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  1. The half pipe is brilliant! White is the man New Zealand finished well off the pace in 22nd and 28th place
  2. I would love the kiwis to do better at the winter olympics. I am pleased that New Zealand qualified for the quarter finals top 16 in short track 1000m. He was last in his heat when two competitors crashed!!! Lets hope he can continue into the semifinals and do a Steven Bradbury. Looking forward to the skeleton tomorrow. Hopefully they can get top 15 results.
  3. Congrats on the 2nd gold of the games for Canada! Brilliant effort
  4. Wow 15 degrees the current weather in Wellington is 18 degrees and its meant to be summer here!
  5. This from stuff.co.nz We must not let the terrorists win!
  6. No one died in Mexico as far as I am aware. Many athletes suffered problems following the longer distance events
  7. you should "Bang the drum a little louder... So the whole world can hear"
  8. This is not good at all and will unnerve all other teams. Delhi know need to prove that they have security under control.
  9. Its a bugger the Aussie is out after crashing! This is a lot of fun to watch! Really cool
  10. Nearing the end of the 2 qualifing runs the Aussie is still in the lead! This event can be unpredictable so fingers crossed for the Aussie!
  11. For me it has to be Canadas first gold on home soil! The highlight of the day! Brilliant
  12. The opening ceremony music was great and bang the drum is certainly growing on me!
  13. And we are only in the 2nd day of competition! Still a lot of medal chances to come! Its only early days skifreak
  14. SILVER for Australia in the Mogels to Dale Begg-Smith!!! Congratulations
  15. Congrats to the Aussies as well. You deserve a beer for that one
  16. Canada have their gold medal!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Silver for Australia and Bronze for the USA
  17. 26.75 the Canadian has taken the lead with only the French to go.
  18. I hope either the Aussie or the Canadian wins the gold!!!! Great to watch
  19. Ijust downloaded the Album from I-tunes as well as K D Langs song. Looking froward to listening tonight!
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