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  1. Ah nope on that one - Estadio Azteca in Mexico City has over 110,000 seats - and while there is no roof as such, the awning does cover the whole seating area. Obviously as the sun moves across the sky some seats are in direct sublight - but technically they are all covered. The new Wembley will be the largest fully enclosed stadium when the roof is closed - but there are at least 3 stadia in Latin America with higher seating capacity. As for unobstructed views - hundreds of stadiums can claim this. While it is an impressive stadium, the attached hyperbole is bullsh!t. this aerial of the azteca shows there are large parts of the end stands that arent under cover I believe wembley will be the largest football stadium fully enclosed in terms of capacity and accommodation area and there arent many 90,000 + capacity stadia that are fully enclosed and have unobstructed views.
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