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  1. The first New Zealand athletes are about to compete against the world number 1 US womens football team. It will be tough for the womens team against the world number 1! But this is New Zealand's biggest Olympic team with 199 competitors!
  2. Just a couple of days away from the first New Zealanders competing at Rio. The womens football team will take on World Number 1 US team. Its a tough start for the Kiwi team at Rio. Mahe Drysdale will be the first Kiwi to compete on day one in the men's rowing single sculls. The rowers and equestrian team will showcase day one of competition for New Zealand.
  3. Well the mens team won three of the tours this year. So have the capability of winning a medal!
  4. I had already set up a topic on this before! Not sure where you got 27 medals from as the highest chance I have seen is 25.
  5. Well you are certainly in a positive mood. I think there is quite a good chance of topping the 6 gold in 2012. There is much greater depth in the chances this time than four years ago. Also not expecting anything from Rugby? They are both chances of a medal!
  6. Thanks for sharing. New Zealand predicted here to win 11 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze.
  7. Although I would have thought they would have given a medal to Valerie Adams in shot put. She is getting back in form. She might not win gold but should be a good chance of a medal!
  8. Thanks for posting this. If this comes to fruition it would be New Zealand's best Olympic Games ever! 18 medals beats the 13 won in 2012 and 1988 and 8 gold equals the 8 won in 1984.
  9. Has anyone seen a list of the predictions online yet?
  10. Its a shame there wont be a 2016 edition. I always look forward to this book coming out.
  11. Lets hope you are right. The alternative doesnt bear thinking about.
  12. I am waiting for the Sports Illustrated medal predictions as well. I have ordered the hard copy of the magazine but it will take some time to arrive in New Zealand. I cant find anything online either.
  13. I thought I would start a topic dedicated to Team New Zealand at the 2016 Olympic Games. 199 New Zealand athletes have been selected for Rio which makes it New Zealand's biggest team ever to go to the games. The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has confirmed a team of 199 athletes, 99 men and 100 women, to compete in twenty sports. It will be the largest delegation sent to the Olympics, surpassing the 184 athletes sent to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Rowing has the largest delegation with 36 competitors; diving, judo, taekwondo and wrestling have the smallest delegations with only one competitor each. Seventy-two competitors have competed at previous Summer Olympics. As of 19 July 2016, the team has been finalised, however the Sports Tribunal is considering an appeal from marathon runner Paul Martelletti. Sport Men Women Total Total 99 100 199 Athletics 8 6 14 Canoeing 2 6 8 Cycling 12 8 20 Diving 0 1 1 Equestrian 3 2 5 Field hockey 16 16 32 Football 0 18 18 Golf 2 1 3 Gymnastics 2 1 3 Judo 0 1 1 Rowing 22 14 36 Rugby sevens 12 12 24 Sailing 7 5 12 Shooting 1 2 3 Swimming 6 3 9 Taekwondo 0 1 1 Tennis 2 0 2 Triathlon 2 2 4 Weightlifting 1 1 2 Wrestling 1 0 1 New Zealand has multiple medal chances across many sports with rowing expected to be the best performing sport again. Predictions are that New Zealand could win up to 25 medals which would be New Zealand's best performance ever surpassing the 13 medals won in Seoul and London 2012.
  14. Looking good. Below is a pic from the New Zealand portion of the Olympic Village.
  15. I am a member and agree that the ISOH Journal is very good.
  16. It is pretty good actaully... Better than four years ago I think. Bring on the games
  17. A huge upset with Spain beating Samoa to win the final qualification spot. Spain have no real record in the sport where Samoa have been one of the heavy hitters over time. Its a real shame that Samoa missed qualification as they won one of the tournaments this year. But I guess thats sport.
  18. Looks like a fantastic trip planned for you. Have a fantastic time.
  19. Radio Sport in New Zealand has secured rights to cover the Olympic Games from Rio: http://www.radiosport.co.nz/sport-news/radio-sport-secures-exclusive-olympic-games-rights/
  20. This is brilliant! I could actually believe Trump saying this!
  21. Still a lot of work to do at the Valedrone!
  22. Good to see the New Zealand womens team qualify after the issues that led to the mens team being thrown out.
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