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  1. If I as a Greek don't mind paying taxes for the 'running' of the Olympic facilities, can someone explain me why anyone else in the world should care about it?
  2. Yunan in Turkish is Greek, Yunanistan is Greece
  3. When ISINBAYEVA cried during the medal ceremony. The total failure of Greece, that must ring the bells we used in 2004 Opening to all those that control athletism in Greece. (NOC, federations, the state).
  4. Not athletes, but beach volley is cool!
  5. Ι feel sorry for Devetzi at the triple jump. She came so many times 2nd and 3rd, and she could have done it in Beijing, but again a 3rd place. Her 3rd jump could have been a world record, but it was cancelled. She will now participate at long jump.
  6. It depends. I saw her in Belgrade during Eurovision, and the woman has style! There is also another tennis player from Serbia, Ana Ivanovic who presented Belgrad in a break of the second semifinal, but she was injured and didn't participate in Belgrade.
  7. Fani Halkia GRE 400m H gold medalist in Athens was found doped. She wasn't supposed to participate in the Games, since there was an athlete with better performance, but NOC decided to give her a chance to defend her medal. Shame!
  8. Sotiris Pastras, swimming, GRE Jelena Jankovic, tennis, SER
  9. So, according to the newspapers we have two more things that will make you hate me more. 1. The 56 'children' that brought in the Chinese flag, weren't actually people from various minorities in China, but actors and actresses from the group ' Galaxy Children's Art ' that represents young actors from the minority Han that represents the 92% of the Chinese population. 2. The soldiers that participated in the 'keyboard' act had to stay from more that 6 hours under the stadium's floor. The soldier took their place at 14:00 and they weren't allowed to take a break or go to a toilet. So, they gave them dipers in case of an accident. There were 897 people under the stadium for 6 hours inside their boxes.
  10. ΟΚ, after anti-american, the only people in the world that hated beijing opening and reported the firework hoax, yes I admit, I'm anti-swedish too. They are the center of the Scandinavian mafia in Eurovision and they have stole the victory from Greece hundrends of time, that's why I hate them. Please ban me from the forum!
  11. In the first pic are +120 Panagiotis Papadopoulos - GRE (he is married to one of my co-workers) Liu Deli - CHN The second: 96 kg Tounousidis Theodoros - GRE NOZADZE Ramaz - GEO
  12. He must be joking us. He wins an Olympic medal and he throws it away. I want to see how IOC will punish him for insulting the Olympic movement, the organizers, the audience.
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