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  1. i see so it wasnt really the weathers fault but it was mechanical failure
  2. thanks for the photos and keeping us all up to date with what is happening
  3. yea i agree i really dont think it would be wise to send the torch up mt everest at this stage
  4. i would have thought the ioc would have made these reports available to the public to buy as it could be used as another way to gain revenue for the ioc
  5. 2007 will be a big year for oylmpic preparations! I will be interested to see how successful the beijing test events will be considering how advanced games preparations are
  6. wow still talking about racing in 2008! She would be 48 then that would be a remarkable achievement for a sprinter. Thanks for the link
  7. yea the fog has been shocking in london. But denver international airport has been closed due to heavy snow as well
  8. it would definately be. Does any one no what has happened to Merlene Otty? Is she still competing or has she retired, after she pulled out during the semi finals of the 200m in athens?
  9. wow i will be very suprised if she does qualify but you never no stranger things have happened
  10. today new zealand won rights to host the 2007 netball world champs! www.nzherald.co.nz for more information. The champs will be held later in the year in november and it is a real boost for the silver ferns from new zealand who are hoping to defend their world title which they won in jamaica in 2003
  11. thats right i was actually watching the closing ceremony of the games the other day (Copying it to dvd lol) and yea it was bloody wet!
  12. there will be at least 200 athletes from new zealand attending the 2007 event! It will be a good stepping stone to future events. The New Zealand Olympic Committee has published a full team list and articles. Go to www.olympic.org.nz for more information for those who are interested
  13. wow thanks for the photos its great to see the progress that is being made
  14. Oceania have been given tw automatic qualifing spots for womens hockey which should see new zealand and australia both automatically qualify unless fiji can pull off the upset of the century
  15. yea the chinese diving team will be extremely hard to beat in 2008 on home soil
  16. thanks for the photos the 8th of the 8th of 2008 at 8pm when the games begin is seen as a lucky day form chinese and lets hope a good omen for the games
  17. thansk for the news, china are doing everything in their powers to ensure a successful olympic games!
  18. welcome to the boards, i am pretty sure that you have to go through your national olympic committees ticket provider. I no this is the case in New Zealand but i am not sure about other countries
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