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  1. i reckon, i think they will top the us in the medal tally in 08
  2. great thanks for that will be interesting to see the final make up of the games!
  3. thanks for this up date! Im pleased to see that beijing are making efforts to reduce pollution in the city
  4. great thanks for the photos, brilliant! Great to see the progress that is being made!
  5. yea although normally the mens marathon final is reaced in the afternoon on the final day as occurred in athens and sydney. The Atlanta final was in the morning if i remember correctly
  6. yea i wish i was going but i am planning on going to the games in 2012 in london! Beijing games should be brilliant
  7. i think we will be hearing more of the same! Progress Progress Progress!
  8. i remember hearing it from somewhere but where i dont no
  9. isnt there a rule that the caldrun has to be seen from out side the stadium?
  10. thats right you will be lucky to see the cauldron before the opening ceremony
  11. do you have any ideas what the medal design will be?
  12. yea i agree this will become a big issue in the lead up to the games! This issue has always been there but i think that the closer to the games we get the more coverage this issue will get.
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