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  1. He might be american but is is competing under the Jamaican flag. Must be one of there best results in the winter olympics
  2. Go the Jamaican! Qualified in 9th position. Brilliant effort
  3. The Germans look like they have the best chance of gold being in 1st and 2nd after 2 runs
  4. Fingers Crossed that the Kiwi can qualify for the semi finals and get New Zealands first top 8 olympic result since 1994!
  5. Congrats to the Canadians!!! Another Gold Also gerat to see the protest again the British has been thrown out.
  6. Congrats to the brits! A great gold medal for you. Lets hope the curlers can get up and do something.
  7. New Zealand would have a better chance of winning a medal in that.
  8. Lets hope Britain wins the gold. Would be great to see. New Zealands Ben Sandford is currently in 12th place. Looking for New Zealands best finish of the games so far.
  9. Welcome to the boards. I definitely think Ammann is the favourite.
  10. Congrats mate. You assies are having a pretty good games so far!
  11. GOLD for Australia in the Half pipe! Congratulations its a great performance. Also 8th place in the same event
  12. Looks like two Aussies in the top 8! Brilliant performance! Torah is still in the lead either gold or silver for the aussie GOLD FOR AUSTRALIA!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS
  13. Great to have 2 aussies in the final. Good chance of a medal here?
  14. I think it comes down to money and support for our athletes.
  15. Go the Aussies in the Half pipe! Looking good for a medal with top qualifier. It was great to see one of the kiwis qualify for the semis
  16. Great to see one of the Kiwis qualify for the semifinal! Go the Aussies. Will this be the second medal for the Aussies?
  17. So far I haven't been able to fault sky televisions coverage of the Winter Games in New Zealand. Far surperier than TVNZ coverage from 4 years ago.
  18. I agree New Zealand should be doing better than it traditionally does in winter sports. Its really disappointing. Our traditional rivals aussies have been all over us in the last 15-20 years at winter sports even though we got the first winter medal for a southern hemisphere nation.
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