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  1. I just searched ITunes...if you have that installed you should be able to find by using 'Vancouver' as your search query
  2. Passionate pin collectors/swappers scare me...they're like those people who can quote every line from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' or can give you a three hour lecture on the different qualities of William Shatner's James T Kirk versus Christopher Pine's...
  3. It was pretty appropriate that's for sure. Assuming you had to fork out money for your ticket, do you feel like you got value for money? I'm uncertain as to what the ticket prices were (or whether you wish to divulge how much you paid), but in my own experience of Sydney 2000's OC the huge outlay really was warranted. Not necessarily from a theatrical entertainment point of view but more emotionally. I somehow suspect it was the same for you?
  4. Hey Mr.X...the theme from the article by Fowler and Dvorak about the recognition and respect shown to First nation peoples reminds me so much of what the feeling was with the Indigenous and Torres Strait islander participation in Sydney 2000's OC. Here's hoping the symbolism is now matched by real results, for both our respective societies...
  5. Okay, the first gold medals have been decided for Vancouver 2010. Any highlights you'd like to raise from the first full day of competition?
  6. I heard PM Harper was there for Heil's hoped for gold...any word if he'll be venue hopping until Canuck gold is struck? Gotta love these sports mad pollies...
  7. WTF? I just checked Itunes Store for Australia and the Sounds of Vancouver album has no k.d. lang singing 'Hallelujah'...what a joke!
  8. As I'm not privy to what you guys in the US are seeing its hard to comment, but as long as Dick Ebersol is one of the big shots within the Olympic family NBC will keep doing what they're doing. It's gonna take a seismic shift in the nexus between the IOC and broadcast revenue/politics before anyone else will get the chance to improve (or maybe even perform worse) than the Peacock And before Wikipedia changes take a geek at this: Dick Ebersol entry in Wikipedia
  9. Great run by Kearney to win gold...but gotta feel for Heil. I guess canada has to wait a little longer...
  10. Anyone from the UK care to give some details or opinions on their local coverage? I would expect the BBC have a half decent effort at least, even if British medal chances are about the same as Kyrgyzstan's...
  11. This morning on Australian TV David Atkins said there was a glitch between the software and the mechanics/hydraulics of the trap door (a little akin to the programming prob at Sydney). Course the major difference was even with Sydney's cauldron hanging for a few minutes it still looked brilliant. Unfortunately the tripod fortress of solitude minorah of Vancouver looked just that little bit wonky.
  12. Nowt wrong with Natasha and the Rogues SR, but Bluetounge? Laddie...shouldn't we get some real beer on the counter for our international guests: Must admit the results today for the Aussies were a little disappointing. Had hoped that Tatiana Borodulina could have made it through in the short track but as all Steve Bradbury fans know the argy bargy can cost anyone anything (peed off that two false starts from the Canuck lass and she still gets to head out and win...if only this was Olympic swimming or track). Also enjoyed the work of the work of Britteny Cox in women's moguls...Sochi looks good for her
  13. But there's a difference between risk that is mitigated by appropriate safety precautions and risk that is maximised because of organisational failures. Taking the downhillers as an example, the last deaths involved objects being hits either close to or on the course. By removing the chance for snow ploughs or trees to be placed on or near the course the sport becomes safer, but doesn't lose the risk inherent in a high speed course. Just imagine what would have happened if Herman 'The Herminator' Meier had come off the track in Nagano and a tree was as relatively close as the metal stanchions were at Whistler's luge course. The luge federation need to have a serious shake up as a result of this tragedy, which is now turning into a farce.
  14. Frankly if there is no sign of Neil Young then David Atkins should get his Australian citizenship revoked. How can they not have the greatest Canadian musician ever not stroll out and give us 'Heart of Gold'
  15. I don't think they could even attempt to use an alternate track, so all are stuck with Whistler. And of course the ILF have now not just had a role in the faulty design of a track which was partially responsible for a slider's death, their incompetence will lead to athletes who should have gold medal hopes being handicapped.
  16. Amman is starting to get into the same league as Matti Nykänen, Birger Ruud and Jens Weißflog. Considering the lack of a Swiss tradition of ski jumping success until him he's gotta be one of the all time greats for Switzerland's Olympic history.
  17. Missed that as I thought I might actually get some sleep Phil is a true professional and one of the absolute best commentators...knowledgeable, knows when to speak and when to shut up (a skill so many others have no freakin' idea of) and of course is THE MAN for cycling.
  18. Just saw David Atkins on Channel 9...quite a good interview if a little brown nosing. Having a choice between 9 and Foxtel seems to be the best solution logistically (if not qualitatively)
  19. Oh come now...surely seeing Ann Murray carry le drapeau olympique got the testosterone levels shooting upwards
  20. Kinda...me and the better half been together since 99 (met whilst we were both NOC assistants for Sydney 2000). Sie kommt aus Nordrhein-Westfalen. Hence my love of DAB, pork knuckle, Die Prinzen and Olli Kahn
  21. Hey CAF...kein problem that we have sauerkraut instead of rotkohl. But make sure to put some kummel in there or we'll have our very own gas powered arsch gesellschaft As for the typo blame my 26 years since I had formal German studies, and meine frau who can't get my grammar right no matter how hard she tries
  22. More news: (Source: Wall Street Journal) So we have the architect saying that guard rails would have prevented the accident's fatal consquences, and the design of the track was signed off by the two federations (i.e. International Luge Federation and FIBT) and the Whistler Track operators (who are they? VANOC or a private/public concern). Therefore the lack of guard rails surely resides with these official bodies and therefore Kumaritaschwili died indirectly because of an omission in the safety regime of the track.
  23. Maybe not dishonesty...disingenuous scapegoating, avoidance of culpability, bureaucratic ineptitude leading to death through negligence, and finally shirking of responsibility yes. Sad to say we've seen this happen before (Munich 72 ring any bells?).
  24. Yes a joint statement but the IF officials are the ones who are making all the technical observations/judgements. As VANOC and the IOC effectively give the running of the sports over to the IFs then its the ILF who are doing the blaming...
  25. Hey CAF...loved the German outfits man: Any chance we can organise a cross-hemisphere DAB and Eisebein festival to help the schwarz rot geld?
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