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  1. i like it, it is plain and simple and very easy to relate to!!
  2. ok cool thanks for that, what u heading to beijing for? make sure you take loads of pics!!!
  3. what a massive venue looks stunning, what will it be used for during the games?
  4. wow 50 years! im sure there will be meny kiwi olympians heading accross the ditch to take in the celebrations
  5. great stuff there is over 40 test events before the games but it is great to get the test events under way as it is just over 700 days before the games!
  6. thanks for this: it was interesting to read the lighting of the olympic flame had to be changed and the the outfit was to big for Kaklamanakis!
  7. i think athens did a great job in the end, there were no security issues, the ceremonies were brilliant and the sport was exicting. I really think athens can be pround of themselves for the games. They may have had problems before the games but when it mattered most they were brilliant!
  8. what was your job at the games and which ones did you work at. No sponsors have been announced as yet nor has and definate information either but i am told information on the torch really will be announced soon
  9. i agree with you getting up early and staying up late is all part of the experience. I remember in Atlanta waking at 3 or so in the moring to watch the three day event equestrian show jumping where New Zealand won gold and silver. Nearly a million kiwis did the same (which is about 25% of our population). For New Zealanders we dont care where the games are we still support them no matter what time zone they are in! If we can do that anyone can!
  10. yea i suppose i can understand having basketball final during the day! But oyu make some good points here esapecially about the handball and te europeans! But yea swimming needs evening finals because that is what has always been and athletes are used to it and it would be highly unfair to change the rules only 2 years out from the games! Swimmers would need to change their entire training schedule in order to cope with morning finals! Also dont expect to see many world records set if this happens and it is a proven fact that more records are set in the evening than in the morning
  11. i agree with you it is absolute bullshit that the IOC are even contemplating this. NBC new where the games were going to be held so either but up with their time zone or dont bid for the rights
  12. this out from gamesbids.com website Leaked Draft Report Shows Beijing 2008 Events In A.M. Posted 2:57 pm ET (GamesBids.com) While it has not received final approval, a leaked draft report obtained by the Herald Sun that has been circulated to national Olympic committees and international broadcasters, confirms that the swimming finals and the artistic finals in gymnastics will be held in the morning. According to the schedule the swimming finals will be raced at 10 a.m. in Beijing and the artistic finals in gymnastics will be held in the late morning and not in its traditional evening time slot, reports the newspaper. A source said, “this is so unfair on Chinese fans and athletes and is simply satisfying American television audiences”. Meanwhile the men’s basketball final is also slotted for the morning in Beijing and diving events have been scheduled for 1:30 local time. Track cycling, traditionally a nighttime Olympic highlight, has been scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. reports the newspaper. The newspaper says European broadcasters have threatened to sue the International Olympic Committee (IOC) if they rubber stamp the changes and Australian rights-holder Channel 7 said it will use a series of high-level talks in Beijing next week to convince the IOC to reconsider the schedule. it looks like NBC is going to get their own way afterall!
  13. i agree with you and as i have already stated the games are for the athletes
  14. i found this article on the business.com newsletter that i was sent TV FEARS IOC HAS DONE NBC DEAL There is growing concern among broadcasters worldwide that the International Olympic Committee will give in to the demands of US network NBC to change the scheduling of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to suit US prime-time viewing it is exclusively reported in TV Sports Markets. Some believe that a deal has already been agreed and are suspicious about an unofficial approach by the IOC which invited the European Broadcasting Union and the Japan Consortium to suggest whether they would like particular events moved to suit their prime-time schedules – in compensation for a possible shift of the swimming finals to suit NBC. The IOC denied that a decision had been made. It said that it would send out a draft schedule to all broadcasters soon. The schedule would then be discussed and finalised at a World Broadcasters Meeting in Beijing in the next few weeks. Broadcasters, the IOC said, would have a “full opportunity to air their concerns”.
  15. exactly but as Faster pointed out, it doesnt matter what time the events are on true supporters of the games would wake up at any time to watch their favourite events. I remember in athens i woke up at 3:30am to watch Sarah Ulmer win gold in the 3000m individual pursuit!
  16. exactly! it should be the athletes decision because the olympic games are about the athletes
  17. well maybe! That would be a good time for new zealandas well lol
  18. yea that is right but i thought that we already had a discussion running on this topic??
  19. i think we already have a discussed this some where else on the forum? I would say the torch and logo will be announced next year some time!
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