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  1. That's a 64 billion Crore question; before heading into an Olympic bid can India and its relevant NOC, governmnet etc dispel Delhi's farcical reputation and if so would another major sporting event run the potential of repeated the same mistakes and stuff ups. On the immediate horizon is of course the ICC One Day World Cup and I'd be hard put to believe that even a smoothly run tournament will help an Indian bid for 2020 on two grounds. First we are talking about cricket which has about as much relevance to the current IOC membership as does the last Olympic champion team in the sport. Secondly a cricket tournament held across 3 nations in a madly passionate cricket loving part of the world, where the game has a complex (and arguably deleterious) relationship with Indians and the local BCCI means that the IOC could not draw valid lessons from it to ensure the smooth running fo a future SOGs. As for the next best opportunity perhaps an Asiad games (2019 or 2023) would be appropriate but then you start pushing out a bid drawing on the success of such an event to 2021 or 2025 (for the 2028 or 2032 SOGs). So we are talking at least 11 years for Delhi's schemozzle to be forgotten...that's a very vague hope considering that to be even in the ball park an Indian bid for say 2019 must first beat off rival bids from (hypothetically) Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpar, Hanoi, Manama, Kuwait City etc etc. The CGs will arguably never come back to India and FIFA will also steer well clear of the subcontinent for a WC. World championships like those for the IAAF, FINA, FIBA, FIG, ICU etc etc won't be looking to ship their sports over to Madras, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai etc etc so bang goes the chance for say a World Track Cycling Championship to help a potential 2020 or beyond bid. So to put it none too delicately, any future Indian SOG bid is up the river Ganges in a barbed wire canoe with no paddles.
  2. Very true...which then makes you wonder why the Delhi OC (a.k.a. Kalmadi's Klowns) didn't work out the logistics of the track protection better or for that matter reconsider the scale of the Opening Ceremony and potential for damage in light of their schedule for track and field starting so soon afterwards. However we can all guess the answer...throw thousands of unskilled underpaid workers at the job at the very last minute and just hope like hell that things are alright (and if not blame the western media, the gods or the monsoon).
  3. Which sport do you think that drastically favours Australia at these CGs? Potential candidates such as Hockey, Rugby and Netball are team sports with only 1 gold medal at the games. Gymnastics was a sport at the CGs which favoured Canada and England for some time at least in men's whilst swimming was for donkey's years a battle between Australia, Canada and England. Lawn Bowls may be the best candidate for your proposition but considering England, NZ, Malaysia and Scotland are all substantive powers in the sport as well then Australia has no singular bias in their favour. Perhaps my memory of Edmonton 1978 colours my interpretation of Canada's CG success however it seems that somewhere along the way Canada's sporting bodies have put the CGs and many summer sports into the uninterested or too hard basket. Instead of waiting for a more favourable disposition of sports as you suggest increased interest in the current games may propel better programs for 2014/2016.
  4. Shock! Horror! Amazement! Someone contact the Delhi 2010 security coordination team and ask them how a crowd of spectators slipped into a venue and actually came to see a sporting contest...
  5. Switching the emphasis from farcical organisational issues, who has done well out of these CGs in the actual sports and who has dudded us? Aside from the monolithic success of the Australian team as a whole I'm intrigued by the strong showing of South Africa (portents for an even better showing 4 years from now maybe, perhaps with a future CGs in the pipeline?) whereas NZ seems to have fallen behind. Canada's CG glory days are also looking a little like a dim memory...are Canucks disengaging from the games in favour of winter sports and their recent success at Vancouver?
  6. Whilst I wont make any observations on that TMFI moment it has to be asked how come the Commonwealth's athletes and the Delhi's drainage system can't manage what the Olympic athletes and Sydney's drains were able to do back in 2000, plus with all this rampant condom use are athletic standards failing due to shagger's back and other horizontal folk dancing ailments
  7. Thing is the IOC has no membership that is willing or interested in securing a games for India now nor will they have for quite some time, as indicative by the absolute nadir that the Indian NOC and its patrons have brought the current CGs to. There is no one...no one in the upper levels of the IOC who have put themselves forward as patrons of India's Olympic aspirations aside from your general motherhood statements from JR himself (the same man who has been talking up for example a Chilean or Argentine bid for the OWGs), whilst almost all the boosting of an Indian bid has come from the same buffoons who can't even keep monkeys and dogs out of athlete villages. As for sponsors the CGs have seen less than 30% of the targeted revenue streams come from sponsors (see here for reference) and considering that the majority of sponsors would have been domestic Indian companies able to promote their involvement with actual signage at the CGs (unlike the Olympics where sponsorship is generally more subtle or at least off venue) it would be highly unlikely that the likes of P&G, McDonalds etc would be willing to expose their brands to a potential games with potential shambolic organisational issues that would in turn reflect badly on their branding. India has no hope of hosting a games until they meet at least these 6 criteria: 1. Reform their bureaucracies and political corruption so that the miasma of organising high profile public events on the scale of an Olympics doesn't get bogged down in bribes, red tape and nepotism 2. Cultivate an Olympic sports heritage and improve performance across a broader range of sports beyond it's very poor standards of the last 114 years 3. Provide a safe and secure games environment without either crippling financial pressures (as experienced in Athens) and/or curtailing the actual participation in the games for athletes and both domestic and international tourists (how can the IOC or the sponsors want to support an Indian bid when Delhi belly and travel advisory concerns are issued in day to day activities on the subcontinent let alone for an SOGs). 4. Convince domestic and international sponsors that their brands won't be tainted by associated legal or organisational problems as prevalent as experienced in the lead into and running of these CGs 5. Provide a sports going public that is willing and able to expand their interests from non-Olympic sports (such as cricket) and that can afford and will therefore attend games events 6. Most importantly establish a cadre of professional, independent and ambitious sports administrators including at least one IOC member who is potentially part of the IOC executive committee whilst cultivating the support of more than just their own internal cronies. Brazil and Rio have ticked off these criteria, as has China and Beijing. Considering the farce that has been Delhi 2010 India has no capability to achieve more than 1 or 2 of these standards and so far has demonstrated no ability or desire to move forward to secure these standards.
  8. Arbib is a right wing party hack with no credentials whatsoever when it comes to sport and the Olympic movement. His task at these games was no doubt to flatter the Indians and ensure that no matter what was appropriate in terms of criticism (helpful or protecting Australian athlete's interests) was going to be sidelined for the greater good of keeping the Indian government happy. It may be diplomatic and it does reflect where Australia's real interest in India is (i.e. tapping the growing wealth of the Indian economy) but it's uninformed and it's reinforcing the hyperbolic claims of Kalmadi and his corrupt gang of buffoons.
  9. As well as fairies at the bottom of our gardens...trucked in from Indian schools no doubt
  10. Must admit when you have a sports minister like this you wonder about a government's credibility when it comes to major sports policy: What a dullard. No reason? Perhaps he could get some ministerial advice on things like missing crowds, dengue fever outbreaks, poorly designed and mainatined venues, a minimum of 42 deaths in the construction of the games, a multi-billion dollar blowout in the games budget, political interference and corruption etc etc. Bring back Kate Lumby...this creature of the NSW ALP Right is a buffoon.
  11. Just in case you thought that things were running smooth as silk over in Delhi... Well done CGF, well done Kalmadi...it seems there will always be that extra bit of black lining to the silver clouds that hover aerostat-like over Delhi.
  12. All this talk about how the Indians are developing in terms of economy and infrastructure then contrasting it with the Chinese experience misses out on the elephant in the room so to speak when it comes to any future Indian attempts to mount a credible SOG bid. India and it's NOC have no influence at the IOC...none, bupkiss, nada, f'all. There is no one on the IOC's executive committee now or in the immediate future who can give them leverage. The whole Delhi shatfight has undoubtedly given every NOC and every IOC member cause to look again at even wanting to mire themselves in such a morass of incompetency and delusional hyperbole, and who is going to counter this? Kalmadi? Dikshit? Gill? And what of Indian sporting achievement at the SOGs? 1 single solitary solo individual gold and their last field hockey gold was in Moscow 1980 (and even then it was thanks to a boycott that saw most of the world's best teams not attend). Aside from shooting the premier sport in which India does well at the CGs is weightlifting and not only are they not in the class of the Russians, Turks, Armenians, Kazakhs, Iranians etc etc they have also been caught out in doping scandals that have culled numerous lifters. We're not talking China which had He on the exec committee and dozens of medals in their trunk prior to the first bid back in 1993 (and don't tell me the IOC cut China some serious brownie points when they turned up in LA in 84, giving the games a more global reach for an impaired SOGs), or South Korea and Mickey Kim. India has nowhere near the Olympic heritage, history, involvement or power to justify the awarding of a YOGs in 20 years let alone a full blown SOGs.
  13. Yes well not exactly the most distinguished behaviour. The punishment fits the misdemeanour and I would hesitate to expect Fkiri to be on the next Australian wrestling team.
  14. Moths my arse...unless these were the lepidoterist's most sought for winged insect find, the famous "Roof Debris Moth" that comes with no wings, no legs, no insectoid parts but clearly resembles ceiling debris. Saw footage of the cleaning on Australian TV last night and unlike the entire air force of Bogongs that descended upon Homebush in 2000 it was clear as buggery that what was in the Delhi pool were not moths.
  15. Frankly the Australian and UK media (having scanned over the last few months regularly many international media outlets) have been if anything too kind and more reserved in their attitudes to the build up and running of these games than the local Indian media has. The Times of India, NDTV, Hindustani Times etc etc have been tearing shreds off the authorities involved in these schemozzle games, and contrasted with even the most tabloid of media organisations (News Limited) downunder it's only been in the last maybe month where they have been aggressively chasing stories. In fact it's hard to accuse the likes of our local media for beating things up when it was the likes of the BBC and the News Limited papers who were the key distributors for some of the absolutely disgusting photos that came out of the village; we weren't talking about retouched images or glossy photo shoots supplied by the organising committee; this was solid photojournalism which demonstrated to the world how shabbily things were done in the village. As for the giving away of tickets it seems as if there is yet again typically chaotic organisation at play...collecting internet tickets have been an issue (with spectators having to wait 2-3 hours at the very few outlets in Delhi), thus deterring the crowds plus it's going to be a serious burden on an already crippled and blown budget to reduce ticket revenues even further. As cited above school children are supposedly going to be brought in however this again underlines the paucity of support or organisation of these games. I bet right now the likes of Fennell and Hooper are just hanging out for the first sounds of a bagpipe to echo round the closing ceremony...
  16. Had no interest in watching and was (like far more Australians) pumped to watch the mighty St George Illawarra Dragons claim their first grand final win since 1979 (and celebrating accordingly). Then again last OC at the CGs that caught my attention was 1994 in Victoria.
  17. Watching the medal presentation for the men's team gymnastics right now and there is literally no one there. Pathetic... For a supposed major event that was going to reflect positively on the development of India and it's desire to host a SOGs these CGs have done stuff all for their reputation. At least KL delivered on time with all the venues in place on time....
  18. Isn't it reassuring to know that with the pathetic build up to these games now that the events are running the spectators are hardly anywhere to be seen? All the money expended and the lives ruined for a CGs that either the locals can't afford to go to or have little to no interest in.
  19. Just because you can put on a few dancers and a light show or employ underpaid migrant workers to fix what you should have done months ago doesn't mean the games are running smoothly now:
  20. Simply, No! The Indian authorities have displayed staggering incompetence in the lead up to the CGs, with wilful ignorance or backsliding away from the agreed requirements of the standards expected by the international sporting community as well as the peak body that is the CGF. It has only been through intense media scrutiny and political pressure wrought by concerned parties that has allowed these games to even possibly go ahead. Considering the grossly increased magnitude of the demands of a SOGs with the increased complexity of hosting a games, coupled with Indian lack of success or power in the Olympic community, the massive political contradictions that have lead to corruption, exploitation and an unacceptable burden on the least able and willing to carry the burden then no. India is not a fit host for the Olympics now nor it will be for decades. And the most paradoxical nature of the Indian incapability is that if these CGs run relatively smoothly the babus and their political masters will consider their actions justified, with no sincere and honest reflection upon how much danger their inaction and ineptitude put the CGs in, both in terms of the current iteration as well as the long term future.
  21. Perhaps the slow and precarious shaping of sand into something static is some kind of carefully composed self-referential ironic symbol for the Kalmadi Kapers Baron...'Delhi 2010, built on sand and took bloody forever to get there' kind of motif
  22. Just a few more updates from the Indian Fantasy Zone (i.e. Delhi 2010, where if Kalmadi dreams long and hard enough perhaps it will come true ):
  23. Well it looks like we have two contrarians who love taking the urine...not sure of the third though
  24. So Delhi has the same stadium technology as used in the Maginot Line circa 1937...well done!
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