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  1. Danny...no chance. Bin Hamman is a big fish in a little pond that is the MaFIFA ex-co. He can use money and amazing promises about venues whilst heading up the AFC and thus get Qatar over the line for 2022. Come the IOC Qatar has no one in the membership to help them really, plus there are heaps of far more powerful people within the IOC (as well as more influences on why the Olympics should go to a different country) than in the decision making group at MaFIFA HQ. Qatar won the world cup through backroom deals and big dollars in a small and less ethical group of voters. The IOC process is more scrupulous, less prone to manipulation by one man, and has a greater range of vested interests,
  2. Mo, I hope you don't actually believe there is a causal link between having a great video of venues and actually winning the vote As has been reported almost everywhere Russia and Qatar were the technical underachievers in both races, so it has to be more about how they have spun the idea that the new venues they are building are some kind of monolithic fealty to the MaFIFA robber barons, set in concrete and steel. If anything I'm becoming more warm to the idea that you win a bid with MaFIFA by building at least half a dozen totally new and totally unsupportable arenas so that the MaFIFA big knobs can strut and preen at how important they are.
  3. Even if it could (and as MaFIFA has no credibility when it comes to keeping to the rules hence stopping an Oz 2026 bid) I think the FFA shouldn't. Spend the money on the game at grass roots and national elite levels and start getting some bums on seats in Zurich. If you don;t have a voice of your won in the shouting match you'll get nowhere. By the way CAF I expect Der Kaiser was our one and only vote. Franz would have been loyal whereas no doubt Platini flip-flopped and didn't commit.
  4. Oh dear, the monocellular cerebellum that is the mouthpiece from Rajapaskaland now thinks he understands FIFA's machinations (voting for technical reports when both Russia and Qatar were the lowest ranked in their respective bids shows how inane this buffoon is). Plus it's not about the number of votes (the how) but the causal relationships (the whys). Then again I'd be surprised if a fan of the Hambantota Cosa Nostra understands the difference between voting numbers and legitimate reasons for awarding anything...
  5. Okay...what were the reasons the 2018/2022 bid race panned out as it did?
  6. I saw the report about Bhanot (who struck me as being almost as buffoonish and negligent as Kalmadi) and Verma but not the link to Swiss Timing...I wonder how desperate the Swiss were to get the nod for the Delhi time keeping contract, and if it really did involve bribery. Considering that Swiss law has a fairly intriguing way of handling things like slander (just ask Andrew Jennings) does Swiss Timing have some sort of comfort or delusion that this same domestic law system will keep them out of the merde in India? And is this another example of Indian's bashing and blaming foreigners for local corruption and influence peddling. I bet right now Kalmadi is camped outside his lawyer's office or looking into country's that don;t have extradition treaties with India
  7. Here's an interesting take on the political aspects of the OC:
  8. Just as an aside, why does Chuck Blazer sound like the name of a character in a Will Ferrell movie And just in case you don't know who he is here's a pic of him impersonating Brian Cadd as a pirate: I'm sure that whilst the questions are being asked no doubt within Blather's Castle there will be mutterings of the Yank attack on a bid rivalling US 2022, plus how important in the scheme of things is Blazer versus Bin Hamman? I suspect Blazer's comments won't be anywhere near as telling as the ongoing rivalry between Blather and his Qatari Qolleague.
  9. So...finally we are seeing the chickens coming home to roost in Delhi for the corrupt officials behind the shambolic Delhi Games. And note how these two who have been arrested had their work signed off by Kalmadi and Bhanot.
  10. So far the new mobile format is working fine for me (IPhone helps I guess...sorry Rob), though posting this way is less capable than on the PC (which is to be expected I guess). For now I see the mobile version more suitable for browsing threads and getting updates than actually being a tool to contribute with...
  11. He was certainly the chief bozo behind all the khaotic and kalamatous build up to Dehi 2010, but how mcuh of this is mere scapegoating? Getting rid of the dullard after the games and not looking at the systemic reasons why there was such a schemozzle in the first place is not going to help anyone. Plus no one individual can be blamed with the inherent problems with an Indian city hosting a major multi-sport event such as the 2010 CGs; when a populace is so marginalised with so much poverty and so little competent development from an anarchic government it's no surprise that things went to hell in a handcart. Just as Gianna Angelopoulos wasn't solely responsible either for Athens 2004r almost failing, then being delivered on time but then being a huge financial sink hole for Greece, Kalmadi stands both part of and more relevantly symbolic of the failures of government in India in hosting the CGs.
  12. Do us all a favour and upgrade your version of BabelFish from the Imbecile Version...at least JimJones knew how to articulate his ideas and opinions in something that was actually coherent. And considering your position as the arch Rajapaksa-Mouthpiece here GamesBid I thought it was your own beloved leader who said there was no Tamil refugees and they all loved Sri Lanka. But you wouldn't be doubting the same man who defeated the LTTE in time to make sure that a cricket ground could be named after himself in time for the World Cup now would you?
  13. Of course the difference between the Gold Coast and Hambantota is on the Gold Coast not everyone is related to the President, the head of the defence forces, the sports minister etc etc, and you're actually able to voice an opinion contrary to hosting the CGs. In the backward underdeveloped port village that is the GC's only rival to voice a negative opinion might turn you into a non-person, much like those non-existent Tamil refugees
  14. Mo, the bid plan (which I assume we would consider to be the technical aspects of the bid) is the easy part and can be cobbled together frankly by any city (as demonstrated by the likes of Havana, Bangkok, Lille, Leipzig and of course Istanbul). However before even starting the process of developing a bid plan any group developing a candidature for an Olympic bid has to be aware of the dynamics and importance of IOC membership blocs and how to maximise the effectiveness of their lobbying to that august group. To be honest the mechanics of a bid and its technical excellence will always play second fiddle to the sheer political skill demonstrated by the leading members of a bid committee in concert with partisan and powerful groupings of IOC members. That's why anyone looking to Istanbul bringing home the 2020 gold have no hope, no matter how good or bad their city's infrastructure is nor the financial backing nor the sporting prowess of Turks. As demonstrated time and time again it's not what you know at the IOC, it's who you know.
  15. Salient points me old china, which then gives rise to the thought of their needing to be a bloc of similarly interested folk circling the Turks, not just one or two big knobs (or one or two idealists). Question is, has any confirmed or speculative bid for 2020 started to give an indication of such a bloc? Or to continue the fish analogy, anyone formed up in a school or are they all bottom feeders :P
  16. Frankly when it comes to the so-called 'web 2.0' the Olympics is just not cutting it and I sincerely doubt that the IOC or many associated with the dissemination of Olympic-related information can match what is already being put out there by entertainers, musicians, movie studios, existing print and electronic media and even teenagers Take as a case in point Twitter. During the recent Acapulco meeting the IOC tweeted barely a single skerrick of information, instead short newsbites were posted by the likes of Inside The Games and Around The Rings. Katarina Witt has a twitter account as she made only 1 or 2 posts related to Munich's presentation, whilst the official Munich 2018 twitter account has posted even less. Hopefully London 2012 will be more productive. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...these are the avenues for getting the Olympic message out there to a wider and younger demographic than has been experienced in your traditional TV, radio or print media formats...and unsurprisingly the old lords of Lausanne have about as much affinity to the net as they do to avoiding the free buffet in their 5 star hotels.
  17. All well and good Baron but you and I both know that unless Turkey have someone willing to be front and centre at the 'currying favour' line up alongside the likes of Pescante, Rana, Ramsamy, Bach, Coates and El Moutawakel to name but a few then the Asia Minor surge to a SOGs will peter out like a pebble dropped in the Bosphorus. Ugur Erdener is a no name and has about as much presence on the IOC as Francisco Elizalde (who??? )
  18. Frankly any story that associates EU membership with the possibility of hosting a SOGs in Istanbul is not even worth the bytes its transmitted on (just as the refusal to recognise Cyprus or the Kurdish question are not stumbling blocks). Turkey, Istanbul's bid team and their associated NOC and IOC member must simply create an irresistible lobbying force that brings on board the powerbrokers of the IOC. They've not been able to do it so far and they have a snow ball's chance in hell of doing it for 2020.
  19. Stupid idea - pointless to say the least, and the Winter Olympics isn't a factor at all in the Commonwealth Games. The games are pretty crucially positioned mid-Olympic cycle and generally ahead of the World championships in a pre-Olympic year for most sports, they are an important part of the Olympic cycle for many athletes and countries. The Winter Olympics are a factor in the CGs on two fronts. Firstly there is a huge drop in interest in arguably the third most important Commonwealth Games nation from the OWGs to the CGs. Canada spent tens of millions of its 'Own the podium' campaign for its winter athletes in Vancouver, and has a long and impressive record at the OWGs. On the other hand as demonstrated both in the Canadian performance at the last few iterations of the CGs as well as the current ennui that the Delhi Games engendered in Canada plus the unwillingness for Hamilton to front up for 2018, the Canadian public and sports administration see the CGs as a far lower priority than the OWGs. Canada is slowly disengaging from the CGs and the importance of the OWGs is a direct cause of this. And then there are the Australian, British and Kiwi winter sports programs which all compete for funds with CG athletics (in Australia our OWG team for Vancouver was fully funded due to AOC & federal Government support, whereas the CG sponsored team was short of money before Delhi requiring the local CGF affiliate to dig into its own pockets to fund the team). The search for gold medals at the Olympics whether winter or summer is seen as more important in these countries than Commonwealth gold. Secondly in a global sports marketing environment when sponsors and tourist dollars are at a premium, and when there is significant crowding of the year's schedule, it's a no brainer to understand that by the time a third tier sporting contest comes around after the two big international sporting events in the year (OWGs and FIFA World Cup) money becomes more and more a problem. Whilst the likes of Coca Cola and McDonalds can easily see the value in stumping up cash for these events they and their multinational-like businesses see less and less value in the CGs. Then there is the media interest generated by an OWGs contrasted with the CGs, showing that the latter really has a hard time getting attention as a profitable sports marketing arena for those potential sponsors. And considering the foreign sports tourists who have in the year the OWGs, then the World Cup, followed by the CGs, how many do you then would be willing and able to do the penultimate big sports event of the year? As for the CGs being a crucial part of the build up to a SOGs why is it that more and more major athletes find less and less value in competing at them when building towards an Olympic Games. Look at the Jamaican sprinters for Delhi as a prime example. Conversely how many of the CGs athletes are either attending the games because their sport is not part of the SOG event program (i.e. squash, netball, lawn bowls, rugby 7s - until Rio 2016) or because they simply aren't good enough to go to the SOGs? For every Ian Thorpe in Kuala Lumpar who goes onto Sydney and Olympic glory there are three, four, five...who knows how many CG athletes who are at these games precisely because they are NOT the Olympics. So much for your supposed 'pointless' hypothesis
  20. Rob, it's hard to say whether the Rajapaksa-Mouthpiece and his looney pro-Hambantota rants is just throwing ridiculous comments up in the air (Facebook stats are about as reliable as a Kalmadi promise), or has perhaps actually hit some truth. There is a lot of resentment in Queensland at the policies of the state government and whilst Dan seems to have a real motivated bee in his bonnet there is certainly a question mark over the worth of a GC 2018 bid from Anna Bligh's regime when what was a well funded public infrastructure is now facing some pretty big cuts. Throw in recent scandals over public health and Queenslanders are wary of diversions of funds into something they see as non-core to their welfare. The old white shoe brigade and their state Labor associates are still very much in favour of a 'big is better' South East Queensland and no doubt resistance is there when the project (i.e. 2018 CGs) seem to have questionable value. If they back up in any way similar to the resistance to the Traveston Dam project then the GC bid team may have some local opposition to assuage.
  21. Wonder if the staff stealing phones etc are the same ones who slept and crapped in the village rooms scant days before the village opened. Or perhaps they were the ones press ganged into herculean tasks by the Kalmadi Krew to fix up the feck-ups that had as their root cause the inadequacies of the planners and OC. Of course the ones who deserve the spoils of the farce are the unskilled $2 a day labourers who had dozens of deaths in their ranks and have bugger all to show for it.
  22. Welcome Dan, and thanks for the post. Unfortunately I think you've already been rolled by a Premier and the usual white shoe brigade who want to turn Brizvegas/SEQ into some kind of developers fantasy land where any idea will get a run so long as it's to the benefit of the powers that be. Please keep us informed about what's happening up there; between the crazy jingoism of our resident Hambantota loon and you so far on the ground locals in the 2018 bids are not yet popping up on the forum.
  23. I'd say from your nearest FIFA consultant or Nigerian with an inheritance they'd like to deposit in your account if you could just send them your bank details. Both are just as reputable
  24. I can certainly appreciate and applaud Lassila's award, and considering her achievements building up to her gold in Vancouver as well as the career-threatening injuries she has suffered no one could deny she has form on the board for a big recognition. Having said that it does seem a little premature to see her get the nod ahead of Mark 'The DNF Specialist' Webber who is poised to claim our first GP championship since 1980 assuming the results go his way in the last 3 races of the season. Plus Kurt Fearnley is a one in a million kind of paralympian...not only a great sportsman but his efforts in trekking the Kokoda Track on his hands was simply amazing.
  25. Okay, I'll bite Preparations: Fail How can anyone give the Delhi 2010 preparations a pass mark? Everything from merchandising, human rights, the athletes village, venues, ticketing, media management, political interference, venue certification, liaison with the CGF and the provision of test events or appropriately managed induction of the athletes into the games was stuffed right royally. Lots of us here can remember the bun fight over Athens, some of us can recall the draw out saga that had Montreal under the pump financially up to and then after 1976. But at no time in living memory has a major sporting festival such as Delhi 2010 been so shambolic, so farcical, so ruinous to the key stake holders, so warped in its priorities, so mismanaged and so very very very close to being called off as these were in the lead up to the OC. It was only through the constant badgering and shaming of the various buffoons and criminals involved in getting Delhi ready that some kind of policy was put in place to get a semblance or order in place before the games started, and this wasn't achieved without a huge cost in terms of the exploitation of the poorest and most vulnerable members of Delhi's society. And frankly if 42 deaths (the official minimum) people including a 2 year old killed on the site of the Nehru stadium is considered to be just in the cause of getting these games delivered then whomever holds that opinion should take a very long and hard look at themselves. Security: Pass Thank goodness nothing happened to cause the bloodshed that was a distinct possibility before the games. However so many reports came back from the games that the necessarily overwhelming security presence meant that there was little of the same communal spirit engendered in previous host cities, plus the aggressive operations of over zealous security forces meant that you had instances such as spectators being knocked back for wearing crutches. Sport: Fail (Pass for Hockey Netball and Rugby) No world records in key sports such as athletics or swimming. Participation from leading athletes across of a multitude of sports and events was diminished far more than at any previous CGs (for example Jamaica had their top 7 sprinters not appear at these games). Sports such as athletics and boxing were marred by some atrocious official decisions, whilst doping reared its head both before and during the games. Australia's dominance of the medal tally went unchallenged whilst the domestic crowds generally remained disengaged from almost all sports. The addition of tennis to the program was laughable and should never be returned to the CGs. Having said this the team sports of Hockey, Netball and Rugby 7s were good to brilliant. The problem is these three sports represent less than 5% of all medals on offer at the CGs and it wasn't necessarily the competition as a whole in each sport that saw such high standards, it was one on one rivalries between Australia and NZ or Australia and India. These rivalries are just as important in world cups, champion's trophies etc etc and it would be hard to argue that the venues or the hosts added anything to the actual standards on display. Ceremonies: Pass As I've watched neither and have no real interest in either the Opening or Closing Ceremonies I'll be guided by the other comments here. Media: Pass It would appear (admittedly from a fairly narrow cross section of English language TV, radio and web sites focused on Australian, Indian, British or Canuck sources) that the coverage of Delhi 2010 was good. Whilst some may remark on the negative press emerging both before and during the games I believe that the criticism was generally well founded and argued without racist tinges. Undoubtedly the Paul Henry episode left a bad taste (as did the partisanship of Indian journalists at for example the tennis) however there was barely any stereotypical snake charmer type stories (nor yes man style sucking up to the organisers). The opportunities afforded by new media or Web 2.0 however could have been better exploited. Operations: Pass Without actually being there or being engaged in the processes it's hard to fail the OC and attendant authorities in Delhi 2010. There are heaps of individual instances where there were problems (the weigh in for boxing, absent crowds, ticketing blunders, result reporting and information systems management for example) however the events went ahead, athletes competed and medals were awarded. Having said that the expectations were so low coming into these games that just seeing athletes compete was considered a major victory. Legacy: Fail I know it's probably way too early but it has to be said that the financial burden of so many venues that will not be used for competitive Indian sport in the near future will be one reason to mark these games down. Also the marginalisation of so many people and the exploitation of the urban poor of Delhi (which no doubt will be drowned out by Kalmadi's swaggering boasts) has been a cost that will take years to reconcile. The Commonwealth Games as a brand and the CGF as a sporting organisation have been tarnished and cheapened by all the pre-games scandals and their future is not more positive by engaging with the largest country in the Commonwealth. If anything Delhi 2010 has been a dead-end for the CGs and the burden for resurrecting the CGs as an event and as a experience is now weighing heavily on the broad shoulders of Glasgow. It must also be said that if there is an Indian bid for a future SOGs based in any way shape or form on the Delhi 2010 experience then that too will be a fail for the key players. Overall: Pass (Barely) The Delhi Games have been a bit like surviving a flight on a Garuda Airlines or the old Soviet era Aeroflot. The build up was ugly, messy, chaotic, technically flawed, overwrought with mismanagement and corruption, and by the width of a gnat's foreskin barely took off. There were some huge bumps along the way, a bare minimum of people turned up to actual engage with the experience, and whilst there were some reasonably spectacular sights on the way to the final destination everyone who was able to get a ticket and was brave enough to turn up were more than happy to get out without being involved in an almighty crash. No one will be in a rush to come back for another sojourn, and most will steer clear (note to the IOC) of a repeat of the Delhi 2010 experience.
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