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  1. well maybe! That would be a good time for new zealandas well lol
  2. yea that is right but i thought that we already had a discussion running on this topic??
  3. i think we already have a discussed this some where else on the forum? I would say the torch and logo will be announced next year some time!
  4. o now i realise why he is so urgently after information
  5. as i said email the organising committee for information
  6. umm if you have checked the main sites maybe you could email some one from the organising committee, why are you after information on the rowing venue so urgently?
  7. very good progress is being made lol it will be a stunning stadium once it is completed
  8. cool thanks for that i throught Australia had over 600 team members in sydney!
  9. 600 members great! How many competitors represented Australia in Sydney and USA in Atlanta?
  10. how big is the chinese team in beijing going 2 be haha, i have to say that you r right!~ China will have the largest team in Beijing 2008. how many members will make up the chinese delegation in beijing? what are you expecting?
  11. how big is the chinese team in beijing going 2 be
  12. i would say that the new zealand team size will be about 150 about the same as in athens and sydney!!
  13. wow it will look an amazing stadium when it finishes!!
  14. with less than 900 days to go it wont take long for the games to come around
  15. i cant believe that sydney was 5 years ago. A wonderful olympic games, congratulations
  16. we arent talking about hosting the games tomorrow and if so then yea i would be a bad idea. But in a few dacades time i think that we might be ready to host the olympic games. It would be great to bring the games home to new zealand
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