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  1. Now the sevens have lost to Japan! Can you believe it. What a horrible day
  2. And also a last second loss for the New Zealand mens hockey team against France - not a good start to day four for the Kiwis
  3. Am gutted for the equestrian team who here leading with one round of team riders to go. Poor old Todd dropped four rails and New Zealand finish fourth. Heart breaking stuff. Sport can be so cruel sometimes!
  4. The time penalties were tighter than London, but there were a couple of really technical jumps. All the athletes were talking about jump number 6!
  5. Fingers crossed. What a magical story it would be if we can beat the Aussies and win the 3 day event gold #thirdtimelucky I still wouldn't rule Todd out for an individual medal as well. It will be interesting to see how the horses pull up over night. Lets hope they pass their veterinary inspection! I remember we had horses withdrawn in Sydney when we were sitting in the Bronze Medal position. I still cant believe how decisive the cross country was. It was good to see that the dressage wasnt the critical factor and then it became a possession after that as was in previous Olympics.
  6. Now its time for the mens competition and the question is can Fiji win their first ever olympic medal?
  7. An inspired choice having sevens rugby in the Olympic Games. It is great that it is there and this will help grow the game globally. Congrats Australia on the Gold and also to New Zealand and Canada for their silver and bronze medals!
  8. A second silver medal for new zealand! Australia were much deserved winners on the night. Some of the reffing was terrible and Australia should not have been awarded their first try. But its still a silver medal for the Kiwis. Something to be proud of!
  9. Another day another medal. Awesome effort from the 7s girls in beating Great Birtiain. Looked better than the game against USA in the Quarter Finals. Also stoked with the equestrian team who are sitting in team silver and Mark Todd in 4th!
  10. They did enough and were strong on defence. Remember Australia actually drew 12-12 with the USA in pool play! The USA really stepped up as the competition progressed.
  11. A SILVER medal for New Zealand in the womens trap shooting competition. Natalie Rooney won New Zealand's second ever shooting medal and the first since 1968! A fantastic result for New Zealand to kick off the medals!
  12. A great result for the womens football team. Only two rowing crews in action today. The womens hockey team start against Korea today with the sevens continuing as well. Loren Boyle will be out in the 400m freestyle. It will be interesting to see how her form is after her illness before her favoured 800m event.
  13. I agree. I dont have a problem with it. There is no need to keep re-recording anthems.
  14. It could be a NZ vs AUS final. Will be a tussle! Discipline of the NZ team will have to improve as they had a couple of yellow cards on day one. They wont be able to afford that over the next couple of days. Yes a great victory for the womens football team against Columbia!
  15. A good day out from the Kiwi Women winning both of their matches against Spain and Kenya comfortably.
  16. A tough day at the rowing with choppy conditions but NZ has done well winning several heats. The Dressage of the 3 day event is underway as well and the NZ Team is sitting in 5th place. In the Womens 7s two wins for NZ has them looking good at the end of the first day!
  17. Brazil has done a good job on a small budget. I liked the focus on the environment and climate change. Some great music as well. The speeches were too long and the background was distracting.
  18. Kip Keino - awarded for his contribution to education. I thought awards were given at a closing ceremony and not an opening ceremony
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