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  1. Sorry! Another version of the photo shared earlier found on their instagram: With or without the abnormally summery weather here, these sunsets do come quite often, and cast the same effect almost everywhere, besides the beach. Hope to see the brand applied to other shots.
  2. The Press Event and reveal is now available to view here or on the LA 2024 Facebook page. Sorry if my tone is odd, or a bit too enthusiastic I began going on to these forums 10 years ago, (losing out on the 2020 virtual bid competition), and always hoped LA would get a chance again, so to see LA is actually bidding and putting such effort is a bit surreal. I think the logo is a grower, luckily just a bid one instead? It's interesting way, how they incorporated the sun into the figure.
  3. It wasn't exactly what I had thought it'd become, but I suppose we can go with it. Kind of ironic, that they're revealing this, right by LA Live, which has a similar brand mark... Can't wait for the live stream to be saved, there are pretty strong directive words from the CMO and Mayor Garcetti in regards to the values and inspiration about the games, and read your thoughts. There's emphasis in making and catering these games about the athletes. "LA is the right bid, right city, at the right time." – Janet Evans At this moment: Thiago Pereira, Brazilian Olympic Team Member to the podium to speak of reasons "many athletes come to chose to train in LA", and how its become a home.
  4. The live feed begins: https://www.facebook.com/la2024/videos/vb.172122742941620/608397655980791/?type=2&theater&notif_t=live_video Hope this link works, they just began introducing their delegates and guest of honor tonight.
  5. Hello! Hope all is well with everyone! This is exciting, but like many, this waiting is killing me... hahaha! But while on youtube, I stumbled onto this video... and at 0:08 is that a light, or is that something else... right in the middle of the stadium, flickering?
  6. Whoa! The first picture is very stunning! Did you choreograph one of these patterns as well? :]
  7. Hello everybody! I'm not sure if this was shared before or not, so forgive me if this is a repeat topic. There's this crazy exhibition of lights that we all can participate and add a pattern every night until February 28, 2010. Interactive light show will illuminate Olympic skies VANOC http://www.ctvolympics.ca/about-vancouver/news/newsid=20625.html Beams of light pointed towards the stars will illuminate English Bay and the night sky in downtown Vancouver in a spectacular light show during the 2010 Olympics as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Starting at dusk on February 4, 2010, 20 robotic searchlights will create a quiet canopy of light in the night sky above and on the surface of English Bay with designs created by people around the world and delivered over the Internet. Called Vectorial Elevation, it is the first time the internationally celebrated work of art will be displayed in Canada and over a body of water. The 10,000-watt lights will move and create patterns silently from locations in Vanier Park and Sunset Beach that cover an area of 100,000 sq. m and will be visible within 15 km of the city's downtown core, stretching to other sites of Olympic venues, like Richmond and Cypress Mountain. The installation of this display is co-commissioned by the City of Vancouver's Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program and Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, Bell, and the Province of Quebec. The display, considered one of the world's largest interactive artworks, is lead by Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. "Vectorial Elevation is a unique, magical work that local residents, visitors and people from around the world can enjoy," said Mayor Gregor Robertson in a media release. "The installation will not only brighten our night skies, but also bring the Games to the world in an unexpected, interactive way." More than two million people are expected to view it in person in Metro Vancouver, as well as internationally via www.vectorialvancouver.net or http://www.vancouver2010.com/code. The event runs regardless of the weather until February 28, 2010. A personalized webpage will be automatically created for each participant to document their design and also send a personal dedication to anyone in the world. Organizers estimate 130,000 different patterns will be created in the 24 days the project operates from dusk to dawn. "Vectorial Elevation is world-renowned and we wanted to see its majestic choreography unfold over Canadian skies for the very first time as part of the 2010 Winter Games," said Burke Taylor, vice president of culture and celebrations for VANOC. "It's about using the power of digital technology to include the world in our celebrations." Previously, the installation was staged in Mexico, Spain, Ireland, and France where it received accolades such as Lyon's prestigious Trophée des Lumières. Good job VANOC on including an interactive and innovative way to "light" up the city during the Olympics. It's thrilling to see your design light up the sky for a minute. If you're interested, follow the links to participate, and add a pattern, uniquely yours, and light up Vancouver. (Do share your designs if you already have). If I did, didn't mean to have accidentally re-posted this tidbit. Just wanted to share something creative. Happy lighting!
  8. Wow. I can't believe you're contemplating to leave. GB wouldn't be the same without your avid contributions! Don't go! :]
  9. Here's my second entry . I wasn't exactly satisfy with choosing that LA design (I have plenty ). The blue waters meet with the rugged green mountain adorned by the golden sun. (representing Seattle's nature). If you haven't been to Seattle, visit it. It's Naturally Exhilarating. Banner:
  10. Rob: Thanks for the kind words! I love your crystal/gem like quality of your logo. It makes it very appealing and modern. :] CAF: Indeed! Everyone has such creative logos. Hope to see more come this week.
  11. Symbolizes:Here's 5 rays, in almost Technicolor like shades, with a star right in the middle, a common sign that represents the city of Los Angeles. The star is a symbol of dreams with the rays in the back, symbolizing a road to it. Here, the logo conveys the message that there is always a road to your dream, promoting a positive message of striving for them in the games. That nothing is impossible, for anyone to go citius, altius, or fortitus. [sidenote] Oye. Yes, I know what you're thinking... Chicago 2016 much? Well, if you do compare them side by side, it's vastly different (with the number of rays and star sides to start). I was going to choose a different city, but LA just stuck through Maybe I'll do more later. Here's how it'll go with a banner:
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