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  1. A very intriguing article though I think the potential ramifications aren't really divulged. Consdiering that the Olympics and the IOC have been slowly developing web savviness since Atlanta (still have some emails from Aussie athletes who posted in the village Web Shack), however now we are seeing something that is way different. Firstly there is the manner in which the IOC is by de facto becoming a part of the media system, by engaging their own bloggers and the athletes to report direct to a non-traditional audience. This could be seen as contrary to the core broadcast media paradigm that sees the likes of NBC, BBC etc etc helping to provide the big dollars for TV rights etc. Plus how will the independence of the new media 'reporters' be maintained if their channels are effectively IOC sanctioned? Secondly by using a direct new media message to a younger audience how probable is the encouragement of this demographic to become the key future participants or the basis for new revenue streams? Deriving an income or mobilising an active group participation from web activities can be fairly flakey and unsubstantive. This weeks blog or YouTube sensation could be tomorrow's cyber fish and chip paper, and unlike the real stuff it might not be originally an informed and paid for article of journalism. Finally considering the IOC's collapse in the face of the Chinese web censorship they will not be the guardians of intellectual or journalistic integrity when staring down some of the future or potential host cities and their associated national governments. For example what will be the IOC's response if a blogger or tweeting athlete makes some kind of pro 7/7 terrorist statement in London? or will the Russians accept any blog from an athlete in Sochi that makes observations on human rights and sport in the Caucasus region? Somehow I think not...
  2. So Arush, instead of just posting a link and a pithy statement, how bout you show the full details of your refernce below: The actual quote is: Talk about a young and inexperienced editor lol And what about these stats from the survey: Notice no one believes in your falacious and unsubstantiated innuendo that Westerners and the GFC led to the problems; it is all about local contractors, the inept and corrupt Organising Committe and the government with its woeful planning and management. But hey, as I slowly sink in my senescence perhaps we can pray to the gods and all will be well 27 days from now
  3. Saw that article Rols and almost posted so thanks for the pre-empt As always the People's Mascot, the little battler with the fat arse keeps the spirit if Sydney on the burn.
  4. I wont quote Arush's post (well meaning if delusional and ignorant though it is) as you Rob outline the absolute core failure of the Delhi games is they haven't delivered what was promised and what was expected. By the yardstick of almost every major sports festival since the end of WW2 Delhi 2010 has failed to match any previous paradigm, and instead has been mired in a monsoon of errors, delays and broken promises. Perhaps if our sub continental colleague would actually stop blaming the messengers or excusing the ineptitude and criminal behaviour of his fellow Indians he'd listen to folk who have been there and done that in circumstances far more advanced and less problematic than his home town has had to deal with. For example right now 10 years ago I was in the Sydney Olympic Village where 10,000 plus athletes and officials were housed with no threat of dengue fever, no threat from terrorists in gliders, no issues with uncertified buildings, no concerns over those who built the facilities dying or being underpaid to the point of extreme poverty. And in that same village those facilities had been complete at least 6 months beforehand. And you know what was the biggest administrative stuff up before Sydney games; the logistics of the ticket sales. That was it; in a developed society where the concept of everyone having an equal and fair opportunity to get tickets to the games was crucial, when this didn't happen the heads of SOCOG were made painfully aware of their mistakes. Ten years on the smaller scale CGs in Delhi can't even deliver safe buildings let alone equitable reserved seating to indoor or stadium events. Ferchrissake I was standing on a completed athletics track in the completed main stadium on September 15th 1999, and almost 11 years to the day Delhi can't even deliver a flat surface with correct IAAF certification with scant weeks before the athletes arrive. What is most objectionable about all this is that the people who are really going to suffer from the ineptitude of these farcical games are those who have the most at stake. The athletes and their families, and the poor of Delhi who have been evicted, exploited and will no doubt be turned aside after the games. In a country like the UK, Australia, US, Canada etc etc bread and circuses such as Olympic or Commonwealth Games are an expensive luxury at the best of times and we can to some degree excuse their expense with what they represent for national identity, for the workers, for the spectators, for the volunteers and for the athletes. Delhi 2010 has been inexcusable because it has not been an equitable nor efficient use of the scant public resources in a developing nation, and at the cost of dozens dead and thousands exploited it leaves any interested party with a very bitter taste. These aren't the Friendly Games, these are the inept and redundant games.
  5. And the fiasco continues: Things are surely going to go down to the wire: Hooper When it comes to Delhi's delayed facilities it's either there is no certification or certification needs to be re-configured due to monsoon damage. And Hooper is quite willing to NOT say these games will be the greatest as claimed by the clowns Kalmadi etc. Vuvuzelas OK'd for Commonwealth Games Yep, forget Indian culture and showing respect to the athletes or fellow fans, those bloody ear-deafening imported droning plastic tubes are being okayed by the Delhi 2010 organisers. Ridiculous....both in terms of barren cultural policy and demonstrating how cheap, tacky and unreasonable garbage is being substituted for substance at these games. A monsoon of chaos, scandal and delays Aside from the scandalous way in which the Dalits (untouchables) are being treated have a look at the final quote from Chief Delusional Loon Kalmadi: Gridlocks spoil weekend as Games lane trial begins Self-explanatory... Rs. 750 crore insurance cover sought in the event of CWG cancellation Wonder if the payout is already being prepared...
  6. Another selection of 'how low can the Delhi 2010 games go' stories: Positive’s negative Indian wrestling squad has been decimated by doping convictions...so if they can actually hold the games the hosts are willing to win at all costs (will the organising committee be required to hand out a loan like they did to the weightlifting federation for their convicted dopers?) Civic body gets nod to spray Games venues with insecticides Nice to know that the local civic authorities are finally using one of the least toxic substances to arrest the dramatic upswing of dengue fever through mosquito eradication. Australia short of sponsors for Games One of the three major powers of the CGs is struggling to meet the financial implications of attending Delhi and the downturn in income is directly attributable to these games and their organisation...how must it be for the smaller teams (any news from the Canadians and Kiwis re their teams funding?) Lashker paragliders target CWG Yep, terrorists mounting an airborne assault on Delhi 2010 venues is now a possibility... OC hunts for rooms as flats not ready So if you as an athlete were thinking that the man or woman judging your long jump take off or your boxing bout will have had the same facilities and housing as you do, think again... And all of these stories have come within just the last 7 hours...
  7. How can anyone defend these farcical games in the context of what was promised, what has eventuated and what is still NOT guaranteed to be delivered. From dozens of deaths in the construction to bribes, nepotism, threats to intellectual property, communciable disease problems, doubts over security, drug cheating by Indian weightlifters, exploitation of the very people these games were supposed to benefit and repeated failures of the organising committee to do anything to the standards set by any reasonable expectation of the CGF or for that matter previous major sporting festivals and their host organisations. And at the end of the day this criminally expensive exercise in policy and governmental instrumentalities within a system that rewards only those who can exploit the underclasses or the honest is going to sully everyone's contribution. And by the way Arush if you actually dropped your blinkers and looked around at other threads we have discussed every potential or existing bid or games over the last 9 or so years with the same degree of attention to detail. Many of us here are Olympic veterans who have been in the belly of the beast so to speak and understand issues like not waiting till a week before teh athletes move in to do your security inspection, or leaving masses of waste that could be fertile ground for disease breeding insects on a flood plain where the athlete's village is built. And stop blaming your media; it is far easier to shoot the messenger than to actually admit that these games have been stuffed up royally by ineptitude and criminal negligence. Finally Beijing's games are over and done with and like many others here I personally feel that whilst they should never have been awarded and there will be many hidden issues we will never learn about in the public domain, at least within the context of delivering what was promised efficiently the Chinese did just that. In an ideal world Beijing, like Moscow and Berlin would never have been given SOGs on the grounds of their inherent totalitarian political context. As for Delhi, if the government and organising committee had delivered what was promised safely and equitably then there would be none of this talk. Sad to say this hasn't happened and it is an inescapble conclusion that the blame lies within the basic fabric of the Indian socio-political framework.
  8. Whilst I agree with you Mainad your comments regarding the importance of cricket and the lack of importance of other Olympic/CG sports for the Indians, I don't think the woeful state of affairs has a causal link in Indian attitudes to sport. Where the disconnect has come from is (I believe) in the actual developmental, political and societal problems that India in general is still labouring with. As much as economists and politicians can gild the lily with talk of an Indian boom and the growing prestige of Indian power in a geopolitical context, when it comes to so many of the basic structures that we in the developed world take for granted the Indians are yet to roll those out for the majority of their citizens. It is admirable that as the world largest democracy with a perennially growing number of citizens and challenges we in the developed world can't begin to understand, India has come a long way since the protectionist post-colonial days of the last half of the 1900s. But the government, industry, society as a whole is simply not up to the task of delivering a hugely complex project as a CGs. The corruption, the bureaucratic maze of red tape and paybacks, the nepotism, the teeming poverty of so many Indians, the growth of an exploitative clique of middle and upper class wealthier Indians, the blithe acceptance of inequality and disadvantage and then yes finally the general apathy felt by most Indians towards sports other than cricket mean these games were always going to be vulnerable to incompetence. I know it is a bitter pill for those who believe that there is some kind of need for equity when it comes to hosting the likes of a CGs or an Olympics, but there are countries that are simply just not capable of hosting them. India is not ready for a CGs now and won't be for an Olympics for decades. The only positive that will come from this is that the likes of the IOC and the CGF will hopefully draw lessons and continue to push back the fundamentally flawed third world bids that spring up every now and again (Jakarta, Tashkent, Abuja, Hambantota etc etc).
  9. At the risk of kicking a dog whilst it's down.... CWG security drills to be completed in a week Yep...in a country which has seen terrorist actions from Maoist rebels, Kashmiri separatists, Sikh extremists etc etc and in 2008 had Mumbai undergo one of the most brazen and atrocious attacks on civilians since 9/11, the local security forces can't have their preparations finalised now and will only have at best a week. And tagged along with this.... US warns citizens of terror strike during CWG Who knows how many Yanks would show an interest in the Delhi Games but there have also been travel advisories issued by the Malaysian and Australian governments. 'We expected better from AR Rahman!’ Must be pretty sad state of affairs for Delhi 2010 that even the local politicians want the anthem changed! India seeks a Commonwealth Games miracle Here's a telling set of stats:
  10. This is getting really really dire... When you have Mike Hooper saying the games may not proceed with 2 weeks to go before athletes arriving this isn't just a media beat up...this is a serious shite-storm that may see Delhi 2010 go down in history as the first CG/BEG to not go ahead due to host city incompetence. Farce...pure and simple.
  11. Yeah right...let's believe the government which can't honour deadlines and appeals to rain gods Or maybe it's all one big Chinese plot to make sure that these brilliantly organised utterly incorruptible games won't put Beijing 2008 into the shade like the highly esteemed Mr Kalmadi knows Delhi 2010 will be.
  12. Heard this report on ABC radio this morning...looks like Delhi is reaching a fever pitch thanks to all the delayed construction and monsoon rain... Dengue dogs Delhi games preparations
  13. Before we get carried away with talk about whether the YOG's are a white elephant let's set up some criteria for pass or fail on the IOC's terms: Did the Singapore YOG's keep the IOC and the Olympic brand alive on the crowded global sporting market? Has the push to start the YOGs helped bring into the fold cities that may not or will not post serious bids for summer or winter games down the track? Will the YOGs benefit individual NOCs that are investing in youth identification? What cost does the IOC bear in this exercise, and what cost does the host city bear re venues etc? Can and does the YOG model make best use of existing venues for a smaller games, or will it require new and perhaps unsustainable infrastructure? I understand why lack of media coverage may mean that the YOGs are perceived to be a waste when you are looking for high profile sports results, but what you I or anyone else in Joe Public Land might be looking at is the wrong result. The IOC and JR are canny as all shite and not prone to making expansionary movements without a degree of forethought, plus they will be setting their own agenda...not one we will easily accept or recognise. Frankly whilst I think the YOGs are no more than a glorified school's sports carnival they may well have more positives for the IOC than we can relate to a general 'white elephant' comment.
  14. Perhaps the Indian general public are far wiser about the true state of affairs than what the egotistical criminals are that are in charge of this schemozzle:
  15. Ron is a bombastic booster of all things Melbourne which he accomplishes with great effect because (a) he believes in what he says ( he gets the money to implement a lot of what he promotes and © Sydney's lack of vision and quality management of events means that Melbourne gets a free run with quite a few things. Kalmadi is an A Grade Mook, Goose, Fool, Nong, Twat, Dill...as Roy & HG would put it. To paraphrase another great Aussie commentator, Daryl Kerrigan "Tell him he's dreaming"
  16. This buffoon has the comic timing of Benito Mussolini and the same organisational skills. If his ineptitude wasn't seriously damaging the lives of poorer Indians, the reputation of the CGs and India and itself plus putting into possible danger the ability of our athletes to perform well and safely this would be anexquisite joke. Sad to say it isn't; it's a criminal fail of un-Beijing like stature.
  17. What a farce!!! These will undoubtedly be the worst example of a multi-event sports festival since the St Louis 1904 Olympics (which isn't saying much). The Delhi 2010 CGs have defined how to have the worst organisation of any major sporting event; simply ridiculous.
  18. Oh yes...Coates is probably the one single person who has really taken the Sydney 2000 SOGs and spun it into pure gold. From IOC membership and exec committee positioning to kicking the Crawford Report into the gutter of government indifference, he'd have to be one of the top 5 sports execs in Australia if not within the IOC. We Aussies might have thought Lord Gosper was our best hope for an IOC Prez but I say watch Mr Coates. He might not be Jacques' successor but he has ambition, drive, networking skills, credibility and could well get the nod before 2024...
  19. I know there is a belief out there that hosting a congress has some kind of direct relevance to both pull in the IOC and therefore for hosting a SOG, but as I argued in the Durban thread there is a definitive historical link between congress cities not being recognised as future host cities within a reasonable time (i.e. 30-40 years). A congress is not so much a recognition by the IOC that the host for that congress has won over the upper levels of the membership, more that the general assembly has a desire to travel the world and experience the good life (and I am sure that Singapore will deliver in spades on that point). Plus you need someone in that inner cabal with big clout and influence and Singapore has no one to propel their future plans forward. As for the influence of the YOGs, well one swallow sure as hell makes no summer and I wonder how many in the IOC look at the YOGs as Jacques little indulgence. Will there be a long slow development of these games that then eat into the profitability of the original IOC product and their marketing, or will they be a 'good idea at the time' a la the intercalary games of Athens 1906? I suspect the YOGs will have no relevance as a concrete element within any future SOG bid no matter where they are held. Now as the South East Asian candidate cities that opens Pandora's floodgates of worms . I wonder how Bangkok or KL would stand, insofar as they both have previous bid history and in the Thai's case they have a small but growing Olympic tradition. KL of course has 1998 to point to. Then again as per my usual line of reasoning where are there respective IOC bigwig supporters? None there right now.... Right now the ASEAN nations and their most prominent cities are less than likely candidates for SOGs, but as for future YOGs and CGs, yeah they could continue to deliver.
  20. Perhaps Singapore could look to a CGs Rols, as I am sure when the CGF look to an Asian host city down the road they'll be ruing the Delhi 2010 schemozzle and will be hard put to go to Hambantota for 2018 on such a spurious bid. For that matter are there any other remotely viable options in Asia for the next 20 odd years for CGs? As for SOGs, IMHO no way can it be considered a candidate city between now and the mid point of this century. No IOC influence at the exec level, no sporting tradition to call on within the Olympic context and holding a glorified school sports carnival is no indication of how capable you are of holding the biggest single peacetime event for a nation.
  21. Not too bad a report Rols and of course with Glenda Korporaal behind it (author of 'The Bid' and probably one of the two or three best Olympic sports journalists in Australia) there is a degree of authority to it. I was a little disappointed how she didn't mention the elephant in the room re tourism...9/11. Sydney 2000 was always going to have it's tourism impact decreased considering the length of time it takes overseas visitors from the Americas and Europe particularly to come here and global tourism and aviation suffered hugely because of 9/11. It was going to be a bloody hard ask to build sustainable tourism down under for that period say 2001-2004 within that context, and by then much of the world's sport/tourism attention was shifting to Greece and Athens. It also has to be said that the state government in NSW has literally turned everything it touches to crap since 2000, and that has certainly hindered the Olympic legacy. Turning SOP and Newington into a viable new urban and business centre has been hindered by a lack of transport infrastructure and planning stuff ups. Having said that most recent SOG redevelopments have taken a degree of time and effort to get to where Sydney's are today, and in fact I'd argue we are way ahead of our more recent and many earlier hosts. The other legacy issue that wasn't properly addressed in the article (though hinted at) was the impact the Sydney games had on our sports politics and international influence. Australia is (unlike as late as the early 90s) a major Olympic power in terms of representation in the IOC, planning and development of current and future hosting OGs, rankings in sports held at the games, corporate partnerships with OCOGs (as seen with the likes of David Atkins for Vancouver) and even in the battle against doping (with John Fahey, NSW premier when Sydney won the 2000 games now head of WADA). Without Sydney 2000 there would have been a vast diminishing of our impact on the Olympic movement, sports and their political management...since 1992 I'd argue only the likes of the US, China, the UK and maybe two or three other countries and their representatives have had such a major role to play in global sport as Australians were able to build on.
  22. Well in a tick over two weeks it'll be 10 years since Sydney 2000 and it's even harder to believe it's been a decade since then (plus still occasionally sifting through Ebay for collectibles). You got plenty of years ahead for reminiscences Jawnbc...enjoy
  23. And whilst the world holds its breath for Delhi 2010 (well, maybe pinches it's nose briefly) the farce gets closer and closer... Indian Government directs Organising Committee to pay off national federation’s doping fine Yep, that's right. Money that was supposed to go towards the efficient safe hosting of these games is being spent by the organising committee to pay off Indian debt because their weightlifters were proven drug cheats. Indian tycoon criticises Delhi Games spending If the second richest Indian finds the idea of the profligate waste and redundancy of these CGs questionable how must the urban poor of Delhi feel? It's hard to be corrupt when you haven't been paid claims SMAM boss Major companies that have attracted record sponsorship deals for these games haven't been paid and look to be instigating multi-million legal action against the disorganising committee. Call-off Commonwealth Games, say rights activists Local activist cites dispossession, exploitation and prostitution in the wake of the Delhi 2010 games. And all this from just one day's worth of news coverage...
  24. How about reading the forum more closely...as you will see in the thread re Jacques Rogge he didn't so much as make a positive statement about the Delhi 2010 organisation more that the Indian media was pessimistic. Plus JR's role as arguably the world's leading sports czar at the top of the most powerful global sports conglomerate means he will always tout for business and appease lobbyists wanting the SOGs. Did Rogge commend the gallery of crooks, buffoons and backsliders that have been putting these CGs into disrepute based on careful analysis of the series of scandals and organisational flaws that have mired Delhi 2010 in chaos? No. By the way, where's your post about the Indian weight lifters not possibly attending due to their failure to deal with the an unpaid fine after 6 lifters failed doping tests!! Just in case you don;t read your own media here's a link: Indian lifters face Games doubt over unpaid fine Not even during the heady days of East German or Soviet doping has a home nation's sporting team been so besmirched by the taint of drug cheating before a major games. As for Fennell's comments these have only been reported anecdotally by an official from the same farcical group organising the Delhi 2010 games. They are not an official release from him or the CGF. And even if he does give his federation;s stamp of approval it doesn't mean the venues and organisation has been satisfactory; it means the CGF and India can't afford the disdain, political and economic ramifications of abandoning these redundant games at this stage of their implementation. Finally before the Delhi 2010 organising committee get too cocky over massaging the ego of Messrs Fennell etc take a look at this report: No matter how much you'd like to believe in your countrymen's efforts the Delhi 2010 CGs are doing nothing but staining India's sporting reputation, plus casting a pall over what was supposed to be an efficient and friendly festival bringing people from over 70 nations and colonies together.
  25. Latest News From the Delay 2010 Commonwealth Shames: Delhi dilemma: Commonwealth Games tourists aren't booking Tennis stars stay away from Commonwealth Games BJP demands simultaneous probe into Games’ irregularities So far the ‘anti-common’ Games Fennell said cause of huge loss for India in 2010 Commonwealth Games Leading Sponsor Threatens Pull-Out From Commonwealth Games Hello Delhi, your Games jingle is running late So with less than two months to go the 2010 CWGs in Delhi has to deal with a key sponsor threatening to quit, major tennis stars such as Andy Murray and Lleyton Hewitt not willing to attend, calls for judicial probes into the corruption of the organisers, a signficant downturn in tourists attending the games, a tit-for-tat battle with the CGF chiefs over broadcast revenues, public doubts over the benefits of the games to Delhi's most disaffected and exploited citizens and they can't even get their official song sorted out. Five letters are all that are required to describe this situation...F-A-R-C-E.
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