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  1. Awesome results for New Zealand at the Winter Olympics overnight. 4th and 6th to the Wells Brothers in the Ski Halfpipe final and 7th in the Mens 10,000m Speed Skating. Our best results at a Winter Olympics since 1992!

    1. Alexjc


      Begrudgingly yeah...not great though. Although big ups to the Speedskating though. Don't think much of the Wells clan, back to the X games circuit for them, overrated. Cant wait for the new Hamilton Ice Rink to be built. Will have a Speedskating rink.

  2. I think we have had the discussion on when we got interested in the Olympics. For me it was Atlanta 1996 when I was 9 and having Danyon Loader win double gold in the swimming. The Olympic Bid process was a little later and it was about 2001 when Beijing won the right to host.
  3. Its a bit tough being so late on the eve of the race... But I guess it is in the rules. I am not cure what the Austrians hope to achieve by making this complaint? They are not going to re-race the event.
  4. That's true. All games seem to have articles on the empty seats during the games. #mediastockstory!
  5. Back in Wellington after a fantastic weekend in the Hawkes Bay celebrating the wedding of Daniel J Miles and Elizabeth Brown. An amazing day and a lot of fun catching up with everyone.#themileswedding

  6. Up early for the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games! Today is going to be a great day.

  7. Congratulations to Speed Skater Shane Dobbin who will carry the New Zealand flag at the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

    1. intoronto


      Interesting choice, considering he is competing next day. I thought it would be Ben Sanford.

  8. Today is the last day of the working week for me. Tomorrow I am off to the Hawkes Bay for the weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather. It should be a great weekend!

  9. Black Caps win by 7 wickets and win the series! You beauty... Set up by a brilliant century by Ross Taylor!

  10. London had it right... Sochi's concrete just looks depressing... Grey and boring!
  11. 10 Days to go until the 2014 Olympic Games! Bring it on... Go Kiwis

  12. There always seems to be a story like this that comes out in the month leading up to the games.
  13. Bugger. What a game of cricket. 100 over bowled and it ends in a tie. Rob Tucker needs a hearing aid!

  14. 40 years. Wow! Yes it was one of the commonwealths best commonwealth games. The athletics events were world class especially that memorable 1500m final!
  15. Black Caps make it two from two against India who until tonight were world number one!

  16. Im having the same issues as well in regards to copying and pasting as well as quoting.
  17. I am happy to back Scotguys request as well. There are a number of posters from around the commonwealth who have an interest in the commonwealth games as well and will be posting through the games.
  18. What a stunning win tonight from the Black Caps against world number one India. Best game of cricket I have watched in a while. Awesome.

  19. Week one at work done! Now it's time for a long weekend.

  20. Good win from the Black Caps tonight. Good atmosphere in the stadium. Just a shame the turnout was poor!

  21. Yes I am having trouble with the quote button as well. Can it please be fixed.
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