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  1. Migod!!! Rob, those photos are sickening. No wonder the delegates and officials that are there are talking about pulling or delaying their teams entrance into the village. Frankly no one should go to these games if that is considered by the buffoons and morons on the Delhi OC as their acceptable standards of hygiene.
  2. Some more breaking news from The Delay Shames: And these three stories have come out in just the last hour...makes you wonder how stable things are in the eye of this sh!tstorm (or should that be Dikshit Storm?) And here is a fairly strident comment from the SMH re the games....
  3. And the bits keep falling off the Delay Shames: I can just imagine the reaction of the OC and government officials if the whole tectonic plate that sits underneath the subcontinent slide under the waves... "It is only a minor thing...and western standards of geology are obviously different to ours. We will have fixed by the opening which will be far better than anything Beijing or Melbourne could have delivered."
  4. I don't believe Australia will be first to withdraw as the Federal government is taking a hands off approach, with the individual athletes left with the responsibility to make the decision then advise their respective sports organisation. Also Perry Crosswhite and Steve Moneghetti (key Aussie CWG administrators) have been very pro Delhi. Throw in political sensitivities between Australia and India, economic interests and trade implications if Indians feel let down or insulted by Australian attitudes, and the potential harm done to the Gold Coast 2018 bid, then it stands to reason that there will be no unilateral mass pull out by Australia. I suspect NZ or maybe Wales or Northern Ireland may be first. Canada also is a candidate. England won't withdraw because of the implications for it's London 2012 preparations. Scotland won't because of 2014 Glasgow and South Africa will attend because there is a degree of sporting and political solidarity with the Indians plus it would look a little suspect in terms of their potential 2020 Futban bid. Also watch for the small delegations who may pull the pin because they could get the short end of the straw with village facilities. The big countries have the clout to kick up a stink over crap accommodation...the smaller delegations may not.
  5. Mo, what can you expect from organisers that have been culpable in some form or another with the deaths of over 40 workers during the construction of the venues. Any interest in hosting the CGs using some YOG venue facilities Huaiwei?
  6. I guess this is the alternate reality where the perception of faeces and urine is actually hygenic, and are utterly normal when found on your bed or excreted in front of you by a total stranger, once you enter the fantasy kingdom of Kalmadi's Kaotic Kapers....
  7. So...which of these articles sound like Delhi is a shambles, and which gives you faith in the organisation of the Delay 2011 Shames: It must be reassuring for the athletes of the Commonwealth that public piddling and dog sh!t on beds are minor things....
  8. Can someone please tap that pompous goose, that fully blown twat Kalmadi on the shoulder and let him know the jig is up...cancel the games now.
  9. You have got to be kidding!!! I guess it's now standard operating procedure for a village better than Beijing's, than Melbournes etc etc must come with fecal matter in the room, unlocked rooms and stagnant ponds breeding dengue fever carrying mozzies as part of the final games fit out.
  10. ABC Radio carried two reports about the farce that is Delhi 2010 on their nighty current affairs program 'PM'...they can be heard here: PM 21st September 2010 However in case there are probs hearing them here is a sizeable chunk of the first report and the second in full: Farce...pure and simple.
  11. I think it's a case of crash or crash through Rols...can you imagine all the schedules that are tightly wired around the games happening as planned? TV broadcasters, sporting federations, sponsor tie-ins, Delhi's own municipal activities, individual athletes and their upcoming training and participation. If Delhi was to say "Sorry, can you come back in March next year" no one would want to. There's no way these games will be mounted to the expectations generated by the original bid or the irresponsible boosting from Kalmadi's Kronies...if they do run that'll be a miracle in itself. I hope Fennell, Lamadi and all the dullards associated with these games go away and have a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves why the feck did they put the Commonwealth Games in such a position. This is far worse than the Athens 2004 run in, the diverted 1986 World Cup or the 1976 Denver rejected Winter Olympics. Thank god for Glasgow and no doubt the Gold Coast...sanity and efficiency may yet return to the CGF.
  12. Not sure but of course the classic 'not ready in time' moment for Montreal was having to utilise a temporary cauldron platform...good thing the Queen's Baton doesn't get ignited or the Delhi organisers probably would have problems with that as well.
  13. Dozens of deaths building the venues...check Human rights violations of Delhi's urban poor and underclasses...check Corruption and exploitation in the process of deliverying the organisation of the CGs...check Failure to obtain or keep key sponsors...check Doping scandals involving home nation athletes which require financial remediation from the games committee...check Unsanitary environmental conditions near the venues and athlete's village...check Repeated failure to deliver on promises and dead lines...check Jingoistic boasting from the organisers that are all hyperbole and do nothing to improve our perception of Delhi contrasted with Beijing or Melbourne...check Terrorist activity which threatens the delivery of the games in a safe manner to the athletes, officals and games tourists...check Budget blow outs...check Um, aside from the multimedia balloon being hijacked by Kashmiri separatists or someone of that ilk I don't think there is much else that can go wrong with these shames. By the way if the Kiwis are being moved who is going into their unsatisfactory digs? Surely not one or more delegations from the less powerful CG nations/teams? And as of about 1.00pm AEST: NZ says Delhi Games could be called off If any of the major nations pull out of Delhi 2010 then the rammifications will be fatal to the CG's this year plus a body blow to the CGF. Expect some extremely fiece and expensive lobbying between now and the potential opening...
  14. Frankly I think Delhi's CG's are now too dangerous and have come at too great a cost for anyone to attend without having grievous concerns: This isn't about India bashing or not wanting the games to be a success...I want to see a sporting festival conducted without deaths and the exploitation of the poor. Now it seems that athletes and their supporters that visit Delhi really are under potential threats to their lives....
  15. 1. Petrodollars 2. FIFA Presidential clout determined by Bin Hamman and his Asian clique 3. Another 'stuff you' to the IOC and to the Anglos (i.e. US and Australia) It makes no sense to go to Qatar Baron but let's not forget this is the same international sporting federation that has defended the sporting practices of Thierry Henry and Maradona, has though going to Columbia for the 86 WC was a good idea and has a president who has expressed the opinion that female soccer players should dress in skimpier clothing to improve interest in the sport.
  16. Games Village 'very good' but needs clean up: NZ top official
  17. As much as I'd like to think the Qatari bid has been given a big boot in the date with the less than glowing technical report it's not going to be the be all and end all when it comes to the actual selection. If there is a concerted political movement within the FIFA execs to go with Bin Hamman's baby no matter how good transport, venues, tourist facilities etc etc are from the likes of Australia and the US they will be put aside in favour of the petrodollar funded farce that a Qatar WC will be.
  18. Well nice to see something positive emerging finally from the Delay 2011 CGs however the village appears no better than others (certainly looks like the athlete's rooms and dining facilities are of a lesser standard than those in Sydney). Also not hard to notice there are still problems with stagnant and surface water. As for the sex workers Rols you might recall there was a similar story surrounding Sydney and the filles de jour converging on the Olympics for a supposed boost in business. I also suspect there were similar stories with at least Athens and Beijing. Been going on since the days when the populi Romani hung around the Flavian Ampitheatre looking to hook up with feminae nocti after gladitorial games
  19. Well aside from demonstrating how proficient the organisers are at floating huge balloons over a rain soaked stadium, here's some Indian news reportage about the village (with attendant mosquito breeding swamps and detritus): And this was only 8 hours ago (approx 2am AET)
  20. Comparing Athens with Delhi make draw certain simplistic similarities vis-a-vis organisational chaos and no fiscal restraint, however even the much maligned 2004 Olympics delivered a quality event which met the expectations of the organisers and most spectators whilst not necessarily exacerbating or exploiting social inequalities and the urban poor of the host city. Delhi seems to have been one sad and sorry farrago of lies, blatant misuse of money and influence, criminal negligence and socially irresponsible policies which have not just tarnished the CGs and India's reputation but frankly put most of the world's sporting bodies with an interest in Delhi 2010 utterly off the idea of going to the subcontinent. As for Durban I'm unsure as to how Delhi 2010 may reflect upon a possible 2020 candidacy. In terms of bid and organisational logistics it would seem apparent that from the 2010 WC experience South Africa in general is capable of delivering on time (the debate on scope and focus can be obviously looked at in other threads). Financial and social inequality in South Africa may be bad contrasted with more developed economies however it far outstrips the capabilities of India. I suspect from the evaluation of a potential Durban 2020 bid would be reasonably positive with or without the shadow of Delhi 2010. Having said that the CG farce for this year would certainly reinforce opinions about some of those more fantastical bids...you know, the likes of a Abuja, Cairo, Nairobi, Baku etc etc. The likes of the IAAF, FINA etc etc will find no desire to have their sports suffer the same comedy of errors in securing safe and well constructed venues in a developing nation's leading candidate city as has been experienced in Delhi.
  21. Rob, whilst I've been at the forefront at posting some fairly negative articles and scathing about the overall value of these games (which I stand by 100%) I think you may be right insofar as the Delhi 2010 games will pass with no major setbacks. This doesn't mean they will be a success in terms of say a Melbourne of Manchester, nor on the larger scale a Sydney or a Beijing. However unless there are some seriously fecked up operational issues that wont emerge until the games start then there should be enough impetus to get the games done. Having seen what is needed up close and personal in a games the key measures will be transport, security, athlete comfort, sold out venues and lots of local sporting success. If Delhi's much hated traffic chaos impinges upon the games then that'll be a big minus. If venues are half full that also will damage the games. And of course having any athletes find their village facilities incomplete, unsanitary or just not suitable then this will mark down Delhi's chance of success. But what should be kept in mind is to get even into these lowest of low expectations the Indians have squandered, corrupted and delayed the delivery of the opportunities they were given with these games which in turn come at a far greater social cost than any other major sporting event in recent history. If all the athletes come home safe and sound with the winners happy with their medals and the losers enjoying the experience well and good. However the benefits for the average person in Delhi seem so out of whack with the dislocation, cost, political back scratching and sheer exploitation to make anyone wonder will this be truly worth it.
  22. Für unsere Deutsche Freunde: So, at least all the farcical efforts at organising Delay 2011 with the unseemly stench of corruption has attracted the German media. Well done India...finally the CGs are talking to the man in the Ku-damm
  23. Well Mo if you're familiar with Australian Tourism promotions they talk about the 2006 host city as Marvellous Melbourne, so let's just say 2010's home has won the right to be called Delusional Delhi.
  24. Nice to see that those terrible Europeans and Australians as well as the Global Financial Cris has lead to the following continuing problems with Delay 2010 (Maybe 2011): Opening, closing shows in peril Start worrying Baron...the Bollywood epic might bereduced to someone playing a Ravi Shankar CD if the Nehru stadium surface continues to subside. PM admits to lapses, delays on CWG front So Arush, if your PM can defend your country's media why can't you? Cost of fixing Delhi for Commonwealth Games worries churches Just as has been discussed time and time again the urban poor of Dehli have been the ones to suffer the worst impacts of these farcical preparations, and these front line agencies know what they are talking about. 'Demoralised, but we'll pull it off' Don't blame the OC for the problems says Chief Delusional Officer Kalmadi, but the village will be better than Beijing. Australian swimmers given permission to abandon Commonwealth Games Aside from the fairly damning statement this story makes about confidence in the Delhi games from one of the key sporting federations from one of the major participating nations at the CGs, to read that indivdual local sportsmen can be viciously assaulted in Delhi must raise the tension even higher. Hooper hopes safety certificates are bona fide Perhaps the venues are certified, perhaps not...and not all yet.
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