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  1. maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it's still possible to have fire actually go all the way around the stadium and up the lighting rigs. look at the inner ring of the the roof. dosnt that look like pipes? gas lines?
  2. three huh? as in the third olympics in london? just sayin........
  3. heading to the opening? this was on the london 2012 facebook page
  4. here is a video of the cauldron i found go to this link
  5. those pics are great but so unrealistic and never possible
  6. does anybody have pics of the looks of the games?
  7. (OMG!! Didn't even realize this is my 18,180 post!! ) either that is devotion or a very sad boring life
  8. in the front page it says that beijing has turned on the lighting displays for the nights of the olympics and i was wondering if anybody could get some pictures? please i would love to see them
  9. you think you know everything, but it is obvious you dont know nothing I HATE KNOWITALLS
  10. whats wrong with this picture? are they really picking stuff off of the floor? of all the billions of dollars spent on these games and they couldnt afford a vacuum cleaner? GET A DYSON! National Indoor Stadium - Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, & Handball Finals
  11. wtf? this translation sucks! but from what i perceive it is going to be either a dragon or a phoenix coming down from the roof and their are going to be nine fires? very hard to understand
  12. well they better hope that their weather control is going to work because the forcast for Friday August 8, 2008 is Scattered Thunderstorms 60% chance
  13. phew! its just I know that this is their country that these Olympics are being hosted in and I know that their colors are red and gold but give me a break, every single aspect of their outfits/uniforms are a little too much even the shoes are red or yellow or a combination of the two. its a little loud, ok alot loud im just one to bring that to peoples attention. but like i said earlier if i offend somebody im sorry, but if you really cant stand the thought of somebody making fun of their clothes than all i can say is get over yourself
  14. im just wondering why my post was deleted when what I sayed was not sexual or racial
  15. I dont want to offend any of the people of China and I apoligize in advance but in the picture of the Chinese athletes I know it is the colors of their countries flag but it looks like the McDonalds managers meeting or something of the sort. It is just a little too much red. Once again I am sorry if I offend anyone.
  16. I am very curious as to what this venue is used for because I hate to agree with the Barron but it actually does look like the shape of an old coffin
  17. can any body post the different clothier of each country? i know that hbc is canada's any body got more?
  18. no this is not the cauldron you may think that it is right beside it but actually it is quiet a long distance away. these pictures are very deceiving.
  19. pretty sure thats going to be for the cauldron because if you look closeley toward the middle of the "disk" looks like some kind of base for supports or gasline?
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