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  1. If you can check your credit card transactions online, you can retrieve the information that PayPal requires (refer to the PayPal site). Unfortunately, we can only accept checks from a Canadian bank, the processing fee is too high if they come from other countries. Of course, you can send cash but that will likely take longer than just waiting for your credit card info - and we don't recommend sending cash through the mail.
  2. I've included the link - it's actually simpler to just use http://www.pyeongchang2014.org
  3. It has been removed for all future edits.
  4. Il sera mis à jour de temps en temps, quand la nouvelle information est disponible.
  5. It seems to work for me, you'll have to give me more info, e.g. browser type, etc.
  6. BidIndex will launch as soon as there is enough information available to fill our formula. We are almost there and will probably publish it in January - shortly before the min bid-books are released.
  7. Premium Membership does not change "picture postings".
  8. I thought we covered this in another thread? Anyhow, there are several things to comment on, especially the language barrier. Of course, we tend to have more English language items available to us but we do use several foreign language publications. Much of our news comes directly from bids themselves. The "BidFocus" is simply a search for the mention of a particular bid in an article, it's not meant to look for articles specifically about a bid. New York has so many pages mostly because it has been bidding at some level since 2000. Most of the other bids joined much later. London has b
  9. It means no advertising. Basically, it's alright to trade stuff or sell it personally (i.e. from member-to-member) but any posts from people who represent companies or organizations selling stuff and they are advertising their stuff, is forbidden.
  10. JA - I added the two mods you sent me - let me know what happens. PYRROSS - I'm not sure why you can't add Greek, all I know is the discussion software is designed for English so it may not contain Greek character support.
  11. Honestly, I'm not sure why. Since you've raised the issue I've tested it on a variety of machines and browsers and they all seem to work. In mozzilla, did you bookmark GB before or after you raised the question? If before you may want to delete it and re-add it. I added a line of code that could help.
  12. It shows up in a link, but it's supposed to show up in Netscape and Mozilla and Firebird in the url at the top. I can take a screen capture and show you an example if you provide me an email address. (This applies to Moderator too!). No special programming is needed at the website. It picks up the image from the standard favicon.ico file. It shpws up in the URL line in all of my browsers. I believe you, no need to send a link. Perhaps you should clear your cache or something like that?
  13. GamesBids.com DOES have a favicon and always has. Click here to view It doesn't seem to work on Netscape or Mozilla. I certainly don't see it, and I see every other favicon on other websites using Mozilla. Have you checked it yourself? It seems to work for IE 5.5 and IE 6 for me. I'm looking at it right now. Have you tried it from the main GamesBids.com site or just the forums? - in some cases it may not work in the forums due to the use of CGI scripts.
  14. You need to purchase and use PDF Writer software such as the full version of Adobe Acrobat.
  15. GamesBids.com DOES have a favicon and always has. Click here to view
  16. I know Sion released their bid book online for 2006, and of course Turin. The only other ones I know about are after 2006.
  17. Only Premium Members can now post polls or edit messages. For information on Premium Membership click here.
  18. We are currently working on building BidIndex 2012. We are factoring in 2010 results and are busy gathering information on the 2012 bids - it is not a fast process. We hope to have the preliminary BidIndex listings available by the end of the month. These will only include up to 25% of the fundamentals that are needed for the final BidIndex score - but the whole picture won't be available until the bid books are released.
  19. Sorry, at this time you can only use pictures that are online on a site. There are some websites that host images free, perhaps you can upload your image to one of those. The avatar you use now is very nice.
  20. No - but you can send me a private email.
  21. If anyone is still having problems with specific threads - please message me with the information. Thanks. Forums will be reorganized after the July 15 deadline fpr 2012 applications.
  22. There was some damage done to the database during our traffic spike yesterday. Some topics don't work but we are trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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