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  1. Stunning photos from the New Year Celebrations from Rio! Bring on th games.
  2. Hello. Yes to be honest I really miss TVNZ coverage of the Olympic Games. As part of my phd I have interviewed many of those commentators who New Zealanders grew up with over many years. Including Keith Quinn, John McBeth and Brendan Telfer. They were and are professionals. The anchors Peter Williams and Geoff Bryan who fronted coverage for many Olympic Games have also been interviewed. The standard of coverage from Prime in 2012 was poor in my opinion. Sky has the ability to run 10 channels so a lot of sport is coverage which is a plus. TVNZ were extremely good at coverage a wide range of events and could be trusted to ensure that New Zealander's competing were on tv. Unfortunately Prime Television is not up to standard and in 2102 we had rowing coverage of C finals with no new Zealanders competing. I have TVNZ full coverage from Beijing (over 200 hours) and Prime's Coverage of 2012 (A similar amount of coverage) and Beijing's coverage is much better. They had the knowledge and facts. Prime's coverage had front men who didnt have the knowledge and made many mistakes.
  3. I agree i think Ritchie might stick around to play his 150th test. One more season and then move on? Time will tell.
  4. A bit premature to talk about the 2019 world cup yet. Australia are a good side, but Not sure that the All Blacks have passed midday in their reign. The All Blacks will always be one of the best in the world. Yes some good players are retiring but others will come. The Wallabies are a good side and have done well with Cheika. A big difference between NZ and Australia is New Zealand's depth across the field. Not sure about a green and gold world cup in 2019. Lets enjoy this win today! It does feel much better than in 2011. Very satisfying!
  5. An awesome final. The pulse rate has now come back to earth. First time back to back! Awesome result by the All Blacks. The Wallabies played well but the All Blacks just had it over them. Good to see some running rugby and tries being scored in the final! Bring on Japan 2019
  6. Only about 10 hours to go until the Rugby World Cup final. Getting nervous now. Its going to be a big morning in New Zealand. Today we have learnt that someone has bet $400,000 on the All Blacks to win the world cup. That is the biggest bid in New Zealand betting history. The biggest since betting was legalised in 1961. Go the All Blacks!
  7. Im not writing the Aussies off either. Anyone that does will do it at their peril. The All Blacks certainly aint. I just think the All Blacks have the edge over Australia and will win if they both play to the best of their ability. Its going to be an epic final! Go the All Blacks.
  8. I think the all blacks will take the final. There are a lot of Aussies who skipped training yesterday. The All Blacks have been the best team so far. They are a well oiled machine and this is one game they will get up for it. They wont take Australia lightly either.
  9. Well I think I aged 10 years watching that game. The All Blacks are into the final. Brilliant stuff and a real classic All Blacks vs Springboks game!
  10. Does anyone know whether there is any news on whether South Africa will send hockey teams both mens and womens if they qualify out of the African champs.I haven heard that they wont be sending a team.
  11. What a game from the All Blacks this morning. Perhaps one of the best games I have seen the All Blacks play for quite some time. Bring on the semi-finals
  12. Pool C Sorted basically. A couple of big games today including Samoa vs South Africa and Wales vs England. Ill be cheering for Samoa and Wales!
  13. Yes I am really not impressed with the TMO... The start/stop nature of these games is really off putting.
  14. Australia vs England is going to be a fascinating match. I think England might run over the top of Australia. England are going to be hard to beat at home.
  15. same. A special moment for Japanese rugby. The question is what does this result mean for South Africa? Will they bounce back by the time they play Scotland and Samoa.
  16. Wow what a win for Japan. Just an amazing game. It really has set the tournament alight! Crazy stuff.
  17. Fiji were gutsy. Its a start for England who will need to keep building through the tournament...
  18. Am enjoying the opening ceremony at the moment. Really looking forward to this Tournament, but for the Pool Matches I am really looking forward to the Pool of Death and who wins out of there. I think it will be Australia and England. Go the All Blacks!
  19. Sky Sport NZ/Prime coverage and buildup is very disappointing so far. Their website is a dog as well. Sky Sport NZ really need to do more, but it was the same in the build up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. They havent really learnt.
  20. Water quality is an issue that continues to bubble up. It really needs to be cleaned up and sorted!
  21. It is very disappointing for New Zealand hockey to come down to this.
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