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  1. Great race to watch. Congrats to the AMericans for winning your first medal in the event!
  2. Begg-Smith is in the Lead with a 26.58! Fingers crossed he can hold on for Australia!
  3. I am going to download it tonight. Looking forward to listening to it!
  4. The weather really decided this race. But thats sport I suppose!
  5. I really enjoyed the Short Track Speed skating. Lots of thrills and spills! A lot of fun to watch
  6. I want to buy the Album but cant find it. Can you post a link. Thanks
  7. Poor old Canada. Silver. Missing out on the Gold at home. Great to watch though!
  8. A good effort from the Aussie though. She will only get better with Age
  9. Brilliant win by Kramer. New Zealands Shane Dobbin was 17th. It was a disappointing result for the Kiwi.
  10. Jen has qualified for the final so a good start! Cox is about to go for Australia. Lets hope she can make the final
  11. Yea its always great to hear what is happening on the groud. Sorry CAF I misread what you were trying to set up. I thought you wanted us to have live blooging of what is happening during the games to keep everyone updated
  12. Congratulations to Slovakia! Great effort to win your first gold.
  13. New Zealands first ever Biathlon Competitor is currently sitting near the back of the back.
  14. New Olympic Record for S Kramer of the Netherlands for the Mens 5000m Speed Skating! Brilliant race!
  15. Yea I wooden Cauldron would have been interesting! Maybe the whole thing would have caught fire lol
  16. Dobbin has just raced. He is currently sitting in 7th place. Probably will not be good enough for top 10. A real shame. He had a lot of potential
  17. Really enjoyed the Ski Jumping this Morning. Was great to see Ammann get the gold! The first Kiwi Competitors are up soon with Sarah Murphy in the Biathlon and Shane Dobbin next up in the 5000 m Speed Skating! He is hoping for a top 10!
  18. Yea great to see the Swiss winning. The German was certainly a real surprise!
  19. Already had a page about this. But you had the photo!
  20. Switzerlands Simon Ammann gold medal winner from Salt Lake City has just won the gold in the Ski Jumping Normal Hill Final. Poland Adam Malysz won silver and Ausria Gregor Schlierenzauer won the Bronz. Amman won by a clear margin and had the furthest jump of 108m!
  21. I am recording about 15 hours a day of Olympic Coverage.
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