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  1. Not surprising to me at all. It's also one of the hot spots for world indigenous peoples meetings and conventions now, which is something hard to become a hot spot for since especially in North America groups are so vastly spread out.
  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I'm really enjoying this greenery and foliage on top of everything like hot fudge on a sundae trend. :wwww:
  3. I just noticed. The colours used, the same in ilanaaq, don't appear to be very forgiving when there is implied symmetry, like how one knows a human is essentially symmetrical even though they're standing on one leg. If implied symmetry is used then the more vivid colours take center stage and more visual "importance."
  4. I like it but I wouldn't necessarily replace ilanaaq with it. At least with ilanaaq you get a monumental and landmark feeling. This looks like an after picture of ilanaaq post-weight watchers sessions.
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