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  1. For a minute there I thought (considering the juxtaposition) your post Brekkie said 'the Baron's been on the road for well over a year for some ridiculous reason'...perhaps to escape burqa and bomb wielding assassins Back to the subject... Looks like if you want to go see the OC or CC then seats (well one's that hopefully won't fall apart or be used by stray dogs for rest and defecation) are still available
  2. Don't you love the carefree and happy atmosphere that is being exuded from Delhi 2010: So it could be that whilst the terrorists try and smuggle bombs into the venues the workers are smuggling taps out. Must be a bonanza for any Indians with a combined plumbing and demolition concession Delhi 2010: The Friendly Games :D
  3. So, is Kalmadi right? Or is this just more excuse making?
  4. Hmmm...interesting story there from Martin Di Stasio On to different journalism issues with Delhi 2010:
  5. Frankly as soon as 'Barcelona Tonight' makes any claims regarding serious investigative journalism you steer clear of the story. They are at their best mixing up stories about best fitting bras for plus sized women, shonky real estate agents from Queensland and how to get cheaper cuts of meat from your supermarket...real journalism is way beyond their capabilities or ethos. Having said that I don't think this was part of a "Let's kick India" campaign; if anything I suspect it was a way to get great ratings from a sensationalist story that appealed to much that tabloid journalism audiences like (including looking at the heady mix of the Commonwealth Games which is something Aussies generally enjoy immensely, and terrorism which scares the crap out of anyone). Plus it also was a nice little dig at Channel 10's coverage of the CGs, which undoubtedly has undergone some serious damage thanks to the stuff ups courtesy of the OC fecking up or waiting till the very last minute. Problem is that these kinds of stories get run by the supposedly more credible media outlets who spread it to an audience unfamiliar with the originating program's less than stellar standards.
  6. Don't think so but he could be certainly slotted into the program for 'Kalmadi's Kaotic Komedic Kommonwealth Kapers' Already got performing dogs ("Thrill to the excitement as Delhi Dogs Deliver Kalmadi's Kanine Krap on an athlete's bed") and Tightrope Walkers ("Be amazed as high wire acts try and get into the stadium, defying death as bridges collapse underneath their very feet").
  7. Worst is over This reported less than 4 hours ago: So much for the Indian organisers being mindful of the safety and comfort of athletes from African members of the Commonwealth. And until the last athlete and official arrives home safe from these shames the worst is not over.
  8. Yet more bumbling and fumbling in the village: Farce!
  9. Exactly Well actually looks like not just the white man's burden in Delhi...
  10. The sad thing about all the bumbling and the corruption and the delays etc etc is not that there has been PR damage done, it's that the people who should have been the recipients of some if not all of the benefits from these games will not be the ones to win. For example, the urban and rural poor who have slaved under third world conditions to put together the Delhi 2010 venues and facilities have been maltreated, subject to draconian labour discipline whilst seeing dozens of there number die in work related accidents. Then as soon as the construction work is done they will be quickly shifted on (if they haven't been already), forgotten by the upper and middle classes in India. The tourists who would have wanted to perhaps tie in a visit to the games with an Indian experience will have been deterred if not totally turned off thanks to the threat of terrorism, the unhygienic conditions which have allowed dengue fever to spread rapidly and considerably and the gradual decline in the appeal of these games as a sporting event because of the drop out of the best athletes. No doubt this will further impoverish or decrease the income stream for those locals who may have had significant expectations built up by the OC and the local government re tourist dollars will no be hard pressed to get this. The athletes have been fecked around right royally thanks to the incompetency of the Indian organisers who have done everything but made the athletes feel like they are the focus of the games. From badly timed or built venues which have not been available for text events through to an athlete's village that would have been unfit for dogs (well they could at least find the time to take a canine crap in them), to forcing the individual athletes to make a decision about their own health and safety, the Indian authorities have either neglected or even mocked the athletes who form the heart of these Commonwealth games. Then there are the broadcast rights holders and sponsors. Whilst I have no sympathy for the likes of Channel 10 etc losing money on this farce they and so many other commercial backers of these games have been duped and taken for a ride by the Indian organisers. They will be associated not with something as efficient as a Beijing or as friendly as a Melbourne; instead the taint of Delhi 2010 will make their association cheap and tawdry. Finally the Commonwealth Games have been mugged by the Delhi 2010 organisers and associated government authorities. The likes of Kalmadi, Gill, Bhanot, Dikshit etc have effectively taken the rights to host one of the oldest, friendliest and most respected sports festivals and done to it what the Delhi dogs did to the bed linen in the village. From 4 years ago when Melbourne's CGs left everyone fairly happy and hoping that the CGs would continue, there is an open and arguably mortal debate going on now about the future of the CGs and the CGF. Yes, the federation was culpable in selecting Delhi in the first place (well, the voting delegates were) but they placed their faith and the future of the games as an international festival in the hands of greedy, corrupt, lazy and avaricious men and women who exploited their power and their country's emerging influence to strip away the credibility of the Commonwealth Games movement. And the truly sad thing...unless things get worse these games will stumble to their closing and all the losers will never get another chance to revisit a better opportunity. Whereas the buffoons who have mismanaged this event will boast and gloat about how the games came off even with the problems and the doubters complaining...
  11. No we haven't all seen Slumdog Millionaire and we don't all take our cues for looking at third world poverty via popular cinema And no, the internal politics of India are not the specific reason to think Delhi is a disaster, but it is the root cause for the scandals involving corruption, delayed delivery of venues, exploitation of the poor, deaths and dislocation of Delhi's most vulnerable citizens, sullying of the Commonwealth Games' brand and the failure of the OC to obtain and retain the support of Indians and those interested in the CGs. The likes of Dikshit and Kalmadi are creatures of the Indian political and bureaucratic system that is skewed to enrich those who are partisans of the ruling elites. Instead of spouting Pollyana-esque niceness do a little digging and take into consideration what informed commentators who are there on the ground and who have lived with the inchoate mess that has been Delhi in the lead up to these redundant and unfortunate games say.
  12. A sensible and pertinent op ed piece from a Delhi writer (who I have previously cited regarding the exploitation of Delhi's underclass and the numerous deaths at the 2010 venues):
  13. There have been images of the food hall posted in this thread! How about actually looking at the posts and doing some research before parachuting in with glib posts. And your reference to a crane possibly falling on the footbridge is just ridiculous. Every report including statements issued by the Delhi organising committee that it was a structural problem and had nothing to do with some kind of third agent. As for your inane comment that the security risk of travelling to India has nothing to do with the Commonwealth Games, considering that several governments have issued travel advice warings that directly state a link (as seen in the Australian Department of Foreign Affair's warning between the holding of the games in Delhi and terrorist attacks then I'd rather believe a professional government agency than your unfounded generalisations. And unless you think that a games where at least 42 people have died in the process of deliverying the questionable venues for these games is acceptable these games are already a disaster.
  14. Not sure about Netball dropping off the program (and to be honest both as a sport played by Australians and as a Commonwealth sport the CGs are a natural fit for it) but field hockey possibly. Rugby 7s will be surpassed in terms of importance thanks to the Rio 2016 SOGs and there will still be the Hong Kong 7s floating around as well.
  15. Not sure as to whether the gallery link below is from Halloran's peek inside the village, but here is an example of the construction work from the athlete's village: Gallery of Village Images
  16. John Coates is not a fan of Delhi... Well there goes any hope for Delhi 2020...2024...2028 etc etc
  17. This deserves a thread in itself but I disagree with you Rols. If one considers the concrete results of engaging via the Olympics to improve human rights in any of the totalitarian regimes then the results are a big fat zero. On the other hand ask South Africans and Zimbabweans about the effect of being banned from the Olympics on the public and sporting policies of their white supremicist regimes and you'll see that engagement through allowing a games to host is a dud proposition. And considering that the Olympic charter and modern Olympism was a creation of western liberal democracies with values that are more focused on individual human rights then I firmly believe there is no conflict in asking for host cities to meet those same expectations. Otherwise you get situations as those seen in Beijing where people who wanted to use the Olympics to raise the profile of Tibet were muzzled by the locals who conveniently reneged on their promises to allow for freedom of the press. If Delhi has shown us anything in relation to this issue the Indian media and the game's critics have shown the power of democratic activitism when a major games fails to meet public and political expectations which respect core human values.
  18. What twaddle! None of this is about looking to have the CWGs cycled endlessly through white developed countries. The complaints have all been focused on the betrayal of the very principles of the games and the most vulnerable members of Indian society. There have been numerous citations from Indian sources in previous posts about the inequities of these games and if you actually look back at some of my posts from 2 or 3 months ago you'll see citations referring to Indian social welfare and political groups voicing the same concerns. And if it smacks of arrogance to be proud of a country or a system of government that abhors using 3 year olds in manual labour then hell, I'm arrogant. This is not about race, creed or colour, this is about not allowing the exploitation or degradation of the human rights of people in a developing country because the rich upper classes and ruling elite want to pander to jingoistic bigotry.
  19. If you mean that Beijing's Games were also morally compromised by the work and social practices of the Chinese authorities and organisers I agree. If it means they should have been cancelled on these criteria alone then that's a ridiculous point because they are over and done with. You can't rewrite history, and whilst the choice of Beijing was wrong on so many levels (like Moscow's and Berlin's) they are now in the past. Delhi on the other hand is still in the future and people still can affect change by demonstrating the ethical and moral bankruptcy of the Indian organisers and politicians by not attending or even asking for the games to be cancelled.
  20. Let's get one thing perfectly straight; the prime responsibility for these games descending into the farce that they are are the Indian authorities who have consistently and blatantly avoided deadlines, ethical work practices, safety concerns, responsibilities to their own citizens as well as the thousands of overseas visitors who have been planning to attend these games. The Indian authorities have demonstrated time and time again a breath taking capacity to dissemble, obfuscate, boast and deny whenever they have been asked to actually deliver something that we in the developed world would take for granted. They are the ones who have turned the 2010 games into a disaster, and you can't expect their criminal ineptitude to be then rewarded with people attending and being polite about how nice the stadiums look. There are times when you need to call a spade a fecking shovel and say that the games should be at best delayed and at worst abandoned. It is the moral thing to do, it is the right thing to do. If everyone just blithely accepts the farce and attends they will be just as culpable in allowing the morally bankrupt politicians and organisers involved in Delhi 2010 to get away with murder (both figuratively and literally). And before you argue that it is an insult to the work of the Indians and their hospitality take a look at this: If the locals have such a loathing for these ruinous games then why should anyone in good conscience support their continuance? You can excuse the pursuit of bread and circuses in societies where there is the some degree of social conscience and a capability of the economy and the polity to meet most if not all of the needs of the people. However if anyone can justify these CG's continuance in terms of it making the average Indian's lot better they will be superior in intellect and ethics than the combined attendees of a MENSA conference
  21. Just in case anyone gets all warm and fuzzy about the supposed progress being made with the remediation on the village, read this story and consider why the feck these games are going ahead at all: Indians everywhere as well as the CGF and even athletes should feel remorse and disgust at having this farcical and redundant event which has lurched from crisis to crisis with no value whatsoever mounted on the backs of such egregious exploitation and neglect of children and the poor. If this was occurring in any of the countries most of us come from we would be wanting and hopefully seeing parliamentary investigations and criminal court cases proceeding, and we would be ashamed to have such an event come at such a cost. However the elusive Kalmadi, Dipshit and the rest of the Indian boosters seem to have no remorse, no morals, no ethics. Disgusting...
  22. From an Australian perspective it's usually swimming first followed by athletics. The swimming this year should be of interest in that Aussie swimming is in a transition phase with most of of our greats from the last 2 or 3 games no longer around whilst English swimming (with perhaps some help from the Scots and Welsh) looking to improve upon the strong performance in Melbourne and lead in to London. As for athletics well even without so many of the world class competitors from Australia, England, Jamaica etc not attending it should still throw up some intriguing events. Steve Hooker in pole vault could be a big moment (assuming he still turns up and the games get the green light). Weightlifting could have been very interesting thanks to the emergence of India as a power in the sport in the Commonwealth but forget it now...doping cheats from the subcontinent has killed that. And if you want elite level sport where the competitors truly will be up at the very peak of the world's best, netball and lawn bowls are the choice.
  23. The CGF certainly seems to have none of the corporate or organisational abilities or strength to operate in a similar manner as the IOC does (hardly surprising considering the more amateurish aspects of the federation's upper management and the games themselves). The likes of Fennell and Hooper as well as all those who voted for Delhi must take a goodly portion of the blame, however I suspect unlike say Samaranch and Athens, or even going back as far as Brundage and Melbourne, once the choice was made with Delhi the exec board has been unable to do anything more than sit back and cross fingers at every step of the way with the Kalmadi Klowns. What is intriguing is assuming the current farce was to get worse it would possibly be impossible for the CGF to actually cancel the games. There is a clause allowing them to repeal the host city contract but this has to be done by the Exec Committee which needs 14 days notice of a meeting. As the Delay Shames will be probably staggering through a few days of competition before such a meeting can be held, methinks it's too late. And let's face it, unlike the IOC which is in a significant degree of power when it comes to exerting influence in the world thanks to the Olympic brand, the Commonwealth Games are well nigh unsellable (as reflected with the likes of Hambantota's bid which would be laughed at in an Olympic context). Delhi's bid had all the compelling factors akin to Beijing's for 2008, however unlike the IOC The CGF had no credible alternate that wouldn't have smacked of a perceived repeat of the traditional white man's games. Hamilton may have been the better organisational option but Delhi's non-selection could have disaffected the African and Asian delegates, thus further reducing the CG's relevance. Sad to say it looks like the CGF was in a no-win situation back in 2003...picking Delhi has almost certainly consigned the CWGs to the dustbin of sporting history.
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