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  1. Meanwhile, over in Pyeongchang it's a balmy -2 degrees C, and Salzburg is going to be frying at 3 degrees later today. Oh you fickle mistress of the OWGs mother nature
  2. Reasonable points Athensfan, though actually I don't think the bid cities forget as much as wilfully downplay the negatives whilst trumpeting the positives. Like any huge economic and political endeavour there are spin doctors in from the get go, and they will weave their stories of Olympic inspired largesse to anyone they can because both the IOC and the bid committees need positive news like a drunk needs booze. Then, when the whole hosting process is complete and the last athletes fly home and the stadiums empty, its the void between what was promised and the growing list of doubts and perceived failures that then make that experience better or worse. Sometimes, like in Munich or in Atlanta (and arguably now in Vancouver) death will overshadow the games. Sometimes (such as in Sydney or Barcelona) the negatives are less visible in public consciousness because there wasn't too big a gap between the promised good times of the games and the bad. When all is said and done Juvenal got it 100% right over 1900 years ago...it's all panem et circensis...bread and circuses. We get enough bread and the circus entertains then the Olympic hosting experience is welcomed. Little financial reward and a bad experience from the 'show' and the Olympics are cursed by the unhappy hosts.
  3. Poor Obama...he comes into the final presentation to press the flesh and smile the winning smile, and meanwhile he's got a slightly wonky product that has lost traction in a cabal that would make the editorial room at Fox News look like play group. If hadn't have fronted up to the IOC when he was in the neighbourhood he'd have been pilloried, he did and the bid goes down and he gets it in the neck. So very very few politicians have ever used the Olympics well and artfully to improve their standing, or at least bask in the glory without being seen as exploitative. Tony Blair and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have done a good job of taking IOC plaudits and a winning bid, but the best was John Fahey. He went from being the premier of the largest state in Australia to being now the WADA supremo.
  4. Excellent choices Sir R...have met Little Pattie and she is an absolute class act, and as for the Bundy very very drinkable. If you can get your hands on a bottle of their distillers No.3...closest I've had to having a single malt style rum
  5. Remind you of any recent games SR? (hears the sound of bazoukis and smells yeeros on the grill). The world's media can be like sharks going in for the kill when it comes to smelling organising committee blood in the water...
  6. Mon dieu...c'est ce une conspiracy du Georges Bush son et pere, Toni Blair, les rossbeefs, les Baron des GamesBids, les nasty Romans that kept hassling Asterix et Jacque Rogge (pour sont Belge biere)... Et les Americans tout sont
  7. Without negating these obvious defects (and in the luge situation downright tragedy) I see a few similarities with the Wily Old Falangists best games, my beloved Sydney 2000. We had... Bus drivers getting lost A hiccup in the cauldron's mechanics Ticket problems and controversies before the games Gymnastic apparatus set at the wrong height Flatwater canoe venue with weed and wind problems A lot of these things were fixed in 2000 and I'm sure VANOC is doing its best re their probs (bit hard to go them for the weather for now, but not maybe for venue selection). But if we were talking Atlanta...well, that's another story
  8. Hey baron...not sure (haven't got access to my vids at the mo) but I recall Albertville only had a solid surface which was for inline skating, whilst Lillehammer was down on the apron of the ski jump arena so they had the performers on mini skis. Feel free to correct dude...
  9. Steady Baron...it's a very pertinent question. After all, if we knew the cauldron was going to misfire so to speak then maybe we wouldn't be discussing it so much. If we knew Bryan Adams was going to be brought out of his cryogenic slumber then there'd be no debate over 'Bang The Drum'. I think Ruling Czar's onto something. In fact, lets stop the secrecy of the 2018 and 2020 bids now. Munich and Tulsa will win the games and our Belgian mate's gonna drop in and tell everyone in here why tomorrow at 6.30pm Vancouver time.
  10. Are we going to see a reverse of the Torino scenario when the Swiss had bugger all success on the slopes and it was the Austrians who brought home the bacon
  11. Alex Pullin is qualifying No.1 for snowboard cross so far...bit of a turn up so here's hoping we can snaffle a surprise gold for the Green & Gold Ice Machine
  12. Hence the Eleusian Mysteries have been brought back to life thanks to the Olympics.... Which all goes to prove that the games are in fact a subtle attempt by sex-crazed pagans to seduce 'the youth of the world' into villages every 2 years for intermingling and the creation of a new super race
  13. What...and have David Atkins try and help him get it to rise...now that'd be something for the NBC censors to edit out.
  14. Hey Baron...anyone ever asked Dick about the relationship he and Alex Giladi have vis-a-vis the IOC and broadcast rights? Must be a great position to go into any bidding process for broadcast rights being best buddies with some of the head cheeses, lose money on the deal and still keep your job...
  15. Or if he REALLY enjoys the games lie down and still be there as the 3rd pole
  16. Noooooo...please don't let her anywhere near the closing. If either she or Anne Murray perform in the closing ceremony then all that good work done by Canadians to make these games a success will have been undone I'd rather see Loverboy and Heart
  17. Would have been very nice hey Modesty...but he did his best and that's what we can but hope for when any Aussie gets on the green and gold. BTW Welcome to the forums...looking forward to seeing more posts
  18. Let's just say that the article's head line doesn't do 100% justice to the article, and most Aussies would feel pretty much satisfied with how the event went. The important points that were acknowledged in the story was that DBS needed to actually ski better than Alexandre Bilodeau not just because that was what the judges were looking for, but also to compensate for what was already going to be a very parochial crowd, plus DBS didn't match the speed of Bilodeau. In the same paper there have been articles that actually diss DBS for his manner as an Australian athlete and another which shows how his almost automaton, passionless approach to winning (or not) is so utterly different to what Bilodeau and Canada experienced. So for a little 'bah, he should have won' there's a good dose of 'he didn't win and we're not unhappy' in the local media. IMHO I'll always be glad to see an Australian win any colour medal, and DBS has earned the right to be acknowledged and applauded as a great Olympian representing my country. I'm also not enthused about him as a personality (which probably does rate anyway because he feels the same about his own I suspect), whereas Bilodeau's story is one of the great Olympic ones (and in my opinion the best to come out of Vancouver so far)
  19. So...another day of competition over and some thoughts as to who or what was your stand out from today. I'm sure Canucks and Aussies alike will be happy with the men's moguls...
  20. Don't rightly know myself....I've had no problems (so far) with several vids I posted on YouTube recently from Lillehammer, Barcelona, Albertville, SLC and Atlanta. However a vid I posted of the London hand over sequence during the Beijing Closing was blocked because it supposedly contravened NBC's copyright. This was screwy as the footage was in fact from Channel 7 here in Australia, though the original feed was the Beijing OCOG's own. I suspect you can get away with a bit if you (1) post ceremonies (2) make no really obvious links or tags to the games and (3) keep before at least 2008. Here's hoping we catch a little lee-way... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ngUrieOtqA
  21. We're on the cusp of a changing of the Olympic luge guard. With Zoeggler last of the big three (Georg Hackl and Markus Prock) to be still racing from the last 4-5 OWGs his bronze should be a fitting exit. Now the next gen can really open the sport up.
  22. I'd say for canadians he's a hot fave...but will there be a major multiple medalist in the offing? Or maybe that major melodrama which becomes a gold winning triumph that so many TV broadcasters love.
  23. And we ALL know how good French judges are when it comes to awarding points to Canadians
  24. Congratulations Canada...the gorilla is off the back. And DBS gets silver for Aussie...you beauty!
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