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  1. There should be a live chat.... It starts at 2:30am New Zealand time!
  2. This from skysport.co.nz This is an absolute disaster...
  3. We had a report in new zealand about the lawn bowls stadium where half of the indian team had come down with dengue fever because is is beeding in the gutters within the stadium...
  4. All i can say is it is a bloody shambles! Those photos just show how poorly organised the whole thing is.
  5. Why is it taking so long for the Beijing set to come out?
  6. I agree, India dont have a hope in hell of staging the Olympics any time soon. We dont even know if they will stage the Commonwealth games in a month!
  7. Beijings report is still not available so will be surprised if Vancouver will be out any time soon.
  8. I have a bad feeling about this two weeks out... With the construction venues still not certified this can only go bad. I really hope and want India to get their act together and be ready, but I am not hopeful!
  9. Thanks for letting me know. As far as I know there is no coverage in New Zealand.
  10. I received my book today. Was very impressed with it... Mine had a study hard cover.
  11. Does anyone know when the Official Report will be released? I am wanting to purchase a copy.
  12. Vancouver and South Africa are over... Now its time for Delhi!
  13. I got notification from Amazon that my book had been shipped so really looking forward to receiving it.
  14. I really enjoyed this book and have a copy on my book shelf.
  15. They have come out really quick. Good to see. If the doping results come back positive then they will be amended im sure!
  16. I am sure every city goes through post olympic blues. It was a great games capped off by the brilliant hockey gold.
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