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  1. Day one of the new job is underway.

  2. Heading back to Wellington. Back to work on Monday

    1. Alexjc


      Haa haa...join the rest of us!

  3. Black Caps = disappointing

  4. 4 channels will be pretty good. Do you know if Prime TV are having any coverage? Agree that Good and McIvor are not too bad but I certainly really enjoyed PJ, Quinny and Telf from Atlanta. They were excellent. Telf was always such an excellent Athletics commentator. Better than that cat they used in London. Cant remember his name but he was awful!
  5. The website normally gets an update for games time about a month before the games.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Always good to have a read through. Sky Television in New Zealand are running adverts, but that's about it! A bit poor really
  7. Yes agreed, but still not a good look in my opinion!
  8. Agreed the PM or Sports Minister should have been there. When the rugby world cup came to parliament they were both there. In 2000 Helen Clark carried the Olympic flame. Poor form really! I had a job interview otherwise I would have been there as well.
  9. I wonder why Paul Foster Bell National List MP got the opportunity to greet the Baton at Parliament.
  10. Hmmm.... Interesting. They are cutting it a bit fine aren't they? I remember 4 years ago Skytv were already running promos for the games.
  11. I thought New Zealands Sky Tv had been awarded rights to the games? Is this not confirmed?
  12. I would like to see more events in track cycling. It is exciting to watch and the stadium is expensive to build and should be more utilised. Bring back the points race and individual pursuit.
  13. Yes I think they nominate the events they want to do and are allocated for the events where their nation is the favourite.
  14. New Zealand have done well with the games that have been allocated for the World Cup. Was surprised that queens town missed out on games though. Nelson is hosting games which is a surprise. Have the black caps played there before? I can't remember it.
  15. yes they have scaled back from London, but it is similar to what they offered in Delhi
  16. Ok thanks for that update. Although I thought 2014 rights would have been allocated as it is coming around quickly!
  17. I wonder whether sky will be broascasting the 2014/2016 Olympics? Apparently they lost 10 million out of the 2012 Olympics.
  18. Any word on New Zealand hosting rights for 2014 and 2016? Sky tv lost approximately 10 million on the hosting of 2012 games
  19. hahaha! The logo is crap... Very disappointing... It looks like it took 5 minutes to put together on Microsoft paint. Expected more.
  20. Yes I presume that Sky/Prime are front runners... But no nothing about the negotiations except for what the NZOC told me... That negotiations were ongoing.
  21. No New Zealand broadcasters have the right for 2014 or 2016 yet. The New Zealand Olympic Committee advised me that negotiations are ongoing! Not sure what progress is being made or who is bidding, but would think Sky TV/Prime who covered 2010 and 2012 would be the front runners.
  22. Interesting. I have not heard anything about Sky TV and Prime Hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games in New Zealand
  23. This is a good advert! Good old Brendan Telfer... I missed his commentary of the Athletics in London. His replacement on Sky (I cant remember his name) was terrible and made errors all over the place.
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