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  1. may i ask what was the australian delegation sizes at seoul, barcelona and atlanta? Have they been steadily rising since the AIS was set up following the 76 olympics? or has this rise come about mainly because of the sydney olympics?
  2. thanks for the article! the days are certinly counting down very fast
  3. yea i have the athens 2004 and sydney 2000 on the playstation and they are hard work your fingers certinly get a work out
  4. the new zealand olympic committee announced that tickets will be available in new zealand in late may early june
  5. they will definately have a official game! This will be realeased a couple of months before the games
  6. would not be good! I think you would have a lot more to worry about than not having midterms deasine!
  7. haha great thanks for the preview
  8. sounds great!!! its a great way to promote the games
  9. wow that 4.3 million is the entire population of new zealand lol
  10. New Zealand has a excellent first day at the games winning 3 gold a silver and 2 bronze. Medals vere won in badminton, swimming, cycling, kayaking and shooting!! This is a fantastic first day for new zealand. How did GBR go?
  11. yea i think the sydney event is a brilliant stepping stone for young athletes who are able to gain international exposure at an early age!!
  12. yea good point but i do feel that china are putting more effort into it than other nations. It can be seen as a battle of the superpowers and china what to dethrone the usa on the sporting field
  13. i personally think that china are doing everything in its powers to top the medal table in 2008. this is one of their major goals and i feel they will achieve this
  14. world games 2013? whats the website of the IWGA? Thanks
  15. yea thats an idea but i still feel it is extremely dangerous, i like rotels idea about visiting base camp! I think that would be much safer for the relay. Does any one no how long it would take to climbe everest (a few days at least i feel). This would take up a lot of time and i wonder whether this would be feesible?
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