swimming venue, valedrone and main stadium and it was really sad.
  6. They are groups of four in the IRB world series so they are just keeping it consistent I suppose, but I do agree that groups of six would be better. They are groups of four in the IRB world series so they are just keeping it consistent I suppose, but I do agree that groups of six would be better.
  7. Well said. Equestrian is wonderful to watch. Its one of my favourite sports during the Olympic Games. There is actually quite a lot of testing of horses in and out of competition.
  8. Hi yep haven't long been back from a month in Europe. I spent time visiting the Athens Olympic Park and can confirm the cauldron is still up. The park itself is pretty depressing now. Its quite sad really.
  9. Yes it has been lost forever. We will never see the Queen on our shores again.
  10. Great opportunity You should go for it!!!
  11. I am pleased the IRB is going to check that decision. It was a terrible decision actually!
  12. A better game this week from the all blacks despite the close score. I am going to the game next week in Hamilton so hopefully they step up next week. Barret should start next week ahead of Cruden.
  13. Might have to pick this up as got the last edition
  14. Interesting... Although an issue that not only South Africa is dealing with.Look at a lot of the Olympic sports structures in Athens.... Quite sad really.
  15. Thats a good idea actually. I might have to do the same
  16. Im going to be very interesting to see about the outcome of the Olympic Television channel. I am interested that the IOC president is in charge of this group. I really hope that the Olympic Channel gets off the ground.
  17. All the footage I have is in long chunks sorry... 3-4 hours at a time and is on a hard drive and would take quite a bit of time to upload. Will see how I can do it but might take some time.
  18. Just sent you a pm but your inbox is full. Can you let me know when you have cleared it so I can send you a pm. Thanks
  19. Not sure about the venue. But New Zealand did pretty well in that regatta winning multiple medals
  20. I have got quite a bit on my hard drive of the build up to 2000 and some coverage during the games. Mainly channel 7 Australia coverage.
  21. Thanks for posting this video. Love the BBC intro for 1984. A mix of old and new.
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