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  1. I agree. I think a Melbourne of Sydney bid would be better thana Brisbane bid... Would not be as costly or disruptive as current venues could be used. More likely to be supported by the public and government as well.
  2. Good on Australia at looking to bid again. The 2000 Games were excellent and to see that they are wanting to host again is excellent. Although I am not sure about Brisbane. Melbourne or Sydney might be a better bet as they have existing intrastrature.
  3. 40-44 is a close vote but Beijing was always the favourite to win. Beijing will become the first city to host the winter and summer games. Although this race was rather boring to be honest. I really hope that there is a bit more competition in future winter Olympic races. Asia will host the games in 2018, 2020 and 2022. The world really is moving towards asia.
  4. Water quality is an issue that continues to bubble up. It really needs to be cleaned up and sorted!
  5. It is very disappointing for New Zealand hockey to come down to this.
  6. Yes its a disaster for New Zealand Football. They are appealing but doesnt look like it will be successful. Very disappointing that this has happened. You got to feel sorry for the team who have put many hours into training and preparing for the chance to compete at an olympic Games for it to end like this. Not good at all and Football NZ really need to look at their processes to ensure that this doesnt happen again.
  7. They might have come a long way over the past year but there is still a way to go I think. I am not saying that they wont be ready, just that I think there is quite a bit of work still to be done!
  8. looks a long way to go even thought it I just over a year to go to the games start!
  9. That is undecided yet. There is a consultation process underway at the moment on alternative options. Once alternative decisions are made then there will be a referendum. In terms of this announcement. No surprises really... It was always a long shot.
  10. Atlanta has a list of winners from 1996 at Centennial Olympic Park...
  11. Absolutely there have been many stretching right back!
  12. This is good news. Lets hope things will improve now. Its going to be a tough job for the person who takes up the role as President. Good luck to them
  13. Looks like a lot of work still to do and just under 450 days to go!
  14. Thanks for the photos. I thought they might have been a bit further along in the process by this stage.
  15. It would be awesome for New Zealand to host the games but realistically it is not going to happen. We are just too small. It is a shame as we have the sporting heritage and some infrastructure to host the games, but not at the level required to host an Olympic Games. Its a shame really as I feel NZ would host an amazing Olympic Games just like the rugby world cup!
  16. yes the highway was excellent and very fast! Although the taxi driver was driving at 160kmph at midnight when I arrived.
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