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  1. hmmm its interesting.... If more and more sports need to begin before the openin ceremony, why dont they just start the games a day earlier? There is more interest in the sports once the opening ceremony has occurred?
  2. There is an increasing number of events starting before the opening ceremony. I know in the summer games its football and mens archery ranking rounds. I can understand football... But not really sure whether they need to being before the opening ceremony?
  3. I would like to see the individual pursuit added for 2016 on the track.
  4. I noticed Prime Tevevision were replaying the Opening Ceremony on Christmas morning.
  5. Rob Waddell has been named at New Zealand's Chef De Mission at the 2016 Olympic Games. http://www.olympic.org.nz/news/waddell-named-chef-de-mission A popular choice and I am sure he will do an excellent job!
  6. Sky Sport in New Zealand have put together a one hour end of year package to celebrate New Zealand's 13 medals in London. It is part of their end of year review in sport.
  7. The GC was crap. I hope they arent making a second season of it!
  8. Am pleased windsurfing remains in the olympics... Was shocked when the original change was announced! A lot of mucking around for nothing... Was been a very confusing process.
  9. Definitely agree with extra track cycling events for the games. The track cycling was spectacular at the games!
  10. Cant see any changes happening nor do I think changes are needed. The only change that I would recommend is sorting out broadcast rights for the Paralympics.
  11. Looking forward to seeing 9.79*. Its great that they have interviewed all those who were in that Olympic Final.
  12. The latest on the Ostapchuk positive drug test: Its great to see that Valerie will finally get her gold medal! It will be a special evening for the presentation. Its still a shame that she was not given the opportunity to be presented her gold medal inside the olympics stadium in London!
  13. 6 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze! Not a bad effort from the Kiwis

  14. Yes it is really sad that her moment was lost and the Belarussian competitor took that away from her. Anyway I don't think it will detract from what has been a wonderful Olympic Games!
  15. Why can't we celebrate? The winner was a cheat and was caught out! Valerie Adam is the winner
  16. Statement from the International Olympic Committee: Valerie wins New Zealand's 6th gold medal of the games! I must say I am not suprised that Ostapchuk failed the drugs test. Her results in 2012 have shown a huge improvement especially in the weeks out from the Games. Its good to know that those who cheat will be caught. Well done Valerie... Back to back Olympic Champion!
  17. London has really turned it on for the Marathon. Amazing crowds, stunning course and great weather. Congratulations London!!!
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