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  1. Am pleased windsurfing remains in the olympics... Was shocked when the original change was announced! A lot of mucking around for nothing... Was been a very confusing process.
  2. Definitely agree with extra track cycling events for the games. The track cycling was spectacular at the games!
  3. Cant see any changes happening nor do I think changes are needed. The only change that I would recommend is sorting out broadcast rights for the Paralympics.
  4. Looking forward to seeing 9.79*. Its great that they have interviewed all those who were in that Olympic Final.
  5. 6 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze! Not a bad effort from the Kiwis

  6. 10 hours to go and its game on!

  7. Hahaha a fries holder from Macdonalds... Thats a good analogy.
  8. 18 days to go! Bring it on

  9. 18 days to go! Bring it on

  10. Watched the second half and extra time of the match and while I was supporting England, Italy created more changes and probably deserved to win. Poor old England no luck when it comes to the penalty shoot out!
  11. back on gamesbids... Its been a while

  12. The crowd attendance so far is terrible. Hopefully it will pick up as the days progress
  13. I was surprised that he didnt even make the final. Other kiwis have made tonights finals/semis. The womens hockey team beat wales 5-1 and the netball team have beaten papua new guinea 102-19
  14. Day one will see Moss Burmester in the Pool in the Mens 200m butterfly. He is not ranked in the top three. How do you think he will go? I think he will make a final and experience will bring him home for a medal. Im not sure whether he will win the gold.
  15. I voted good. Some parts were excellent and some was truly aweful including the speech from Kalmandi's. I didnt like the format either. It was strange that they had the indian national anthem before the official countdown. I must say I did expect more...
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