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  1. Baron...don't you know that the Beijing Paralympic OC was actually a brilliant piece of maskirovka from the Chinese, and was really a dry run for their invasion of Taiwan. Hence all photos are state secrets as they could show the running dog west how important pianos will be in the liberation of capitalist Formosa.
  2. Eurosport is down here as well but has no Vancouver coverage aside from what is referred to in their news channel. I've always been an admirer of how the BBC approach sport, but like all traditional broadcasters I would think they're feeling the pinch from cable, satellite and even online.
  3. Hey SR...what's on the menu for drinks etc at the tent today? May I suggest the following: And a Mentals track...your pick
  4. yeah...saw that SMH story (quoted below) and actually I thought the manner in which it covered the luge problems was pretty bang on. Baum catches the obvious problems with the track and its design as well as the nature of luge itself. I'll always give Fairfax more cred than the Murdoch Minions
  5. Mmmm...Katarina Easily the best export from the DDR By the way leute...get the Henkell Trocken and Potato Schnapps on ice...we're getting closer to that first German gold!!
  6. Bah...the cheese eating surrender monkeys go faster backwards SR...that's if they don't get nauseous from sipping Chardonnay, lattes and Perrier
  7. Hey Faster...you been on the same gear that Michael Buble's ex reckons the male Anne Murray smokes all the time?
  8. Yes...never let it be said that News Limited journos don't understand the word hyperbole.
  9. Not exactly what would have been the best result in qualifying but he's there later for the medals...
  10. Just saw a nice stuffed 2nd jump from the Russian mogul skier Volkov...like a cat being shot out of a tumble dryer on fast rotation
  11. Nice to see that News Limited's well informed media outlets is spreading the good word about Vancouver 2010.
  12. Excellent fantasy bid for Canberra CAF...almost makes me want to sign on a pioneer volunteer As for that link and story re a 48 proposal for a OWG in Australia that's amazing. I've never heard of that before, and having just checked my copy of Harry Gordon's seminal work on Australian Olympic history neither had he. Impressive research!! On a tangent did you (or anyone else here) know that as part of Melbourne's bid the team brought with them to the then IOC headquarters a fairly sizeable consignment of frozen beef? How's that for a nice little;e back hander to get the IOC to give you the games (and especially ironic considering leading opponent Buenos Aires is capital of the biggest beef producing country)
  13. There's actually a small rink out my way here at the foot of the Blue Mountains and I vaguely recall they hosted an ice hockey team in the NSW or Australian league. Canterbury has quite a deal of history (I think several of our figure skaters have trained there over the last few years) whilst Macquarie looks very good (I'd hope similar to many a commercial operation in Europe, Asia or the US). Of course whatever was planned or is at Docklands was always going to be the preferred venue as the AOC has their HQ down there (plus those poor bloody Melbournites love the cold lol). Not sure about a venue at Homebush...and lets not forget Brisbane has a rink too where I think Steve Bradbury used to train.
  14. Well so far it looks as if it might be a Deutschland 1-2 unless Zoeggler pulls a miracle out of the hat or we see an almighty crash. Hals und beinbruch junge (he says with barely intelligable German)
  15. Ugh...Michael Buble (makes sounds akin to parking a liquid tiger on the carpet). Foxtel have been pushing the male Anne Murray like no tomorrow. Course if you believe the reports in the trash mags etc he's too busy smoking weed and being a mad rooter to worry about the ice hockey (hence the expression couldn't give a flying puck ). Until we repeat Squaw Valley and get a team in the OWG ice hockey tournament we'll continue to get that level of asinine broadcasting.
  16. Hey SR...just checked out the AOC site and Google for developments on our so-called OWI in Melbourne and it looks as if things may have come to a shuddering halt. The operator's web page for the Melbourne location appears to be non functional (tried the link here but in the end came back to the ice rink's own site which mentions bugger all about the OWI. The the AOC's OWI site is running submerged at the moment with the attention placed on the Vancouver team. All up I just wonder if this has been put on the back burner whilst the AOC concentrates on our freestylers plus the bigger battle of retaining elite funding thanks to the Crawford Report
  17. I think both SR...Foxtel has also been using them for those sports. Ice Hockey seems to be Canadian sourced. I actually have been pretty happy so far with the scope of the coverage thanks to having Foxtel (had to pay an extra $50 for it though). Channel 9's coverage hasn't been getting much attention in our house because of the pay TV, and you can forget the evening free to air as it's been delayed by first the league on Saturday night and the cricket last night. Then there's the Eddie 'dickhead' McGuire factor... One day we'll have the perfect games broadcast down under, when the ABC gets given the dollars by the government to mount a successful tender for Olympic rights. Of course I also expect to see a downhill run off Mount Kosciuszko when Canberra gets the 2026 OWGs and I do believe I just saw an expectant pig flying past my window...
  18. Not a Yank...and as for being interested in NBC's coverage it's not because I see much of it but because of the importance of how arguably the most important Olympic TV market is serviced by one of the most powerful companies with an at best indirect influence on the IOC. As for the local Aussie coverage, Channel 9 and Foxtel have broadcast rights here for 2010 and 2012 and not Channel 7. Plus if you look in the thread I started on local TV coverage you'll see I have lots to say on what has been happening here.
  19. On a slightly related matter, has anyone seen how badly burnt some of the torches look to be once they've been used? In TV footage of the relay shown here I've seen several scorched or blackened torch 'heads'. Is this a design issue or just a little superficial marking. If other relays are considered, torch bearers were offered the chance to purchase their torch. If so I wonder if any are a bit cheesed off that theirs looks like a burnt offering...
  20. The local broadcasters here keep saying the Fortress of Solitude Minorah Cauldron is just above the International Broadcast Centre. And as for the mascots...why do I suspect like Syd, Ollie and Milly they have been put into storage whilst someone else comes up with a Vancouverite version of Fatso?
  21. Exactly mattperiolat...but perhaps you meant 10 or so mph more than average track speed...I'm not sure how much danger there would be heading down the Cresta Run at St Moritz if you were doing 9 mph
  22. Where's BOCOG and the People's Liberation Army when you need them?
  23. Just watched the footage below from Calgary 88 (which I didn't recall at all)...so glad that 22 years has meant some significant changes in what's considered entertaining and artistic in opening ceremonies since then:
  24. $180...bargain!! I think my Sydney OC 2000 ticket (it was part of a package) would have been about A$950...great seat but no idea what that would translate into today's Canadian dollars. Sounds like VANOC had some pretty decent ticketing prices.
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