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  1. SR...having heard that JC was in training then yes, I do like the idea that Craig Branch should've got the nod. Watching Torah Bright during the parade was a little disconcerting as her teeth were almost illuminating the entire stadium As for Nikki Webster, it's a little disturbing to see 'our Nikki' from Sydney 2000 now like this... I wonder if the lad who did the flying sequence during Vancouver's opening ceremony 10 years form now will be cavorting in a jock strap?
  2. Well if the federation and the other relevant bodies keep doing the same then expect more casualties. The combination of lazy construction with a growing pool of competitors who may not have the technical skill to go down such a track safely (hell, it's even troubled gold medallists) is a recipe for what happened today and what may happen again. This is going to be a hell of a wake up call to all involved....
  3. How about ads/commercials during the ceremony itself (assuming CTV is a commercial network)? Channel Nine down under had only one break once the actual ceremony started and showed the athlete's parade in total (which was a surprise). However some of the commentary was at best amateur and at worst offensive (so-called TV expert Eddie McGuire kept ticking off teams that had no chance of winning medals...obnoxious prat)
  4. So...who wants to pour a bucket over the likes of NBC, CBC, Channel 9 or whomever else has the local TV broadcast rights for Vancouver 2010 in your location? Or perhaps...just perhaps, give a few bouquets?
  5. Having checked my footage SR I can confirm that for Aussie broadcasters. There was nothing on Lillehammer then bang, Atlant a and it becomes all 'IOC expressly prohibits yadda yadda...'. I have actually had a small brush with this policy recently on YouTube when I uloaded the London hand over sequence from Beijing...the grey eminences at YT blocked it because it was 'copyrighted to NBC' which pissed me off considering it was from Channel 7's coverage plus it's nearly 2 years ago. Methinks the Wily Old Falangist's ideas still live on when it comes to the IOC and social networking media.
  6. Haven't seen any video footage and on principle I'm not interested in viewing, however from looking at still photos of the crash my question is how come metal beams have been angled over the lip of the ice wall, which in itself looks to be woefully low? When the inquiry takes place the designers and engineers and those who signed off on the venue from VANOC and the luge federation deserve a big kick up the backside at least. Considering in other high speed sporting events crash barriers and tracks are given as much space from potential accident as possible it just seems ridiculous to have such a paucity of safety at such a point on the track.
  7. I definitely agree about the Sydney 2000 references ard but beg to differ on the overall opening ceremony...this was easily the best WOG opening since 1994. There were sequences in the OC that will remain classic (e.g. the prairie scene, the orca projections, k.d.lang performing 'Hallelujah') and whilst I felt at times it was a rejigging of Ric Birch et al work for Sydney 2000 there was plenty of Canadian flavour. I was particularly taken by Shane Koyczan's poetry, and the use of Donald Sutherland as narrator was also cool. As for the cauldron, well that was probably the only less than satisfactory section. Gretzky was a lock for the last torchbearer but his stature as an athlete overshadowed the technically and I also think artistically flawed cauldron.
  8. I would expect considering the tragedy at the Whistler Sliding Centre the anti-games protesters will have their demonstration swamped in the news, and if they try to exploit the event they'll be seen as heartless bastards. Here's hoping they say what they want to say in a dignified manner then remain an irrelevance for the rest of the games.
  9. Awful news, and undoubtedly one of the biggest shadows over any games. I'm sure all athletes, organisers and fans must feel saddened right now...I know I sure do. Also watched the news conference with Rogge and the VANOC team...I was impressed by the humanity shown by all involved. These guys are high flying officials used to a reasonably good life with the luxury of being sometimes treated as VIPs, but during the press conference they showed that they understood the sadness of this tragedy.
  10. At the risk of chiming in late on a dead subject, and making an observation that has no foundation in fact (as if that stops anyone posting here) who actually believes the Commonwealth Games will actually still be running in 2030? Catering to a small bunch of loosely aligned countries, the CGs have become more and more a sporting irrelevance since the 1970s. All it would take would be for England, Australia or Canada to say enough and the whole house of cards falls down, as no one will want to go see a multi-sport competition where excellence is defined by bugger all world records and where the Norfolk Islands and the Isle of Man are taken seriously. The Aussies should be more engaged with the Asian Games, the Canucks no doubt are already in on the Pan Am Games bandwagon, the various British entities compete in Europe, and SA, NZ and India generally fill in the gaps not taken by the aforementioned CG powerhouses. The glory days of empire and commonwealth are over, and the CGs should come to a gentle dignified stop post Glasgow
  11. "I am feeling very Olympic today"!! Good luck Vancouver...I'm sure these will be great games (and here's to a couple of Aussie golds)
  12. Congrats to Torah but rather disappointed it couldn't have gone to Jacqui Cooper. 5 games, should have won a gold in any of the last 3, and one of the greats of Australian winter sport. I may be a little cynical but I wonder how much the 'good looking, cleaning living blonde gal with Gen Y cred' played a role in her getting the nod?
  13. Methinks someone spent way too much time in the Dublin wind tunnel sans goggles and helmet. Glad to see Eire didn't have their flag bearer knocked out by a IBF stuff-up
  14. Hey Michael...whatever happened to the Kiwi winter Olympic program? I recall some fairly decent results from the bobsledders and of course Coberger's silver in Albertville flagged NZ as the first southern hemisphere nation to win a winter medal. Too many DB Lagers perchance?
  15. Well folks...have just added footage from Albertville 1992 closing ceremony showing the Lillehammer hand over sequence. Must admit this has always been one of my faves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mzAZQ8-Yns
  16. Heard that two Sydney 2000 ceremonies vets, David Atkins and Ignatius Jones are involved in Vancouver's Opening...nice to see such continuity from Oz. And just in case you don't know who Ignatius Jones is take a peek at this vid from his 'Jimmy & The Boys' days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGDakKx4_FY
  17. Poor BA...first they lose out to Melbourne by 1 vote for the 56 games, then get a godawful Andrew Lloyd Weber musical set there, and now the plague of IOC locusts sweep in.
  18. Hey SR...not sure what gives the more indigestion...the clip from Xanadu or the Emu Bitter Now if we want to see the slopes littered with johnny foreigner lying in proud Aussie Olympian's wakes may I suggest the following: BTW Faster...any chance Canada will finally win a gold medal at their third home soil Olympics No pressure....
  19. Aussie Dale is certainly an enigmatic fella...and the weird thing is with his domination of the sport in recent years, potential to be a double gold medallist and engagement in a younger X-Games friendly sport you'd think the local Aussie media would be trying to get as much mileage out of him as possible (as well as the AOC). Instead he keeps very quiet, has dollars flowing in from non-sporting sources and rarely raises a flicker of interest with Joe Public. I just wonder if aside from the rather sketchy aspects of his business interests Australians feel a little too unsure about claiming him as an Aussie Olympic champion. He's almost the complete antithesis of (say) Steve Bradbury...
  20. Thanks Roltel...last few years have been pretty tumultuous and am only now getting back on track with my old forums etc. I should peruse the posts for that greatest poll and see what we can re-visit/continue.
  21. Hi guys Just a note about the Albertville and Lillehammer footage which I added to YouTube (and hope that the forces of the wily old falangist Samaranch don't influence the Belgian rugger bugger to try and take the vids down). The Albertville footage was form a delayed telecast of the games originally seen in Australia on the Nine network. However where I was living at the time was serviced by NBN (a regional TV station based in Newcastle) had the broadcast networked through them. And yes, it was Kenny Sutcliffe and Phil Liggett on commentating duty. In those days Liggett was probably the only semi-local TV identity who could give some insight and cred on general winter Olympic sport. Thanks to the time constraints, delayed telecasting and general disinterest in winter sports at this time in Australia the footage was severely truncated. Hence the non-appearance of many teams in the athletes parade. As for Lillehammer, things had improved slightly in the 2 years (including better original video stock). The same broadcast deal was on, however to make thjings worse for Australians Liz hayes was brought in on commentating duty for 'fluff' pieces (e.g. ceremonies). There was a bit more interest thanks to the likes of Kirstie Marshall and the Aussie short track speed skaters (including a certain Steve Bradbury), so the coverage was a little better on the Nine network. Also IMHO the actual theatre of the ceremonies at Lillehammer made the French look like pretentious cheese eating surrender monkeys :P Just to let you folks know I am uploading more footage from the ceremonies, all sourced from Australian broadcasters since 1992), plus have some other Olympic related videos (including Greenspan's offical Sydney 2000 film)
  22. I was more enamoured with the games footage JD...when I wacthed the special features on the DVD it had a lot of stuff on how they tried to replicate the footage from the *0s WOG. Funnily enough 'Miracle' didn't get a cinema release in Australia...straight to DVD. Of course WOGs aren't as big down under as they are in the Northern Hemisphere, but I remember quite clearly that Lake Placid 1980 were the first winter Olympics to get decent media and TV coverage in Aussie. And of course the 'miracle on ice' story got a good run here during the games plus for the 2002 Opening ceremony. I can still recall the almost hysterically funny hyperbole Big Jim McKay went overboard on with Randy Gardner & Tai Babylonia (sounds like a pair of porn stars :laughlong: )
  23. If it was in the glovebox of Pope Ratzinger's VW Passat, I'd guess $130,000.02. Sans the Passat, maybe 2c Phyllistein! Your children will beg for a copy come 2096. Sure Baron...but I've already left them by Sydney 2000 Olympic Club relay baton, my German NOK handbook for the Sydney games, my Munich 72 wall pennant and a sweaty vollie shirt from 96... Course having established this legacy now all I need are the kids :laughlong:
  24. If it was in the glovebox of Pope Ratzinger's VW Passat, I'd guess $130,000.02. Sans the Passat, maybe 2c
  25. (edited quote) For me, Steven Spielberg is so utterly wrong for any film treatment of the Munich massacre story, in that his films are above all commercial. Whilst he may have moments of creative insight (e.g. filiming 'Schindler's List' in black and white, the Omaha beach sequence in 'Saving Prrivate Ryan'), Spielberg plays for the heart strings and the wallet every time. There is a naivete and obviousness about his movies that always signals to the audience 'I know what you want'. Take in point his best film, 'Saving Private Ryan'. It wasn't enough for Spielberg to insinuate that Hanks' character was battle fatigued...you had to get close and loving shots of his shaking hand every second frame. And the imagery of the killed Hanks' with his hand still was straight out of Directing 101. There was no moral ambivalence, and there never really is in Spielberg films, and he can't restrain himself from flag-furling and sentimentality. What a horrific story like the Munich Massacre needs is someone like Martin Scorsese or (unfortunately now dead) Stanley Kubrick, who would impart a more ambiguous vision of the Munich massacre. The strongest points of the doco 'One Day in September' was that you got the feeling that the only people not implicated in the massacre were the israeli's themselves. You had the Black September operatives, you had the German authorities, you had the IOC, the media and even other Olympic athletes manipulating the crisis or ignoring it to their own ends. I think we'll find that the Spielberg film has already indicated where it's heading considering it's proposed title 'Vengeance', and I can see the final scene now... "A descendant of one of the dead Israeli athletes walks past 31 Harold Connolly Strasse to place some token of rememberance at the doorway to where his or her father/grandfather was killed/held captive, and as the camera follows the action Avery Brundages' "The Games must go on" speech will run over the soundtrack...then fade out".
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