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  1. call me crazy but the more i look at it, the more it looks boring
  2. God I hope not! that's just plain ugly! i was looking forward to maybe blues, greens, and yellows with maybe a tropical leaf pattern. oh the possibilities.........
  3. somehow i posted the same topic twice in the sochi 2014 thread. it says sochi 2014 look of the games. is there a way to delete one of the less read topics before people start posting?
  4. found this so far http://www.sochi2014.com/en/media/news/39323/ http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/follow-up_xxii_olympic_winter_games.php
  5. Spice Girls? http://www.mtv.co.uk/news/spice-girls/361094-spice-girls-olympic-closing-ceremony
  6. ok i may be way behind and it might of already been mentioned but has anybody thought of the large white temporary building near the stadium as a hiding place? middle bottom of picture
  7. HA! It's red AND orange! so no more arguing
  8. WHO CARES IF IT'S RED OR NOT!? Nobody wants to come read a bunch of arguing over if something is red or orange. i say its vermilion
  9. maybe this has already been mentioned but has anybody noticed it appears there is a face to this captain hooks mask appears to be grinning
  10. i would say these are probably the most prominent rings of them all in london so being that they will be viewed from both sides they had to make colors on both sides. cant wait to see how they will look at night
  11. im not quite understanding what you your saying. the rings are the olympic colors on both sides
  12. yes i think the black is a cover but i was kinda joking about it being harry potter with a wand but you never know and it would actually be kind of neat
  13. harry potter is going to light the cauldron! lol
  14. it kind of makes since because harry potter is very british
  15. GIANT PUPPET? It looks like it's hold a wand. IT'S HARRY POTTER!
  16. that can not be the cauldron its some kind of giant puppet. see the arms and white hands it looks like it is holding a wand. IT'S HARRY POTTER! OR VOLDEMORT
  17. no it's not a trick question but anybody could say oh in the ceremonies and i know what's going to happen blah blah blah. i could say im secretly the ioc president and ive been checking to see things from the publics point of view. you never know....
  18. what proof do you have to let us know you really are in the ceremony
  19. remember this? notice the white balls. notice the water spraying in the middle of the field. notice the white ground cover.
  20. found this. if it is anything like this the show should be epic
  21. if you look real close at the bottom left ramp of the center stage you can see people, look how small they are compared to the stage and it looks like the stage is higher than we think. probably about 8 feet? also if you notice the screen is to the left of the cauldron(?) also they are putting a darker ring around the stage. the more i look at the picture the more i notice.
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